Chapter 2 Verse 18 – Samkhya Yoga


Vyavasaayaatmikaa buddhir ekeha kurunandana;
Bahushaakhaa hyanantaashcha buddhayo’vyavasaayinaam.


Here, O joy of the Kurus, there is a single one-pointed determination!
Many-branchedand endless are the thoughts of the irresolute.


After talking about the balance of thoughts and actions Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that there is only one single pointed way and that is determination. A person who has no determination goes through endless list of thoughts and those are the thoughts which makes him fickle minded and irresolute.

Extending interpretation to mankind’s life!

This is a shloka that talks about what determination is and what fickle mindedness is. A person who is determined will always think about one single thought and will never think about anything else. He always sticks to his aims and goals and works very hard to fulfil them. No amount of deviation can move him away from his goal and he is determined to get it.

On the other hand you have a fickle minded person whose thoughts are like branches in a banyan tree. They go in different direction and always reach an end. They again come back to the bark of the tree and goes in a different direction like a different branch. Such person can never accomplish anything as most of the time goes in finding out what he wants than achieving it.