Chapter 2 Verse 33 – Samkhya Yoga


Naasti buddhir ayuktasya na chaayuktasya bhaavanaa;
Na chaabhaavayatah shaantir ashaantasya kutah sukham.


There is no knowledge of the Self to the unsteady, and to the unsteady no meditation is possible; and to the un-meditative there can be no peace; and to the man who has no peace, how can there be happiness?


In this verse, Lord Krishna speaks about the fate of unsteady mind. He says that an unsteady mind can never get the knowledge about the soul. The unsteady mind cannot do meditation. And when there is no meditation to mind, there is no peace to the soul. So, Lord Krishna asks a question to Arjuna that when there is no peace to an individual how can he attain happiness?

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Some time back, I had talked about meditation and there I had explained the use of meditation. In this verse am going to touch upon the topic of meditation again and am going to ask a question why anyone requires meditation. Many people dont know why meditation is required. They just do meditation because they are told that you will improve concentration or absorbing ability or it increases your memory power. Meditation does all this. But is it the real use of Meditation?

People are talking about one or two uses of meditation. The real purpose of meditation is peace of mind. Can you get happiness, satisfaction, concentration, memory power or any other thing without peace of mind? The answer is No. The root for everything is peace of mind. If you do not have that you will not be able to do anything productive. An unstable mind is an unproductive mind. It engages in destructive things. A peaceful mind can achieve anything and that peaceful mind is possible only through meditation. Just close your eyes and meditate for an hour. You will understand what is peace of mind!