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Life Story of Lord Krishna – Part 5

We have in the last four parts have got to know many things about the ‘Krishna’. His early life, childhood, teenage, marriage life, advisory life to the King and his painful moments with the relatives, people and the brother ‘Balram’. We also know about his nature when we look at his friendship with Sudama. This is all that we know about Krishna but the other two parts from here we would know his life with Pandavas. Life with Pandavas has to be the most valuable and awaiting one for Krishna. We know why it’s the meeting with Pandavas and friendship with Arjuna the reason for the worlds famous book that has answers to every problem and that’s Bhagavad-Gita.

If not for friendship between Arjuna and Krishna, Gita would have never been possible. So let’s look at events that are connected between Krishna and Pandavas.

First time Krishna met Pandavas was during the Draupadi swayamvaram, Draupadi is the queen of the Drupad Kingdom and the King wants to marry off his daughter. Thus he announces swayamvaram and sends an invitation to the Kingdoms all across the country including the Kingdom of Yadavas. From the Yadava Kingdom comes Krishna and the Pandavas also come to the Swayamvaram. Pandavas at that time were in forests having escaped the lac house assassination attempt planned by Kauravas. They also attend the swayamvara disguised as Brahmins. have finished their exile and have taken the role of Brahmins.

The Swayamvaram starts off and all the kings one by one come and try to complete the task but everybody fails and only Arjuna will be able to finish the game and Wins it. The task was to hit the eye of a revolving fish seeing the mirror image of it in water. Arjuna wins the task and wins Draupadi. But the Kings who came for swayamvara raise an objection as to how a poor Brahmin can win a rich Princesses. Krishna interferes into the argument and explains all the people in meeting to calm down and tells them that Arjuna isn’t a lower caste person but he is a Brahmin which is as much superior as Kshatriya. Thus it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. Arjuna then thanks Krishna, Krishna tells both Yudhishthira and Arjuna that he knows them much before. He also tells them they are Kshatriyas. When asked how does he know about their caste, Krishan tells that ‘you cannot hide the fire behind the ash, fire has a natural habit of glowing and the same is seen in the face of all the five of you’ ‘only Kshatriya has the face which glows like fire’ and Krishna is invited to the marriage of Pandavas with Draupadi. Krishna goes there and blesses all of them and tells Draupadi that she is like his sister and would take care of her in every way.

The second time Krishna meets Arjuna is during the one year jungle exile. Arjuna voluntarily moves to Jungle as repentance for the act he committed. As per the set rules, Draupadi would be with one brother for one day and that day another person should not disturb them. Arjuna forgets his archery in the room and the next day thinking that Yudhishthira wouldn’t have gone to the room he gets into the room without announcing and finds both Yudhistir and Draupadi making love. Though Yudhistir understands that it’s not intentional but it’s just by accident, Arjuna feels ashamed and goes on exile for one year to the forest. Arjuna then keeps moving in the forest and one day while he was cutting the wood, that’s when Krishna’s sister Subhadra sees Arjuna and falls in love with him instantly. She then leaves the place, after sometime Krishna comes and meets Arjuna. Arjuna then tells the story of why he is the forest, Krishna then asks Arjuna to accompany him to Dwaraka which is very close from that place. But Arjuna denies, Krishna somehow manages to take him to Dwaraka and Arjuna receives a lot of respect during his trip. Arjuna also gets to see Subhadra and he also instantly likes her. He opens up and asks Krishna that he wants to marry Subhadra. Though Krishna knows everything, Krishna acts as if he doesn’t know anything. Krishna then starts a game where he involves Satyabhama into it and asks her to send Subhadra to Arjuna. Arjuna then takes away Subhadra and elopes with her. Like every-time, Krishna goes to the angry people of Dwaraka who didn’t like what Arjuna did and pacifies them telling good things about Arjuna.

Arjuna and Subhadra

After one year and after exile, Arjuna returns to Kingdom. Yudhisitir feels very happy and wants to celebrate it grandly, so he calls all the Kings from different kingdoms including Kauravas and Chedi Kingdom king Shishupala. Shishupala is related to Krishna and his death is written in hands of Krishna. Shishupala who hates Krishna keeps abusing Krishna during the day, Krishna takes a vow from Shishupala Mother that he wouldn’t kill him for 100 mistakes. Krishna keeps counting and as soon as he crosses 100th time, Krishna releases Sudarshana Chakra which cuts the throat of Shishupala and kills him. This was on Friday 26th February 3153 B.C. At the same time, Duryodhan also faces a lot of ridicule at Maya Sabha, especially from Draupadi. This is where Duryodhana wants to take the revenge. So Duryodhana invites Pandavas to Game of Dice on Wednesday 4th May 3153 B.C.

