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The first hymn from the Rig Veda – A praise of Agni!

Rig Veda is India’s biggest asset. The first of four Vedas carries thousands of Sanskrit hymns. Even today which is no big surprise, Rig Veda is the most sought book. The whole set of hymns or suktas in the Rig Veda are full of praises. Like I have always written, the Vedas in India are as old as 10,000+ years. But the historians haven’t been able to see the logic in the rich history of Vedas. The Rig Veda is famous for discovering answers on various aspects like life, deity, godliness and more.

The Vedic text consists of Samhitas, Brahmanas, Aranyaka’s and Upanishads.

Of these four types of texts available in the Rig Veda, Samhita carries a lot of importance. Samhita is generally called something that’s ‘put together or ‘joined’. The Samhitas are the oldest of the lot and they constitute praises to the deities. The deity here refers to mother nature and the elements of nature like Sun, Fire, Water, Air and more. There are about 1,028 Suktas in the Rig Veda’s Samhitas. An average would know nothing more than 10 suktas.
The Brahmanas are the section that’s dedicated to the commentaries for the hymns or suktas. Whereas ‘Aranyakas’ is known as the forest books and the Upanishads include all the other verses of religious text. Each of these four parts of Rig Veda has different objectives. As we saw, Samhita is full of Mantras and those which are used in rituals. Aranyakas are the textual format of the rituals and sacrifices. Brahmanas are as usual the commentary of various rituals and sacrifices. Finally, Upanishads talk about meditation, philosophy and spiritual knowledge in the Vedas.

Marriage and other religious rituals in today’s world are followed with the help of ‘Suktas’ from the Rig Veda.

Each of the Hindu rituals carried out has a sukta or Samhita written. The famous ones are even today recited in the daily rituals by the Brahmins. To mention, it’s not written anywhere that only ‘Brahmin’ by birth should recite or carry the Vedic rituals. Instead, anyone with knowledge, right behaviour and high morals & ethics can practice the Vedic rituals. Another mention, Vedas are never Hindu bound. Vedas depicted the life of an individual irrespective of any religion and gives everyone the option to follow them. Following the Vedic life will only make the person more intelligent and wiser. Such is the greatest values and the importance of the irreplaceable knowledge that Vedas have showered on us.
Agni, The Vedic Fire God of Hinduism
The Vedas especially Rig Veda describes the deep-rooted praise to mother nature. Following are some of the most famous people for whom the praises are found in the Rig Veda. These hymns are dedicated to the various deities of today’s Hinduism which was the way of life for a civilization. The gods praised in Rig Veda include Indra, Agni, Varuna, Vayu, Grahas (nine planets), Rivers, Bhumi, and the most powerful Sun God.

Mandalas in the Rig Veda

The praises are written are again sub-divided as per the Mandalas. There are 10 Mandalas in Rig Veda. Each Mandala has its significance and consists of a different number of Hymns or Suktas. Out of the 10 Mandalas, the 3rd Mandala is most famous because of the presence of ‘Gayatri Mantra’. The first mandala is discovered as the largest one and the youngest one of all the 10 mandalas. The same is observed to be characteristic of the 10th mandala. The first word in the 1st mandala is dedicated to the Lord Agni (fire). It goes like this…
अग्निमीळे पुरोहितं यज्ञस्य देवमृत्विजम्।
होतारं रत्नधातमम् ॥१॥
Agnimīḷe purohitam yajñasya devamṛtvijam,
hotāram ratnadhātamam.
“Agni, I adore, who stands before the Lord, the God who seeth Truth, the warrior, strong disposer of delight.”

Rig VedaRig Veda

The meaning of the first hymn:

In the first-ever hymn of Rig Veda, Agni is praised. It is said that Agni is the mightiest and I adore him who stands before all the Lords. Remember it is the Agni that is lit first for any kind of Yajna or Prayer as per Vedic Rituals. It is he who stands as a warrior and seeks nothing other than the truth. Taking all these, he always desires for an outcome that’s fulfilling and satisfying!
That puts an end to the first-ever hymn of Rig Veda. A rich text with huge learning and very deep-rooted meaning. This first hymn itself tells us how sacred, divine and how the feeling of ‘God exists everywhere’ is practised in the Vedas…
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A serious post…

Too many thoughts have been running in my mind for the past few days. All thanks to my annual visitor ‘fever’. It doesn’t just come and leave but it puts me into deep thinking mode. Here are some of the questions that made me to lose my nerve and still searching for answers for a few. Bet you there’s no right or there’s no wrong answer. Neither there’s a good or a bad situation. It’s all about our comprehension and our ‘thoughts’ that’ll lead us to make a decision. You may try this out to see which side of the coin you’ll land…

