Chapter 2 Verse 12 -Samkhya Yoga


Aashcharyavat pashyati kashchid enamAashcharyavad vadati tathaiva chaanyah;
Aashcharyavacchainam anyah shrinotiShrutwaapyenam veda na chaiva kashchit.


One sees soul as a wonder; another speaks of It as a wonder;
another hears of It as a wonder; yet, having heard, none understands It at all.


After explaining in detail about the characteristics and the make up of the body, this verse talks about the soul. He tries to explain to Arjuna how soul is seen by different people.

He says that some see it as a wonder and a magical thing, where as some speak that soul is a wondrous thing that was the creation of God. There are some people who hear about the soul in every discourse of spirituality. Like this many people would have talked about the soul, many people have heard about the soul many would have felt it also but nobody has really understood the real meaning of the soul.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Have you seen people tying holy threads and putting vermilion and turmeric to tress and stones? They worship them as Gods and Goddesses? Have you ever wondered why should one worship a tree and expect it to fulfil your wishes? Is it possible that a stone carved into a shape of God actually has powers in it?

These are some of the questions that we really don’t have answers. These are the matters of belief and trust. If a tree or an idol doesn’t have the power why do people believe it? What is this power? Is it the same power of soul that Lord Krishna was talking about. Soul as a concept has never been understood. Soul needs a body and that body could be anything. Soul that has power can achieve anything. Tough to understand, but if you read the coming slokas you will understand it clearly.