Chapter 2 Sloka 30 – Samkhya Yoga


Dhyaayato vishayaan pumsah sangas teshupajaayate;
Sangaat sanjaayate kaamah kaamaat krodho’bhijaayate.


When a man thinks of the objects, attachment to them arises;
from attachment desire is born; from desire anger arises.


In this verse Lord Krishna defines attachment and anger and how it comes to an individual. It is already said that a person who has steady wisdom will never have either attachment or anger. Then who has it? The answer for this question, we will find in this shloka. According to Lord Krishna, attachment develops when a person thinks of objects. Here objects could be any material wealth or any other things. From that attachment, desires arise and when desires are not met, then it leads to anger. This is a cycle which keeps you away from wisdom all the time.

Extending the Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Once upon time, there was a trader. He started his life in a simple and humble way. He had a wife and 2 children. He loves his family a lot. Once the trader went to a different country with his items, sold them at a good price and started making money. This continued for sometime and he started getting lot of wealth. With that wealth he started buying many things that gave him lot of comforts. Slowly he started leading a luxurious life and gave all the comforts to his wife and the two children. Slowly his children started neglecting their education and used to enjoy with their father’s money.

Years passed and his children became youngsters. Suddenly one day his wife dies of a mysterious disease. He spends lot of money to save her but she couldn’t be saved. After the death of his wife he loses interest in business and slowly he starts making losses. One by one all the comforts started disappearing. His young sons were totally useless because they spent their entire childhood in enjoyment than in education. Now they started demanding him money and comforts. They said to him that they are so much attached to the objects of comfort that they cannot live without them. Father tells them that he has earned money for himself and now, since they have grown up they should earn their own money by doing work and not depend on him. Listening to that sons get very angry. When their father was asleep that night they kill him with a boulder and take away all his wealth and run away from that place.

What do we learn from this story? Many unfortunate things that happen in our lives are because of the anger and the root cause for that anger is the attachment towards objects. These objects can be money, comforts or human beings. How many incidents we have seen where the rejected lovers throw acid on innocent girls! Every sin is the result of anger and the cause for every anger is an attachment!