Scenario 1: Journalist vs National Security

Think that you were that one of the journalists who were reporting live from the Kabul attacks, 9/11 attacks or 26/11 attacks. On one side the terrorists have spread all across and tried all means to eliminate as many as possible innocent people. On the other side, you are doing your best to cover the story. A thought strikes!
Am I doing the right thing? What if the information that you are sending to the news studio is being used as a source by the terror’s head to route the terrorists? What would you do? Your duty as a journalist or your duty as a citizen of the country?
While you think of the answer. The maximum journalists have done justice to their journalist duty by reporting everything as it’s happening on the ground. Which may or may not have helped those perpetrators…

Scenario 2: Doctor vs Two Patients

This time you are a Doctor. Say a famous Doctor in the national capital Delhi. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, a terrible accident stuck the Parliament. Unfortunately, the seriously injured Prime Minister of India is brought to the hospital where you work. At the same time, a young boy badly injured is brought to the hospital. The Prime minister has 5% of living if operated in the next 10 minutes.
But, the young boy has a 50% chance of living if treated in the next 10 minutes. Once again, you are just the only one left on duty. What will you do? Wait for the other Doctor to arrive, by then both of them would’ve left the body. Maybe you succumb to the political pressure and shift focus to Prime Minister? What will be the best possible step to take?
Many such scenarios can be laid down and looked at. But remember these are no created ones that exist only in imagination. Rather they are very much the conditions that people are put into. People call it Dilemma in English, Dharamsantak in Hindi. Whatever can be the word, these are really tough places to be. Without a doubt, every one of us will be put into such kind of situations at least once in our lifetime.
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Vedas – India’s ancient golden treasure that is always bold and never gets old!

Vedas are texts or scriptures that are known for delivering knowledge and instil wisdom in the people. The famous literature was written in Sanksrit, the language of Gods. Vedas are the real source of learning in every aspect of life. These ancient texts were first seen around 10,000 BC. Vedas were the knowledge shared by the greatest of Rishis to the people. Thus, the Vedas are incomparable and will always remain the best texts to guide mankind. Also, there was nothing called Hinduism in the olden days. All that the people would do was to worship nature. Everything that’s part of nature like Fire, Water, Air, Life, Cow, Tree, River, etc

Ritual and Meaning in the Vedas - Home

As I had written in the ‘Gayatri Mantra’, it is understood that every tiny creature living on the planet and the solar system is all coming from the ‘Sun’. Without the element of ‘light’ which comes from the sun, there is no life. Again, nature worship was never replaced by anything for a long time. In all the yugas, the Kali Yuga is the one with the highest number of people worshipping the Gods and not nature. That’s where the disconnect lies. Unfortunately, the older texts called ‘Vedas’ which promote worshipping nature has lost their real meaning. Nowadays, worshipping is more for the gods and people but not nature.

Even after 12,000 years, Vedas are powerful and carry a unique position in the Indian land.

Hindus in India have embraced the Vedas and follow them in their daily rituals as well. Vedas are nothing but ‘Hymns’ by the greatest of Rishis to be born on the planet. They are called Sapt Rishis. These Sapt Rishis were responsible for spreading the knowledge and letting people acquire wisdom through them. Each hymn by a Sapt Rishi was collected and composed and classified into Vedas by Veda Vyasa. The character whom we know for writing Bhagavad-Gita.

Vedas have the solutions for many of our life problems but we just fail to see them. One mandatory lesson to learn from the Vedas is the Caste System. Caste System as per the Vedas was very different. There was never a reason to say one caste is upper and the other caste is lower. Vedas conveyed the caste of the person is purely dependant on his/her lifestyle and not by the birth. Like that we have many lessons to derive from Vedas for right living.

So, before being classified into four different Vedas, the hymns or mantras were more than 25,000. From there the Vedas were divided into four. They are:

The Vedas - World History Encyclopedia

Rig Veda – Rig Veda is believed to be the oldest one of the four Vedas. These oldest Vedas were filled with praise and prayers for the nature gods like Indra and Agni. This Veda is composed of as many as 10,000 mantras. You read the content in this Veda.

Yajur Veda – While the Rig Vedas was more in the form of Hymns. The Yajur Veda was the evolution or maybe we can call it as first stage interpretation. In Yajur Veda, we find most of the Rig Vedas are repeated but in a different shape. The Vedas are in form of ‘Yajna’ helping in worshipping and conducting rituals. Yajur Veda has about 1900+ mantras or Vedas. You recite the content in this Veda.

