Chapter 2 Verse 14 – Samkhya Yoga


Yadricchayaa chopapannam swargadwaaram apaavritam;
Sukhinah kshatriyaah paartha labhante yuddham eedrisham.


Happy are the Kshatriyas, O Arjuna, who are called upon to fight
in such a battle that comes of itself as an open door to heaven


After speaking about the dharma of Kshatriyas to fight a war, Lord Krishna continues his advise and tells Arjun that a Kshatriya should feel proud when he is called upon to fight a war. A kshatriya should never look at anything else but the enemy when waging a war. In fighting the war if a kshatriya loses his life, it directly opens the doors of heaven to him. In other words, heaven is possible to a kshatiya who performs his dharma of fighting the enemy, irrespective of who he is,gives his best and loses his life.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s life!

Those were the days when nearly half of the population used to join army and were the part of the war. But now-a-days things have changed. A little over 2% of population are in the jobs of law and order protection and in the armed forces guarding the country. So how do we interpret the sholka of Lord Krishna? Is it that only a soldier who dies goes to the heaven? No it is not like that. Fighting selflessly for the country is attachment to one’s dharma and nothing else. A soldier who lays his life never looks at his blood relations or his family and looks at the country. That way he is able to dedicate himself completely to his duty and that sacrifice takes him to the heaven.

Heaven is also possible to everyone who lead their entire life selflessly working towards achieving their dharma. When you choose a dharma and single handedly work towards it, heaven is guaranteed. Today every profession is like a challenge and resembles a battle field. A person has to fight lot of situations that are like enemies. He also has to overcome lot of his weaknesses and stick to his dharma and tirelessly work towards fulfilling his dharma. Such kind of person is always blessed with heaven!