That’s when the Pandavas keep losing the game and as part of the bet, Duryodhana orders to disrobe Draupadi. As his brother Dushyasan tries to disrobe Draupadi, She prays to Krishna. Krishna then sends saree to her which keeps wrapping Draupadi and saves her. And for your information, Krishna was 73 years old at that time. Coming up next week is the last part of the Story of Lord Krishna.

Mahatma Gandhi – 150th Birth Anniversary #Gandhiji

Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi – Mahatma Gandhi

Believer, Motivator, Fearless, Stubborn, Self-control, Truthful, Non-Violent are few words that We would get into our mind when we hear the name, Mahatma Gandhi. In this today’s post of mine on the special occasion of Gandhiji’s 150th Birthday Anniversary, I am not going to sound negative or positive about him, but talk about few incidents and issues which I feel are very important in his life and are much debated all the time.

I would want to start off putting up a point that will give a clear understanding of Gandhian philosophy. In the year 1930 Gandhiji with his 80 trusted supporters started Salt Satyagraha movement walking 250 miles towards Dandi From Sabarmati Ashram. Britishers were challenged and they started to arrest all the big Congress Leaders and also Gandhiji. When Gandhi was leaving to Jail, he had cautioned Every supporter not to go the Violent way and the same was respected by all the supporters. Supporters were hit by the Police personnel but still, none of the supporters lost their patience and continued to take the hitting but didn’t give up. This isn’t the only time Where he chose the Non-violent way, not the first time that Gandhi was using his weapon of Non-Violence.

Another incident I would want to talk about is his ability to forgive people and fight for the people of the country. It was in the year 1947, right when the tri-color went up on the ramparts of the Red Fort, Gandhiji was fighting for the peace in Calcutta. The Rage that started between Muslims and Hindus. There were instances where People attacked innocent kids on either side. Gandhiji couldn’t take this and only way he Felt he could stop this carnage was to go on fast. In September 1947, Gandhiji goes onto fast unto death for the third time and said he would break the fast only if the people Promise him the peace. This is the event which made people of India get Shocked and change, but there were still few people who-had started hating Gandhiji. Gandhiji was fighting for those who were planning to erase him, that’s the will of Gandhiji. 

During the final days of the struggle for Independence, Gandhiji even asked Jinnah to take the Prime Minister post for United India and asked him-to appoint cabinet full of Muslim ministers. People might tell that Gandhiji was biased toward Muslims, but that’s not true. His stubbornness of keeping the Country united and peaceful made him talk all this and think this way. Though Congress leaders weren’t happy with this, they all went with Gandhi. But because of the tensions all around Country India had to Separate into two parts.

Gandhiji believed in two things and preached the same to the World. Truth and Non-Violence. His way of attacking and winning the battle was by hitting the opponent with the truth and practicing non-violence, of which Gandhiji chose to fast as Non-Violence weapon for 14 times in his life. Few times for the People and few times against the People. Definitely, the fasts he had taken after Independence would’ve Been the toughest for him in his life. Finally, his approach where he wanted peace in the country and treat all the religions the same increased Hatred in a few groups and his death – a painful event in the World’s history.

Gandhiji did leave a mark that can never be faded. He has given this Country freedom along with the other leaders. People would still Argue if it was Bose, Bhagat Singh ideology India would’ve got freedom long back. I then ask you, at what cost? Answer yourself!!

Many good things can be learned from Gandhiji. I will only share the two songs that Gandhiji always loved listening and they were: 
1. Vaishnava Janatho 
2. Raghupathi Raghav Rajaram

And here are the 5 quotes from Mahatma that shows you the path, when needed the most.

1. The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
2. A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.
3. An eye for an eye Only ends-up making the whole world blind.
4. You must be the change you wish-to see in the world.
5. The best-way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Life Story of Lord Krishna – Part 4 #Krishna

Krishna and his Childhood Friend!