Sama Veda – Samaveda is the third most important Veda book from ancient India. Here as well the Rig Vedas hymns are recited in the form of songs or chants. This is why this Veda is also called as Book of Chants. You sing the content in this Veda.

Atharva Veda – Atharva Veda consists of the Vedas that help us in daily life. This Veda gives us all the knowledge on the various diseases, ailments, business activities and many more.

While the Vedas are almost known to many. There is more to Indian ancient texts. There are Upanishads, Aaranyakas and Vedangas. It is already wonderful to see a lot of information for me to acquire. To date, I have been concentrating on the Purana like Vishnu Puranam. From now, I will be trying to simultaneously understand the Vedas and the Puranas. It won’t be an easy task, but I take this as my lifetime goal to acquire the knowledge from the Vedas…

Forgive but don’t forget the mistakes. Do correct me wherever you feel it is needed!

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The faster the growth in the Debt, the faster the growth in India’s Economy…

India is eyeing and targeting a $5 trillion economy.

PM Modi addressing the nation has set a mission to reach this milestone by 2025. It was in the year 2019, this mission was laid down. Till then GDP was still under slowdown and only a glimpse of picking up were visible. We were a near $3 trillion economy aiming to add $2 trillion in the next 5 years. While it took India 73 years to reach $3 trillion, PM Modi set this ambitious target and as usual, he seemed very confident of achieving this milestone.
But then came the COVID Pandemic, it ruined the plans of the Govt and a possible resumption of economic upwards movement. Interestingly, even today when asked ‘PM Modi has the same answer and believes India will achieve $5 trillion by 2025’. Govt of India had laid out a structure and a proper plan to achieve the $5 trillion mark. We will all see if it’s come true or the same old dramebaazi will come into the picture… Keeping the Govt’s stand aside and the $5 trillion aside for a moment.

Let’s look at one important component that drives economic growth.

It is ‘Debt’. An economy that enjoys ‘development’ is either ‘an economy driven by debt’ or ‘an economy driven by equity. In the majority of the economies, businesses are maximum run by ‘Debt’ and not by ‘Equity’. It’s the case with every company irrespective of the country. Not just the businesses, even the governments are run by the money that is borrowed. The business news channels report regularly on Govt of India raising funds through Bonds, Treasury Bills and other long term and short-term borrowing instruments. There’s nothing wrong in doing so.
May be an image of text that says 'SKYROCKETING DEBT Gross public debt as per cent current prices Bangladesh -China GROSS PUBLIC DEBT TO GDP RATIO GDP India 84.2 Pakistan 100 70.6 75 50 as % of GDP 2020 YoY shift 101.4 11.9 96.7 6.3 89.3 17.0 87.2 1.6 65.5 11.8 61.7 9.1 46.6 3.3 39.6 3.8 38.5 8.0 18.9 5.0 2019 Brazil 89.5 Argentina 90.4 India 72.3 Pakistan 85.6 Mexico 53.7 China 52.6 Vietnam 43.4 Bangladesh 35.8 Indonesia 30.5 Russia 13.9 25 41.9- 26.8 66.5 44.3 86.0 2003 2021 Source: IMF World Economic Outlook'
For example: Like individuals apply for a credit card and use it for personal purposes. A good borrower with the right intent and background will pay back the credit card bill. But a bad borrower with a bad background will head towards default. Similarly, a bad government will utilise the money with no prior planning and for corrupt practices. Such kind of behaviour will not bring any revenue to the country. Opposite to that is a genuine government, who are bothered about the value of the people and bringing prosperity to the nation.
Also, just because the intentions are right, the results might not come in favour of the Nation’s growth. Due to pandemics and things not in control, there shall be disturbances. That is exactly what happened to the Indian economy in the last few months. So, this component ‘Debt’ is studied in the economy along with GDP as Debt to GDP ratio. This is a very critical ratio that economists look for in studying and project the economy of a country.

Let us now look at this economist’s favourite:

The debt-to-GDP ratio is the metric comparing a country’s public debt to its gross domestic product (GDP). By comparing what a country owes with what it produces, the debt-to-GDP ratio reliably indicates that particular country’s ability to pay back its debts. Often expressed as a percentage, this ratio can also be interpreted as the number of years needed to pay back debt if GDP is dedicated entirely to debt repayment. – Investopedia
India’s GDP to Debt ratio is currently at 61%. That means India has Debt which is worth the 66% of India’s GDP. In actuals, it’ll come to $2 trillion. Interestingly, the GOI is expecting India’s debt-to-GDP ratio to go up in FY22 to a 16-year-high of 61.7% from 60.5% a year ago. The more the debt, the more the businesses and individuals seeking money for themselves. The more the growth but also comes more risk. Because when the money is given to individuals for the development of companies, the taste turns sour. It is because of the bad apples.

