Chapter 2 Verse 22 – Samkhya Yoga

Yogasthah kuru karmaani sangam tyaktwaa dhananjaya;
Siddhyasiddhyoh samo bhootwaa samatwam yoga uchyate.

Perform action, O Arjuna, being steadfast in Yoga,
abandoning attachment and balanced in success and failure! Evenness of mind is called Yoga.


Continuing the verse of working without attachment, Lord Krishna in this verse talks about the concept of yoga. He tells Arjuna what is yoga and how oneself becomes a yogi. He says that one should perform his action by being unmoved from his yoga. He defines yoga as evenness of mind. Evenness of mind is when you treat success and failure in the same way and not getting attached to either success or fear of failure. That, Lord Krishna says is the quality of a yogi.

Extending interpretation to Mankind’s life!

What is attachment? Why is it so important? Attachment is an emotion. It is a feeling. It is invisible in its form and like water it takes the shape of the container. In love we get attached to our beloved and here the attachment takes the shape of love. When we do not get what we want we get angry and harm the people responsible for it. Here the attachment takes the shape of anger. When kindness kindles our heart we help people and give them happiness. Here attachment takes the shape of kindness. Attachment is there every where and in every form. Lord Krishna says that a Yogi can never get attached and never does anything with attachment. If all attachments and not bad, why Lord Krishna warned us against attachment?

It is because, when we get attached we get blinded by it. Sometimes attachment for good things also makes us blind and stops us from achieving things. For example, you were born to enlighten people. That is the purpose you were sent for. You are attached to your parents or your wife and dont want to go away from them. That is seen by everyone as good. But that person can never accomplish his goal because he was attached to something else which stopped him. In the same way, let’s take an example of a leader who never likes to lose. People admire the leader who always aspires to win. It is seen as a good attachment. But if a leader gets too attached to winning, he gets blinded and can never take a failure. Life is a mixture of both and you need more stable mind in failure than in success, and those who lose their balance in failures, can never taste success. Thus he loses all those who were around him in success and falls into the heap of misery and sorrow.

Thus if a person works beyond attachments and does his work, then it is called as yoga which in vedic language means “union” and he become a yogi, which is “unifier”. He will be able to integrate everything in the universe and attain the path of Moksha!