I have in the last three posts have written about the Life of Krishna revolving around the people, family, and the Kingdom. Today I will talk about the two important people in the life of Krishna.

One of them is his Childhood friend Sudama. Krishna and Sudama who met in Mathura had great connection and were the best friends. Though there were differences like caste and social status, Krishna and Sudama never let them come in their way of Friendship. Sudama was a Brahmin and was not a rich person. Sudama grows up gets married but lives in very poor situation. He is in tough position that he is not able to feed his family or run his family well. In this inevitable state his wife reminds him of Lord Krishna. Sudama remembers the friend Krishna and recalls the memories of how both were attached and humbled in both good and bad days. Sudama was sure that he would receive good help from Krishna, but he was hesitant in asking things from Krishna. Finally he decides to take along the ‘Beaten Rice’ the favourite recipe of Krishna. He then goes to meet Krishna. Krishna is overjoyed looking at Sudama and welcomes him with immense happiness. He then takes the beaten rice and enjoys the food. As soon as the food is complete both of them get into long conversation and Krishna completely forgets about Rukmini.

Rukmini is surprised. Rukmini being goddesses herself understands the position of Sudama and gifts lot of wealth to and good clothes to wear. Sudama is seen happy and devoted as always. Sudama is now getting ready to leave home, Krishna then asks Sudama to remove the new clothes and wear the old one’s that he came with. Rukmini is shell-shocked and so is Sudama, yet they both keep calm ad Sudama leaves Krishna place in the same old clothes. As soon as Sudama leaves the palace, Krishna locks himself up in the room and starts crying inconsolably. When asked by Rukmini, Krishna says “You have blessed him with a lot of wealth and good clothes, but look at me I have taken back the clothes and made him wear the old clothes, just because of the People” He thus tells Rukmini that he has done this so that people don’t misunderstand him and his intentions. Returning Home, Sudama sees that his Hut is replaced with a Palace, Wife has a lot of Jewellery, Sons are playing with Toys and his life has now taken a complete turnaround in a positive direction.

Second important person to be introduced Today is Sathyabama.

The story starts like this: Satrajit is one of the people in the advisory board of Mathura, as we know Mathura has oligarchy system which has people at the same level with Ugrasena as its head. One day Satrajit gets a beautiful jewel called as Shyamanthakamani. It is considered as a most famous jewel with magical powers. Krishna then feels that Ugrasena needs to have it. But because Satrajit found it, he wanted to hold it and give it to his brother. When asked by Krishna, Satrajit says that it is with his brother and would return it once his brother returns.

One day brother of Satrajit, Prasen goes for hunting wearing the Shyamanthakamani and gets killed by a lion. The Jewel falls by side of the dead body of Prasen. Satrajit suspects that it is Krishna who had stolen the Jewel and spread the news across to the people of Mathura. Though Krishna denies this rumor, people don’t believe Krishna and are seeing a thief in Krishna. Krishna feels embarrassed and takes it as a challenge to find the Mani. He then travels into the Jungle and finds that Jewel is with a Lady. He explains that the Mani is his and brings her along to the Kingdom. The Lady expresses that a man was killed by a Lion and she picked up the Mani from the same spot. People get the clarity and believe the lady, Satrajit is still feeling sad and ashamed of his behavior. He wants to compensate his mistake by marrying his daughter Sathyabama to Krishna. That’s how Krishna gets married to Sathyabama who is his second wife and there are totally 16008 wives for Krishna.

Both Rukmini and Sathyabama are equally loved by Krishna. Though Rukmini is his first wife, he is more attracted to Sathyabama, that’s because she is more charming and brave. Krishna loved Rukmini for her silent and understanding nature. Whereas  Sathyabama is a different lady who requires attention and she will demand it. That’s where Krishna was making his presence felt for Sathyabama and try to match the ferocious and outgoing character of Sathyabama.

Life Story of Lord Krishna Part 4 #Krishna

Life of Krishna in Dwaraka!

I have written about the early life and his life in Vrindavan and Mathura in the last two posts. In this post, I will talk about Lord Krishna and his Life in Dwaraka. We have seen that at the end of the previous post, Krishna runs from Jarasandh and settles in a place called Dwaraka along with the people of Mathura. Dwaraka is a very important phase in the life of Krishna. Unlike any other Kingdom which had monarchy system those days, Dwaraka was different. The system followed in Dwaraka was an oligarchy system, where you don’t have any single leader taking decisions, but a group of people who would run the Kingdom collectively. Ugrasena being elder was given the name of King but decisions were all made together by Balaram, Krishna, Ugrasena, Pradhyuma and Kritivarma, and others.