Can we eliminate the bad apples easily?

Not soon but maybe in future. For that, the laws have to change and stringent rules must be brought in. We have existing ones which are obsolete. For example, in India, when a Debt turns NPA, it is written off as Insolvency or Bankruptcy. No more questions. Companies look for debt because they are happy paying a fixed amount of interest. Also, a big no for equity because would mean sharing of power and profits. As per the IMF, the Gross Debt to GDP for India will move up to 82% in 2025. That means a net Debt to GDP ratio of 73%. Hoping that the 9% goes into NPAs, taxes etc.
Banks' gross NPAs may rise to 13.5% by Sept: Financial stability report |  Business Standard News
The USA on the other hand has been one of the highly debt-driven economies. Currently, the USA’s Gross Debt to GDP ratio is at 127% and the Net Debt to GDP ratio comes at 100%. This means the worth of America is ‘zero’. But still, it’s the most developed and an economy worth $20+ trillion. There were issues as well when America boosted the need for lending money and it resulted in the 2008 crisis.
To conclude, India isn’t a rich country. It’s a country that lives with unemployment at higher levels and the workforce availability is also very cheap. All in all, the average Indian is a poor man who doesn’t have enough to start and run a business. To reduce this gap, the Indian government continues to release schemes that give subsided and sometimes free debt to the people. Debt is the way to run an economy but the one who wants to build the economy by using debt has to be visionary. Or else, the economy will be pushed deep into trouble!
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Taliban – 20 years – Taliban: What changed is the date, everything else remains the same!

Taliban – 20 years – Taliban: What changed is the date, everything else remains the same!

The Taliban have seized the power in Afghanistan after completing the takeover of Parliament in Kabul 2 days ago. The forceful power-grabbing by the Taliban was likely but none expected it to be so quick. The Taliban emerged out of nowhere in the year 1994. The earlier version of the Taliban was the Mujahideen which bravely fought against the Soviet Union and pushed them away. After that defeat, the USSR got crumbled and divided into parts. The major agenda of free Afghanistan was achieved with the support of multiple countries. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and America had together helped the Mujahideen.

Biden defends Afghanistan pullout amid airport chaos | Taliban News | Al  Jazeera

Then came the next challenge of who will hold the power? Just like in any other free nation even in Afghanistan there was a bitter power fight. That’s when the powerful ‘Taliban’ took the centre stage and emerged as the biggest powerholder in the nation of Afghans. With the help of thousands of Talibs (students), the Taliban gained control over Afghanistan. Unlike any other free nation where the power struggle is natural, the issue in Afghanistan was the extreme ideology of the Taliban.

The Taliban never liked the idea of freedom and always vouched for ‘shariah’. The true way of living Islamic life (according to Talibans). There was a rapid upsurge in the recruitment of the Talibs due to the radicalisation of ‘Islam’. With every year the number of Talibs only went up. All the while the middle eastern countries like Iran, Saudi and South Asian Pakistan were fully backing the Taliban.

The twin tower attack led to the dismantling of the Taliban

The leader of the Taliban, Osama Bin Laden who was recruited by the USA for training Talibans came back to haunt them. The power obtained achieved by Talibans, yet it was a poor country with nothing other than people. The people were backwards and knew no means of making money. Taliban was seeking money and help from the Americans. But the cause didn’t suit the American needs and they denied any help. The Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden who had all his troops stationed in Afghanistan designed the plan to attack Twin Towers. We all know how the brutal attack on the twin towers brought humungous pain to America.

September 11 attacks | History, Summary, Timeline, Casualties, & Facts |  Britannica

The attack on the twin tower not just did human loss but it had a devastating effect on the economy of the country. You know that if America’s economy is hurt, that automatically hits the world economy. Suddenly there was a rage of anger and fear. Americans didn’t expect such an attack. But they had to give it back, although it’s their seed which grew so strong that it hit with its branches.

After such a ghastly attack by Al-Qaeda, the American government ordered immediate war on terror and sent thousands of troops to Afghanistan to capture the perpetrators. Taliban was blamed for their support to Al-Qaeda and Americans desperately pushed the Talibans out of Afghanistan. But unfortunately, Talibans never left Afghanistan. There were continuous efforts by US Troops to push away the terror outfit Taliban. But it was just not possible.

