Chapter 2 Verse 35 – Samkhya Yoga


Vihaaya kaamaan yah sarvaan pumaamshcharati nihsprihah;
Nirmamo nirahankaarah sa shaantim adhigacchati.


The man attains peace, who, abandoning all desires, moves about without longing,
without the sense of mine and without egoism.

In this verse Lord Krishna talks about the virtue of an individual who illuminates his soul and attains peace. He says that a person who has attained peace by leaving all the desires behind, moves ahead without any liking for anything. What Lord Krishna means here is, that the person doesn’t feel the need for having anything because his mind is peaceful. Such a person continues to move ahead without a sense of whether anything belongs to him or others and not bringing in the element of ego. In short that person is beyond desires, doesnt have a sense of ownership and is totally egoless.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

The most important word in this verse is “Ego”. Am talking about ego and egoism because today everyone suffers from this and loses many things. What is ego? In simple words, ego is something that stops from accepting the reality. Why everyone has ego? Everyone has ego in this world because everyone thinks that what they are doing is the appropriate way of doing things. How does ego develops in an individual? Success brings ego along with it. Whenever you do anything right or whenever you win something, a layer of ego builds inside you. That ego starts growing bigger and bigger. The bigger it gets, the difficult it becomes for anyone to accept the reality.

What is the harm in having ego? It is harmful because with your ego you can lose everything at one stroke. All that you have built over the years can be destroyed by one action driven by ego. How do we prevent ourselves from getting egoistic? The first step towards it is seeing success as a team work and not as your own. When you give equal credit of success to everyone around you, you dont feel the “sense of mine”. If that is not there your desires will be under control and a person who can keep his desires in check will have a peace of mind and ego can never touch a person who is at peace with himself. Such person is called a Yogi!