Krishna role was pivotal in this as being an intellectual and Supreme knowledge holder in everything, He was consulted and His advice was prominent in all decisions. Krishna’s main aim was make Dwaraka a good place to live for the people without any problems. The fact was that Krishna was the youngest of all the members in the group. Balaram being the elder one to Krishna,  was always over-protective towards Krishna. He used to decide everything on behalf of Krishna on personal issues relating to Krishna. Krishna was never independent but he couldn’t do anything as Balaram was elder to him. We need to understand that Balarama is the re-incarnation of Shesh Nag and in Treyta Yuga he was Lakshman who saw his elder brother Ram suffering. So, Balarama didn’t want the same to happen to Krishna, thus becoming over-protective. Krishna by nature was very caring and took care of all His relatives well, by spending a lot of wealth on them.  But in return, Krishna was treated like a servant. This word Servant was used by Lord Krishna Himself when He was talking about the way He was treated by the relatives.  Though He was treated this way, Krishna never minded and then also all the relatives were hungry for his attention, and they always expected that Krishna would do things that they would want and in return, they never thought for a minute also, what Krishna wanted from them. This is the real problem that Krishna had faced in his life. Not just the relatives he had to face this even from the friends.

Krishna had the real good friend in Ugrasena who is the head of Kingdom. Another good friend that Krishna had was Akrura. The first time when Akrura met Krishna was when he was only 11 years, whereas Akrura was 50 years old. The reason for this friendship sounds very interesting and  God’s plan. Akrura was told by his mom that there would be someone coming into his life and that person would change the life of everyone and he would be the ‘Deliverer’. Akrura was sent by Kansa to bring Krishna to Mathura for a wrestling match. On the way, Akrura starts talking to Krishna and gets a doubt that Krishna Himself is the “deliverer” that his mother was referring to. So, he as Krishna whether it is true.

Krishna answers to Akrura that he doesn’t know who he is,  but he knows that he is the one who is going to deliver the Dharma in the World. In a World where people walk their heads bent in shame and humiliation, he is going to restore order and make the people walk with their heads held high, where everyone follows their Dharma dutifully. This confirms Akrura and he believes that Krishna is the deliverer. Though Krishna is a good friend of Akrura and Ugrasena, both never liked each other. Whenever Krishna talks to Ugrasena, Akrura used to get jealous and vice versa. Both were fighting for Krishna’s friendship and used to bad mouth about the other, just to keep Krishna away from the other. This used to pain Krishna a lot as He wanted good friendship with both.

Moving on, Krishna turns 37, but still He is unmarried while Balarama marries Revathi and has a daughter called Shashirekha. One day Krishna happens to see a 13 year old beautiful girl named Rukmini and instantly falls in love with her. Rukmini is the daughter of King Bhishmaka and a very good friend of King Jarasandha. When Krishna approaches Bhishmaka to ask for Rukmini, he discusses the issue with Jarasandha, who advises him not to give his daughter to a cheater and a old man like Krishna. In turn, he suggests Bhishma to get his daughter married to a 22 year old young prince named Shishupala.  Shishupala who is 15 years younger to Krishna is actually the nephew of Lord Krishna. He hates Krishna from the beginning and Knowing all this, Shishupala’s mother requests for mercy from Krishna who tells her that He would pardon 100 mistakes of Shishupala but not more.

When Krishna threatens to abduct Rukmini if she is forced to get married to Shishupala, Bhishmaka and Jarasandha deploy huge armies to stop Krishna. But Lord Krishna comes at a lightning speed in His chariot, enters the Palace of Bhismaka, abducts Rukmini and goes off to Dwaraka at a lightning speed. None of the armies of Jarasandha or Shishupala succeed in stopping Krishna. Once in the safe abode of Dwaraka, with the blessings of Balarama and other elders Krishna gets married to Rukmini and Rukmini who is considered to be the avatar of Goddess Lakshmi becomes the wife of Lord Krishna. In the previous birth she was born elder to Lord Rama as Sita now, she is born much younger to Krishna as Rukmini.