There is no true friend – A random foreign diplomat….

Afghanistan’s Taliban was losing the ground? No, they found new friends in the form of Russia, China and anyways they have a true friend in Pakistan. With the help of the enemies of America, the allies of the Taliban, the fighters found new weapons and more funds. They would silently pick up the people out of the blue and slaughter. Journalists, foreigners especially Americans saw maximum deaths by Talibans.

The US has no feasible strategy to protect its diplomats in Afghanistan |  ORF

The last time the Taliban ruled the nation for 5 years was from 1996 to 2001. A dark phase for every Afghan citizen. Women were tortured mentally, raped physically and used. Men were forced to join the Taliban army. There was no freedom and no sunshine. All that the Afghans wanted was peace, love and food to eat. Even the food from the United Nations was rejected and not allowed to enter the Nation. Everyone waited for the new dawn and somehow the US Troops invasion in 2001 helped in bringing down the Taliban. Let me say things again, just bring them down but not eliminate them.

India found a friend in Afghans, but one friend ‘Ghani’ came out to be Corrupt!

In all probability, the Taliban will bring back the rule that they enjoyed in the 5 years from 1996 to 2001. There are statements made by the Taliban of maintaining peace and upholding the rights of the people. But the close watchers of Afghanistan and the Taliban lifestyle don’t have even a 1% belief.  President Ashraf Ghani has allegedly fled the country with dollars filled in his cars and chopper. While his tweets say he left only to avoid bloodshed, the timing doesn’t match to what he says. Reports do suggest that everything was pre-planned.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan feels the slavery has finally ended and the Taliban rule is the welcome thing. China is happy and extends a friendly hand to welcome the Taliban. Russia says the Taliban is good, Kabul much better under the Taliban. President Joe Biden said America’s mission is just a few days away from being accomplished.

Coward': Afghan social media angry as Prez Ashraf Ghani flees amid chaos |  World News - Hindustan Times

But, the real trouble in all this is for India. India was never a party to this battle since the beginning. India did enter the Afghanistan territory only to support them and gifted them a parliament building. An Afghan-India friendship dam was another effort by India to tighten the relationship with the neighbours. Everything that India did was to extend friendship which the Taliban appreciates on paper. But they have also made it clear that they wouldn’t like India entering into issues of Afghanistan which will soon be the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan!!

The future is very uncertain for both the people of Afghanistan, the relationship between India and Afghanistan.

India will certainly have to be on its toes. We now have added an enemy in the form of the Taliban. Pakistan, the Taliban and China are all together and pose a real danger for India. To conclude though, the ever optimist person in me sees this moving in the direction of making India a superpower!!

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The Indian contingent at the Olympics performed their best and won the highest number of medals!!

One can say it was a successful campaign for India at Tokyo 2020. Especially after the kind of performances given by the Indian contingent in almost every game barring one or two huge disappointments. The hunt for ‘Olympic Gold’ finally came to an end after 13 long years. Thanks to Neeraj’s heroic javelin throw of 87.58 metres. Indian hockey team both Men and Women played exceptionally. While the Men’s team clinched Bronze if not Gold, the Women’s team just missed by a whisker in winning Bronze. We must note that India sent its highest ever contingent to the summer games. A total of 124 athletes participated in 18 sports. Whereas there are a totally of 33 sports. We can conclude here that India couldn’t participate in 15 sports.

We have been celebrating the success of a handful of athletes for the last few days. No doubt this achievement by the Indian contingent calls for celebration. But it also calls for introspection like never before. Right when the games were still on, we have heard controversies on multiple sides. Much was expected from Archery and Shooting. But both sports didn’t even win a medal and there were issues discussed. Table Tennis player Manika Batra was refused to have a coach by her side. Celebrations are good, what about introspection? Olympics is never an easy stage to win medals. Having said that, it’s not impossible to win medals. When the countries like China, USA, Japan and UK can win medals. India can win too.

But will India win the number of medals that the Americans, Chinese or Japanese win?

