Chapter 2 Verse 29 – Samkhya Yoga


Taani sarvaani samyamya yukta aaseeta matparah;
Vashe hi yasyendriyaani tasya prajnaa pratishthitaa.


Having restrained them all he should sit steadfast, intent on Me;
his wisdom is steady whose senses are under control.


After withdrawing himself into his senses like how the tortoise withdraws itself into the shell, in this shloka Lord Krishna tells Arjuna the next step that a human being needs to follow. This according to Lord Krishna is one more way through which a person attains the state of steady wisdom. He says that a person who has gone into his senses, should focus only and only on the Almighty God. All his thoughts and focus should be fixed only on the Almighty. Once that is done then automatically, he attains the state of steady wisdom and his senses will be automatically come under his control.

Extending interpretation to Mankind’s life!

You all might have tried doing meditation at some point of time in your life. Have you completed it successfully? Many of you cannot even say what is the successful completion of meditation. Sitting with your eyes closed for 30 mins keeping an alarm or a meditation related music is not meditation. It gives you nothing, because when you close your eyes and keep thinking about many things, wondering when 30 mins will get over, it is no different from keeping your eyes open. You have just closed your eyes, everything else is the same. No change is observed in you or you wont gain anything by doing such a thing.

Let’s consider another scenario. You close your eyes and slowly within 5-10 mins cut yourself off from everything around you and focus on one thought. That one thought is the thought of God. What happens? Slowly the almighty engulfs you and starts filling your subconscious mind with His Supreme power and enlightenment. You wont think about anything related to this World. No aims, no goals and no pending tasks occur to you. You will enjoy a feeling of happiness which is beyond description.

This is called as steady wisdom and once you attain steady wisdom all your senses will be in your control. That means you will end meditation only when YOU feel like ending. You wont measure it in minutes or hours. In simple words it means that you have gained control of your senses and they will act according to your wishes. That is the virtue of a person who possesses steady wisdom!