Lord Krishna and Life History – Part 2 #SriramSpeaks

Last week I have written about the Life History of Lord Krishna, in which I had spoken about the early days and childhood of Lord. In this post, I will be continuing the same and will be discussing the Life of Lord Krishna after he moved to Mathura.

Before talking about Krishna’s life in Mathura, let me talk about Balarama who is the elder brother of Krishna. Actually, Balrama is the avatar of Shesh nag on which Lord Vishnu rests along with Goddess Lakshmi. In the previous avatar of Lord Rama, Shesh Nag came as Lakshman. If you see in the entire Ramayana, Lakshman is aggressive while Sri Ram is docile and calm. Shesh nag felt that the reason for all the troubles that Lord Sri Ram faced in Treta Yuga is because of his soft nature. Being younger, Lakshmana couldn’t go against Rama. So, in this avataara, Shesh Nag takes birth earlier than Krishna and is the elder brother to Lord Krishna. Balarama is only 15 days elder to Krishna and he is the Son of Vasudeva & Rohini and not Devaki. While Krishna is the son of Devaki, Rohini who is the other wife of Vasudev is the surrogate mother of Balaram, wherein Devaki’s child is planted in Rohini’s womb to escape from Kansa’s evil eye. Balarama who is elder to Krishna by 15 days is born on 29th of June 3229 BC.

Moving ahead, Kansa comes to know that Krishna is alive and all his plans of killing Lord Krishna gets spoilt and failed. Kansa then calls ‘Akrura’ and asks him to invite Krishna and Balarama for a Wrestling even at Mathura. Akrura invites Lord Krishna for a wrestling match. Krishna with his elder brother Balaram goes to the land of Kansa. As agreed, Lord Krishna enters the battlefield of Wrestling. But for a shocker Kansa makes Krishna fight the elephant instead of a wrestler – Krishna successfully kills it. Then Kansa sends strong wrestler Musthika but he also gets Killed. Irritated and frustrated with the results in the battlefield, Kansa orders to arrest Nandha who raised Krishna and kill him in the jail along with Vasudev. Hearing to this Krishna develops anger and jumps out of the battle ring to pull Kansa out by holding hair. Krishna then punches, tears Kansa and kills him. So that’s how Kansa gets Killed by Krishna. The date was Friday, 9th February 3219 BC.

After this event, Krishna Crowns Ugrasena as king of Mathura.

Right when the things looked better for Mathura, ‘Jarasandha’ who is the brother in law of Kansa gets to know about his killing and feels really bad. Being a very powerful king, Jarasandha plans to attack Mathura. But with both Krishna and Balaram together its always going to be difficult for them. This continues for almost 10.5 years where Jarasandha attacks Mathura for 17 times only to lose each time. Jarasandha is now getting restless and wants to take revenge. To do that he takes help of Kalayavan. Both Kalayavan and Jarasandha plot the way to snatch Mathura from Krishna. Krishna being the Lord understands the game of both and takes the help of ‘Vishwakarma’ the architect. He asks him to create a place where all the people of Mathura can find safety. That’s how the City of Dwarka was born. The place gets created by Vishwakarma in with boundary wall itself measuring 96 miles, making it difficult for enemies to trace it and enter.

Next day morning when Kalayavaan comes to attack the Mathura, Krishna & Balaram fight together. While Krishna is seen fighting Kalayavaan, Balaram is seen fighting Jarasandha and his Army. Krishna now starts his game of deceit. He decides to walk away from Kalayavaan continuously and Kalayavaan also moves at the same speed to catch Krishna. Krishna suddenly enters a cave and that’s noticed by Kalayavaan. Kalayavaan follows Krishna and sees that a person is seen sleeping. Kalayavaan thinks that the sleeping person is Lord Krishna, actually, the sleeping person is a King who was a big support for Devas against Rakshasas and protected them from the onslaught of asuras. After years of protection, with the permission of Indra, he is resting in the cave. Kalayavaan kicks the sleeping King thinking that its Krishna who is resting there. King wakes up with the tremendous amount of anger and stares at Kalayavaan with his blazing eyes. That blaze burns Kalayavan alive and he dies then are there.