As per me,  the journey towards winning medals is composed of ‘economy’ and ‘psychology’. Yes, these are the subjects and more importantly social sciences. The economic status of the country is a vital aspect as it leads the people in participating or not participating in sports. A better economic state of the country will push funds in various departments. Be it health, sports, education etc. The expenditure on sports, education is directly proportionate to the number of athletes produced by the country. In the case of the USA, Japan, China and the other European nations, the sports expenditure by the respective countries is high. This is not the case with India. India stands as the 6th largest economy in the world. Going by that variable, India should finish in the top 20. This after considering India’s not so diverse sporting culture. That also doesn’t seem to be happening… good news is that India finished at the 48th position. India’s best finish in 41 years…

Tokyo Olympics 2020 HIGHLIGHTS Day 16 Score Neeraj Chopra Gold Medal  Bajrang Aditi Olympics Medal Tally Watch Tokyo Olympics Stream Match  SONYLIV JIO

Now will increasing the sports and education expenditure increase the number of top athletes? Maybe not. This is where the other subject ‘psychology’ comes into the picture. Yes, money is the need of the hour for India to better its performance. Equally or maybe slighter highly important is the mindset of the athletes and the ones who train the athletes. Above everyone, the mindset of the nation’s people has to be corrected. Even today in 100 parents, 90 parents will not be ‘okay’ to send their kids to choose sports as their career. That may sound harsh but parents behave in certain ways because they have seen life. Because one among those parents always wanted to be a sportsperson but managed to do ‘nothing’. Nothing not because he or she was incapable but because the ‘incapables’ are judging the ‘capable’.

A change in the mindset will do a world of good for India and its chances in Paris 2024

There is no shortcut to success and it’s close to a miracle to ask India to win 30+ medals in the next Olympic games. But as they say, if there is a right vision and set goals, the job is half done. Unfortunately, India lacks just that. Aditi Ashok was not known to 99.9% of Indians till the last round of the golf event. Come the last day maybe 10% of Indians got acquainted with her name and the game she plays. There are multiple issues with the country but there is high potential for quick growth. Both in terms of economic growth and Olympic growth.

Incredible India needs visionary leadership. A path-breaking step that can cut down the corruption in sports. Better infrastructure and the unexplained love for cricket. The day India moves out of being obsessed with Cricket and participates in every sport is when we will see more Olympians who are medal winners. There has to be grass-root level changes in every sport. Pick the right talent, scout for the best players no matter what’s their background. Another thing that India must change is to treat ‘sports’ as entertainment or ‘time pass’ activity. There’s a lot to change and all that can change with one small change. A vision, a leader who is a true partisan of sporting culture…

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My COVID19 vaccination experience and why is it important to get jabbed!

Its someone who’s playing hide & seek,

Covid19 is the name,

By following rules, we can end the game!

Mask up & sanitize being so wise,

So that you are safe health-wise,

We may be 18+ or 45+,

Vaccination is the only +,

Which can make it 100+!

We have to fight the enemy untold,

Make sure you stand bold,

We wandered lonely as a cloud,

Let us wanderlust soon with the crowd!

Covid19 is the name,

By following rules, we can end the game!

I took the drive to the vaccination drive,

Took the vaccine and drove back to my cave.

Covaxin is the vaccine’s name,

Thus, I took a step to end the game!


But Make Sure You JAB it!!

Covid-19 is the name!

By following rules, we can end the game!!

COVID19, a virus that emerged from China made an entry into our land in the early 2020s. We didn’t know its complications and the entire health sector got involved in finding out its whereabouts. We were forced to follow something unimaginable in India. Social Distancing, Masking and Sanitizing!

The bigger issue was to stay in our homes thanks to Lockdown in the entire nation. Everything seemed normal during the first lockdown in 2020  as the number of cases reported were lower. But as soon as lockdown got lifted, the cases number had gone up rapidly only to reach its peak at 90,000 plus cases per day. Thankfully the first lockdown helped us to be prepared and manage but the second wave came out of nowhere.

Even though there were signs of it, the wave was so strong that the caseload went to 4 lakhs plus within days, leaving out the shortages that the country faced which were inevitable, the good news was the approval of the vaccine. The vaccine was the most awaited event and it is still the biggest hope to get rid of the life-threatening Covid19. All the efforts of the scientists and health workers helped in developing vaccine much earlier than expected and today we have multiple candidates ready to get administered to the people…

Why Vaccine is important to defeat the virus?

The human body is not new to experiencing virus infections. Even before COVID19, our body was prone to different bacteria and virus but the saviour was the body itself. For example, we would never allow a stranger to come and stay in our home for a random purpose, we will do everything to stop the person from entering our home. But when we know that person, we accept him. Similarly, several viruses have entered into the human body and the body has found ways to accept them and fight them when required. But COVID19 is a stranger and the body is not willing to accept Corona Virus to find its place, a tough battle gets erupted and ultimately the Virus takes control and damages the body.

