Chapter 15 Purushottama Yoga Verse 20

Iti guhyatamam shaastram idamuktam mayaa’nagha;
Etadbuddhwaa buddhimaan syaat kritakrityashcha bhaarata.

Thus, this most secret science has been taught by Me, O sinless one! 
On knowing this, a man becomes wise, and all his duties are accomplished, O Arjuna!


This is the last shloka of Purushottama Yoga. There were 19 shlokas before, which spoke about the Supreme being of the Almighty and how He helps people in understanding the path of salvation. In this shloka Lord Krishna is concluding this Yoga by telling to Arjuna the importance of this Yoga to a person’s life. He says that He has taught to Arjuna the most secret science of understanding Purushottama. He calls Arjuna as a sinless one. Lord also says that, on knowing this secret science a person becomes wise and he will be able to concentrate on his duties and he will also be able to accomplish all everything that he undertakes. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

When we look at this Yoga and the learning that we took, we can understand one thing clearly. There was no other shloka anywhere in Gita that talked about the Supreme being so vividly as we have discussed in this Yoga. A person who understands the Supreme being tends to become wise and all his duties will be accomplished. What He means by this is, when you approach a work understanding the Supreme being, the way you approach the work will be different. You will have seriousness and dedication in the task. When a task is done with seriousness and dedication then he will automatically be able to accomplish any task, says Lord Krishna.