Jarasandha watches that Krishna coming back from the cave but not Kalayavaan. He understands that Kalayavaan is now dead and he has to enter into battle with full force. Jarasandha now starts moving towards Krishna, but Krishna and Balarama start to run away from Jarasandha. Lord Krishna using his intellect and Maya, makes Jarasandha believe that he is entering into the tunnel of a big mountain on the other side of which the City of Dwaraka was located. Jarasandha still thinks that Krishna and Balarama are in hiding in the Mountain and asks his soldiers to fire the mountain.

The whole of the Mountain gets burnt in the fire and this gives brings happiness into the life of Jarasandha and he believes that both Krishna & Balaram are dead. Reality though is that both of them will go on top of the mountain and move to their newly prepared city. This point where Krishna and Balarama move to the Dwaraka starts the third part of Krishna’s Life story. This Dwaraka Parv starts exactly on the 9th of Aug 3209 BC.

Lord Krishna and his Life History! Part 1 #SriramSpeaks

Starting today, for next few weeks I will be talking about the life story of Lord Krishna and the things that we need to learn from his preaching.

To start off Lord Krishna was born on 13th of July in the year 3229 BC in Rohini Nakshatram at 12:24 am in the midnight. It was Bhadrapada maasam, Krishna Paksha and as per Hindu calendar it was Ashtami. Lord Krishna’s childhood life as we all know was very notorious and filled with memories. Lord Krishna spent his first 11 years of life in the Brindavan and then a mystery took him to Mathura for 10 years.

Talking little bit about the Childhood of Lord Krishna, Krishna was given too many names by the neighbours especially girls. All because of his unbelievable naughty acts and irritating the ladies of the Brindavan. In his fun filled life when he was only 1 year 2 months old, he had killed a Rakshasi called as Putana. Putana comes as a foster mother of Krishna to breast feed Lord Krishna.  Putana was killed by Lord Krishna as he knew that Putana was trying to breast feed poison along with her milk. Lord knowing the fact that Putana is planning to kill him, Krishna drinks all the milk and kills her. His naughtiness is still intact and one day to put it to an end, Yashoda ties him to a Mortar so that he doesn’t move. But the little kid moves all over and Yashoda is shocked how the little one was able to carry that mortar which weighs at least a 100 kilos. Historically this event had happened on October 17th 3226BC. Fearing threat from demons who are out to kill their little son Krishna, Nand and Yashoda decides to move from Gokul which is a small place located on banks of river Yamuna to Vrindavan, which is about 30 kms from Gokul. Vrindavan was a turning point in his life, as he meets his childhood friend Radharani or Radha there.

Radharani was a simple village girl, who in age was slightly elder to Krishna. She is said to be 3 years 11 months elder to Krishna, was born on the 8th day of the Bhadrapada masam of the year 3232 BC. Krishna is drawn towards Radha when he meets her he was just 7 years old. Friendship develops fast and Radha and Krishna play various games together. The most famous and well known amongst them is “Rasaleela”. It’s not a game of romance or love as many would believe, but it’s a play of an 8 year old innocent boy and a 11 year old girl. So describing the Rasaleela as Romance is not at all right as it was only a celebration of two young ones, who just know that they are best friends and are happy in the company of each other. This Rasaleela happened on the full moon day of 3rd October 3222BC. Slowly the friendship between Radha and Krishna turned into tender love of a young boy and a just matured girl.

Krishna can do anything for the sake of his love for Radha. He can even lift the Govardhan mountain when the entire Vrindavan was flooded win incessant rains and all the animals and humans were looking for a refuge. Coming back, the relationship continued for 3 years. Krishna was 11 and Radha is 14 years when they decided that it’s time for them to get married. The thought of marriage would have come to Krishna because 14 was the good enough age for girls to get married off. Radha obliges for the same but she asks Krishna to take permission from the both the parents. When asked Yashoda, she disagrees as she felt that Radha is elder to Krishna and when it comes to caste she comes from lower caste. Yashoda conveys the message to her husband Nandh. Nandh being the father of Krishna tries to probe into Krishna and then asks him not to go with Radha as she doesn’t fit the caste of Krishna. Krishna completely disagrees and continuously says he chose Radha as his wife for rest of his life. This  leads to arguments between Krishna and Nandh.

