Chapter 2 Verse 23 – Samkhya Yoga


Doorena hyavaram karma buddhiyogaad dhananjaya;
Buddhau sharanamanwiccha kripanaah phalahetavah.


Far lower than the Yoga of wisdom is action, O Arjuna! Seek thou refuge in wisdom;
wretched are they whose motive is the fruit.


In this shloka Lord Krishna explains the difference between doing actions expecting the result and doing actions not expecting the results and linking it to yoga. He says that actions done with evenness of mind is the Yoga of wisdom. Actions performed by someone who expects their fruits are far inferior to the Yoga of wisdom wherein the seeker does not seek the fruits. The former leads to bondage, and is the cause of birth and death.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s life!

Many people who believe in the concept of rebirth, always wonder why they take so many births? Why moksha is so difficult to attain? If you worship god everyday and spend your time in helping people, serving the needy and giving alms to the poor, will you attain moksha? The answer is No. According to Lord Krishna, the only way to attain Moksha is by living a yogic life. The yogic life is to performs actions for the reason they have to be performed and not expecting anything out of it. A person who performs work expecting a result will be bonded by it. He constantly expects returns from it and thus he gets into the whirlpool of life and death.

On the other hand a person who does his work like a Karma Yogi, not getting attached to it, will be freed from all the bondages and will move towards Moksha and attains salvation. Thus only the Yogic way of living can make a person end this cycle of births and death. Nothing else can do that.