Chapter 2 Verse 17 – Samkhya Yoga


Sukhaduhkhe same kritwaa laabhaalaabhau jayaajayau;
Tato yuddhaaya yujyaswa naivam paapamavaapsyasi.


Having made pleasure and pain, gain and loss, victory and defeat the same, engage in battle for the sake of battle;
thus thou shall not incur sin.


After talking about Honour and dishonour Lord Krishna in this shloka talks about equality of emotions while taking the decisions. He says that Arjuna needs to approach this war by seeing pleasure and pain equally not giving any preference to either pleasure or pain. In the same way one should look at the gain or loss they incur in war equally. Lord Krishna also says that one should approach war by being equidistant to the feeling of victory and defeat. He advises Arjuna to approach the battle as a battle and if Arjuna does that he escapes from all the sins that one will incur by not balancing things.

Extending interpretation to Mankind’s life!

How do we approach things? You would agree with me if I say that everyone does things to succeed. They dont want to fail in what they do or they dont want to face a loss in any activity that they do. We all approach things with a will to succeed. Is this the right way to approach things? The answer is No. It might sound strange but one should never approach everything with bias. Bias towards success is also a form of bias and that results in failures. In all our tasks there should be balance but not bias. Then we get the desired results.

You might argue that theoretically its possible not practically its not. The answer here again is No. Whenever you approach a task, focus on the task not on the result. Focus on how well you can perform it, not on whether you will be successful or unsuccessful in it. If you focus on the process and not the result, then you would perform the task to its fullest and you would get a positive result. But if your focus is only on the result, forgetting the process then it might end up being a failure bringing misery. So, balance in approaching the tasks is very import to succeed in them. Failure in one’s task is viewed as a sin. It is sin because God sent you to this World to perform it and succeed in it and you failed to live upto His expectations.