Nandh finally says that he can’t argue and asks him to get the opinion of Guru ji. The name of the Guru ji was Sage Garg and he knows everything about Krishna. Guruji tells Krishna the story that didn’t knew. Guruji reveals that his actual parents are Devaki and Vasudev. Both of them live in Mathura. Guruji asks Krishna to leave the place and asks him to meet the parents immediately. Krishna then tells Guru ji about Radha and says that he is very compatible and close to her. Sage Garg then advises Krishna that physical compatibility is seen only in animals, but in humans, responsibility is more important than compatibility. He says that the purpose of his life is to achieve something much bigger than just marrying Radha and settling down in Vrindavan. Lord Krishna takes all the points given by Guruji and then decides to move to Mathura. He then plays flute for one last time, Radha comes running and so does all his friends. He tells everyone that the time has come for him to move out of Vrindavan and he would not be returning anytime soon. Radha sees him disappear and silently sheds tears at the loss of her lover. The date was Friday, 5th January 3219 BC.

Indira Gandhi – Iron Lady & India’s Top Leader #IndiaAt70

#IndiaAt70 – India’s 70 most influential people or leaders!

Today is going to bring an end to my one year long stories of Top 70 Indians since Indian Independence. It was on Aug 15th I started this journey where I wrote about revealing my list of 70 most influential Indians. It was filled with discovery of different personalities, their hardships, sacrifices, inspirations and finally glory for the Nation. All these 70 people have built India to the level what it is Today. 69 personalities already revealed and now is the time, right before we celebrate 72nd Independence day to reveal the Top Indian leader as per me.

Indira Gandhi in all Smiles! 

India’s Number one leader:
Born to a family which had politics in the blood and lot of intellectual abilities. It was on 19th November 1917 in Allahabad, India’s best political leader was born to Jawahar Lal Nehru and Kamala Nehru. She is none other than Smt. Indira Gandhi ji. Nehru as we know is a great politician and Independence fighter and as well a lawyer. He had given Indira Gandhi complete freedom with respect to education and she studied in places like Pune University, Shantiniketan and also moved to Oxford University for few months. She was in helpless position as mother Kamala Nehru was suffering from tuberculosis which actually killed her while her father Nehru was in Jail. This is her first biggest painful moment that she had suffered.

Her marriage was also a controversial event where she went against Nehru to marry Feroze Gandhi. Things turned on its head when Feroze Gandhi, person who had nothing suddenly got into politics and won Rae Bareili seat to enter Parliament. Father words came true when Feroze Gandhi forced Indira Gandhi to stay with him in the house given by Govt Which was ignored by Indira Gandhi. She had to make a bold move of shifting to her father’s residence with her children, only to give them a better life and comforts.

Her biggest challenges though came when she went to become the Prime Minister and also the first Women Prime Minister for India. Before which she was only advisor to Father Nehru. Things were bad and her lack of oratory skills gave her the name ‘Ghoongi Gudiya’. Which made her to think about her political life strongly and that was the day she decided to change herself. She held the office of PM from 1966 to 1977 and 1980 to 1984. It’s almost 15 years that she had the power of ruling India. In her reign of power she was the one who had taken huge decisions like Nationalisation of Banks, Emergency, Green Revolution, hosting Asian games and as well first step of Liberalisation.

Her extraordinary political strategies were the reason why people went with her in the elections. Like this she kept on gaining momentum and things were going well for India. Then came an unimaginable problem in the name of a separate country called ‘Khalistan’ for Punjabis. These turned into total havoc and lot of riots have happened. The leader behind this movement Bhindran Wala was hiding in the holy Golden Temple in Amritsar. Indira Gandhi then took the decision and started a mission called ‘Operation Blue Star’. A Step that nobody would have actually thought of, she sent the army inside the Golden Temple and killed all the militants including the Bhindranwala. Though this was a victory for her and India, she got portrayed as villain for all the Sikhs for her decision of letting Army enter Golden Temple.

This act of her became the reason for her Death. Her two body guards who were also Sikhs were deeply affected. It was on 31st October 1984 morning at 9:20 am while she was taking a walk towards her office, she was killed by gun shots by the two body guards Beant Singh & Satwant Singh which pierced through her body and killed her. India lost a greatest leader ever after Independence.

Iron Lady Indira Gandhi was once equated to Goddesses Durga by Atal Bihari Vajpayee when she announced that Pakistan Army General had surrender to Indian Army during the fight for liberation of Bangladesh. That’s the power of this dynamic leader called Indira Gandhi. As people also call her the ‘Child of Destiny’.