If the body has to control the virus, the solution is to get vaccinated. Because vaccine takes the trainer role in our body and trains the immune system to fight this virus. The much-required antibodies to defeat the virus are generated in the body. That’s how anyone on this planet and all those who are humans can defeat this virus.

If not for yourself, get the jab for your people!

Yes, the vaccine is the only way to save our lives and keep the vaccine away. But is that all? There is more…

Father is the hero of your life, but you are his hero. He doesn’t want to miss the chance of seeing you achieve great things in life and make him proud. Mother is that one person who’s by you for everything and wants only the best for you. She’s always thinking of making your favourite dishes and feeding you. Your elder brother is desperate to see you grow in life and wants to mentor you throughout. Little sister is just waiting for the chance to irritate and irk you every single time. All those festivals you celebrate and the memories that you create with family are priceless and nothing can match the joy of living in a happy family…

Understand, the vaccine that you have taken or will be taking is not just for yourself but for everyone who’s connected to you. Whether it is your family, friends, colleagues and even for that matter the country. There’s a lot of negativity around the vaccine. The vaccine hesitancy, the fights and whatnot. But that cant’ change the outcome of you infecting to COVID virus. But getting the jab will bring a change.

Do not hesitate, cherish this experience of getting vaccinated because pandemics don’t happen regularly and you won’t experience it again. So, rush to the nearest vaccination centre and get vaccinated to win the battle against the COVID19…

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Why should you learn the concept ‘Prāyaścitta? Because it’s not punishment, its realization!

There was a time a year ago during pandemic and lockdown I used to write a lot about Vedas and the Indian rich heritage of the past. For some time now, I had taken a small break. Now, this week am coming back to ancient Indian culture again. Bharat is not just a country; it is an idea of life. A very important component of that idea of life is how people look at their mistakes. It explains a lot about their way of life during those times!

‘Prayascitta’ – a word that terrifies you when you hear it every time.

For a long time, this word is referred to as a negative one. Anyone who utters it will be seen as someone who had committed an unacceptable mistake and he or she has to be punished. Prayascitta is one of the most misunderstood words today. Many of us think that Prayascitta is punishment for the sins they committed.  That’s not the truth. It is a process of penance by the person after the realisation of his or her mistake.

A mistake doesn’t mean sin and a mistake is always not a wrong thing.

Firstly, the feeling of negativity around the word Prayascitta should be erased from our heads. We need to connect Prayascitta to a positive feeling. Let me first define what is a mistake. Mistake as per the dictionary is something that’s done in a wrong way but not wilfully. It’s an act that happens out of misguiding or misjudging or miscommunication. So, whenever you make a mistake there’s no reason to feel sad or broken rather you have to realise and correct it by doing something right.

हिन्दू धर्म में प्रायश्चित कैसे किया जाता है?

The definition of mistake is completely different from person to person. Moreover, a person who believes in the concept of ‘Dharma’ has to approach mistake in an entirely different manner. Those who don’t follow ‘Dharma’ have a different approach towards mistakes. The keyword here is Dharma. In one of the older posts, I had explained the ‘Dharma’ of an individual according to stages of life.

Some stubborn individuals don’t accept their mistake and remain rigid. For such kind of people explaining about the penance or Prayascitta is a complete waste of time. Then there are the second set of people, who are desperate to repair their mistakes for the sake of benefits. They like the idea of penance because they want results out of it. All those who are visiting temples intending to strike a deal with God & those who listen to fake Babas and Pandits fall in that category. In the least percentage, we get to see people, who are genuinely hurt by the mistakes they committed and would want to correct them not expecting any result but with a complete realisation of their mistakes with a will to correct them.

Taking an example from stages of life as per Dharma.

As per Vedas i.e., Dharma, the first stage of life of an individual is called Brahmacharya. During the Brahmacharya, you are expected to meet all the obligations as a learner and fulfil the duties of a student. But in modern society, due to the influence of the entertainment and movie industry, there is a high chance of getting deviated from the goals of brahmacharya. Many of those who deviate from their goals will never know why they failed. A few understand the real reason but can’t accept the fact.

Suppose you are in a close relationship with a person of the opposite gender that led to a certain degree of neglect in studies. You pass the exams but don’t score well. You fail the exam and still go onto have a good life. There can be multiple scenarios. Whatever may be the result of your action i.e, ‘Karma’ during your learning days, you are expected to do prayascitta for the unwanted deviations you have welcomed.

