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Chapter 16 Daivasura Sampad Vibhaga Yoga Verse 12

Chapter 16 Daivasura Sampad Vibhaga Yoga Verse 12

Aashaapaashashatairbaddhaah kaamakrodhaparaayanaah;
Eehante kaamabhogaartha manyaayenaarthasanchayaan.

Bound by a hundred ties of hope, given over to lust and anger, 
they strive to obtain by unlawful means hoards of wealth for sensual enjoyment.


This shloka talks about a person who is bound by a hundred ties of hope. Here the ties of hopes that the Lord is referring to are the hopes given by the senses about the pleasure and bodily comforts that the body gets. When those hopes of pleasure and comforts are unfulfilled this gives rise to the sense of anger and lust for achieving that. Then Lord in the second part of the shloka talks about the way in which the person starts to proceed because of lust and anger. He then starts looking at all the unlawful means and achieves a lot of wealth for the sensual enjoyment. Sensual enjoyment talks about bodily pleasures. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

The above shloka just focuses on one thing: “Obtains by unlawful means hoards of wealth for sensual enjoyment”. Wealth is the ill around which the entire demonical world revolves. Every man in this world is after earning wealth for one’s sensual pleasure. Then the question is, is earning wealth a sin in the eyes of God? Why is it being called demonical? Wealth is nothing but value and one should have as much wealth as required for giving comforts to his body so that his soul can make the senses make him to walk the path of salvation. But wealth also has a loophole. The more you earn the more you want to earn and there is no end to this want in an individual.

According to the writ of God, one is allowed only to keep that much wealth which is necessary for his well-being and comforts. If he is violating that then it is going against the will of God. God has not sent you into this world either to earn a lot of money or give comforts to your future generations. So, if you violate this rule, you will have to face the consequences and that comes to you in the form of punishment. At the time of death, none of your wealth will actually be with you or the people for whom you have accumulated all the wealth will also not be around you. Do you really feel we need to wait until the end of one’s life to realise his mistake? 

One has to understand this and need to start spreading the wealth. It is important to do that because there are so many people in this world who don’t have money to fulfil their basic needs also. In that way, they can never understand the meaning and importance of the soul and salvation. By spreading his wealth, a rich person will bring them out of poverty and make him also think about the needs of his soul. But the World doesn’t run that way as there are so many demonic people around. They will keep these people poor and exploit them to create more and more wealth for their body comforts. Both are violations of the writ of God.

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