If asked she would be the first person that I would ask God to bring back, her charisma, political strategy and the economic policy framework was so well welcomed by the World. It’s actually sad to see that after her India has not seen dynamic leaders like her. She has surely left with tremendous amount of inspiration for the people and political legacy is respected with heads high. #IndiaAt70 #IndiraGandhi #JaiHind

Chapter 6 Dhyana Yoga Verse 13

Chapter 6 Dhyana Yoga Verse 13
Yam labdhwaa chaaparam laabham manyate naadhikam tatah;
Yasmin sthito na duhkhena gurunaapi vichaalyate.
Which, having obtained, he thinks there is no other gain superior to it;
where in established, he is not moved even by heavy sorrow.
This sloka is a continuation of the previous sloka which talks about the yogi meeting the reality. Lord Krishna says that once a yogi reaches Brahman in the form of Reality, he starts thinking that there is no other gain in this World or in any other worlds which is equal to the Brahman. Attaining Brahman is the ultimate thing that he has achieved. Once that is established, means once that attaining Brahman firmly there in his mind, then nothing can deviate him from achieving that. He cannot be moved by even the greatest sorrow that is put upon him.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
We have all heard so many stories in our childhood about the “Tapasya” that sages do and how they are tested by God to see their resolve. Even a great king like Ravana had to literally remove his intestines to prove his devotion towards Lord Shiva and to please him to enter Mt. Kailash. Lord Shiva is pleased with his efforts and grant powers to Ravana. Here meditation is the only means through which one can attain salvation and that salvation doesn’t come that easily. A person will be put through a lot of sorrows and testing situations and he has to overcome all those keeping faith only in the Brahman. He cannot deviate from the thought of Brahman.
How is this relevant in today’s world? Today “Tapasya” is equal to your “Dharma”. A person who does his dharma to perfection only can attain salvation. A person who is doing his dharma, God always helps him. But God also tests him. He creates situations where the person will be put into tough situations where the only solution is to abandon his dharma. God will see if the person has the resolve to hold on to his dharma or will he run away leaving everything? Running away might help him escape a situation but such a person can never move towards salvation. But a person who sticks to his dharma and faces all the sorrows given by God will come out strong and will also move a step closer to salvation.

My 1st Work Anniversary! #Sriram

April 17th 2017 to April 17th 2018!

I am not that kind of a person who sits and contemplates the past very often unless its required. Because I am that sort of a person who believes in contemplating the future and make the changes if needed. Today though I had to relook at my last one year for a special reason. Let me without mincing words, tell you that today is the day I started my Career as a ‘Teacher’ and this journey of mine has completed one year – like the world calls it as Work Anniversary!!

My career now feels exactly like that one-year old kid, a kid with so much enthusiasm and excitement. To tell you, I started as Shy and Nervous person but soon came the change which made me more active, innovative and serious person. Its was a year with full of continuous learning, exploring and communication. I would have never expected what I am now without this ultimate profession of Teaching. Every day was a new experience, Students became my priority and that’s how things moved towards development of both students and myself.

That said, nothing in this world is a one-way traffic. Everything has two sides and I luckily, have not experienced the other side of it. But personally, every person needs to face all the challenges in life to make himself/herself stronger from inside. That is something I am still learning.

Talking about the college activities, it’s completely different life style that a teacher chooses. I had to make sudden shift for which I had very less time. In doing so, its really a difficult task and I feel I successfully overcome it. To be part of Freshers, Farewell and all other college events as a Faculty is enriching experience because you have to be Perfectionist but also conscious as well. I have also seen the passing out batch of 2016-18 my first batch as teacher, who are incidentally my juniors. Special attachments got created in this journey and they will last lifelong. Super days were in plenty in last one year of my work life!

Today was yet another special day. It is like a blessing for me on the big day of mine. Apart from being my first work anniversary it turned out to be proud day as my students who are now doing their internship with CNBC TV 18 go on to meet the India’s best Stock Market Guru Porinju Veliyath. Its not a signal for me that I have achieved something but it’s a foundation stone placed by fate to build many more such lives. It’s a message from the heavens that I have to do lot more things like that. I thank my family, my staff and friends in helping me out being here as start off my career!

Watch out Guys, it’s the 1st one – 49 more coming!!