Buddha, Sangha & Dharma

Don’t ever think that your friendship was wrong, having fun was wrong or for that matter getting into a relationship was wrong. The rules made as per the Vedas are clear and strict. It is normal to see people breaking the rules of the dharma and going against it. Whether you do it wilfully or unintentionally, you have been given a golden chance to course correct it. If you are open and ready to accept go for it and do prayascitta. Otherwise, you have to carry the bundle of bad Karma throughout your life. This is the price you pay for not following your dharma of a brahmacharya.

A wise person will accept his or her mistakes and naturally go on to the route of Prayascitta. Prayascitta is not giving huge donations, buying ornaments to God or pujaris. It is a practice with oneself connected to God. When you understand the whole definition of God, you automatically don’t look at the materialistic ways of correcting your mistakes.

Following are the examples of prayascitta:

  • Fasting
  • Going on a pilgrimage
  • Vrathas (Poojas)
  • Yagna

These are the only ways of practising prayascitta. There are more methods, but it is purely scenario-based and case-based.

Remember, Karma is inevitable & Dharma is impeccable. So just follow your Dharma by collecting as much positive Karma. Positive karma will make your life smooth and bless you with an abundance of happiness both spiritually and physically.

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Why do Human relations fail? the connection of souls is a reason!

Of all the topics I discussed before, the topic I have chosen to speak on today is the most sensitive. Unlike many, I will want to look at Human Relations a little differently, with spirituality added to relations. We are Human beings. The one’s who can write, talk, explain, express, discuss, debate, argue, laugh, love and live life the way we want. All because at the moment ‘Humans’ are the most advanced creatures to be alive on this earth. When will this change? Only the creator & destroyer will decide together. But till that moment time, we are here.

We are here not just as one, but as two. No, I am not talking about our partner here. It’s the relationship between our soul and the body. Those who believe in multiple births and the Vedas must be knowing that the body is all but nothing just a support to the soul. Whereas the soul is the master of your life.

Wait, who are the soulmates then? Long ago I read a quote somewhere written by an anonymous person, who said soulmates are not always the partners. It can be friends, parents, and anyone who helps you in attaining your soul’s purpose. When probed further, I got a similar answer and this time with complete sense.

The purpose of life is the driving force for everyone in this world. Nobody in this world is left with no purpose. Think deeply, having no purpose itself is a purpose in life. When you find hardworking people, he or she has a purpose. When someone is lazy and always resting, he or she also has a purpose. Relaxedly look around you and see in your family, friends and society. Find those who are happy and those who are depressed from inside. Those who are happy can fulfil the purpose of their life because they found the right person. While the sad ones are still finding the purpose or have found the purpose but the not right person to fulfil it. The right person here automatically refers to the right soul which means right soulmate.

Humans are born with emotions but not with emotional intelligence. We have gone so much ahead in technology and found out many ways of keeping ourselves happy. It may be movies, sports, games, trekking, working, earning and so on. Everyone has a different method of keeping themselves happy. But all these are momentary and lasts for that moment. Real happiness is achieved when you are en route to fulfilling your purpose in life. Mind you, the purpose of life is not to get into meditation or renunciation. It is just one of the methods.

Let me explain how to connect this to Human relations and also tell you why they fail…

The point I am trying to make here is when you don’t see things working with the other person, it’s not just because of the relations with the body but also with the soul. If you are happy with the person you have in life, then automatically it says you found the right soul. Because it’s not you or the opposite person who makes the decision but it’s the soul who decides. You might dream of many people in life but ultimately you will end up with those whom your soul decides or you may not find that person at all and you might have to wait for the next birth. The person may be beautiful, may not be beautiful but he or she will surely help you in your progress.

Another thing to keep in mind, there are wrong decisions that are made by the soul too. If that happens, you move out and find the right soul. It will not be respected by society but that’s the way to do it. Apart from the soul reasons, there are human reasons which have a higher stake in spoiling human relations. These are applicable in those relations which have found a stake in human relations. Concerning the incompatible soul, the relationship dies on its own. But the human relations with the right soul will need to be maintained. Because those relations only take you forward and help you in your purpose.

In such relations, two things require complete attention. They are Trust and Faith. Trust will bring the aspect of well-being. Well-being refers to taking the responsibility of the other person and keeping them content. Whereas ‘Faith’ will add honesty in the relation. When you have faith in the other person and the opposite person has the same in you, the execution becomes easier. Execution is equally important because after having trust, the next step is to make the person feel your presence and fulfil your responsibility.

Believe that if the connections that you have are soulful, they will never break. But if there is no soul connection it’s difficult to hold on.

Also, Life is complex say many, life is easy but we make it complex is my belief. You can borrow my belief because that’s the best way to look at life, again as per me.