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Gold – India’s dream run for first Olympic Gold as a free nation! #Gold #MovieReview

Gold – India’s dream run for first Olympic Gold as a free nation!

Cast: Director: Reema Kagiti, Akshay Kumar as Tapan Das,  Mouni Roy as Monobina Das, Kunal Kapoor as Samrat, Amit Sadh, Vicky Kaushal and others as Players. Produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani.

Firstly, it was after a long time that I had gone to watch movie with my good friend with whom I usually used to watch every Akshay Kumar movie. GOLD is a wonderful experience for someone who would want to go back and ride the history of Indian hockey and its glorious days. This movie tells us many things and gives us some valuable lessons to learn and inculcate. No better day than Independence day to release this movie, producers are indeed nearing towards profit mark. As usual this time also I will give the short summary of the movie and my takeaways from this movie. Yes, understandably there are misrepresentation of facts as its only movie trying to depict the history.


It was the 1936 Olympics and it’s the host nation Germany vs India (British India) in the finals of Hockey for Gold Medal. Indian players are representing the British team and are in furious mood as then German leader Adolf Hitler had spoken ill about India and Indians didn’t like. All players show their dissent right from the beginning of the match and they take revenge by thrashing the German Team and take home the Gold Medal. It was not just the medal but it was also the love of the German fans that India had won. But what’s more important for Indian players was all the credit goes to British and the National Anthem played is British. This was the moment where Indian Captain Samrat and the manager Tapan Das (AK) dream something very big and that is to see India win Hockey Gold as a free nation. This is the actual start to the movie and movie shows how Tapan Das the manager of Indian Hockey Team who is a gambler, drunkard and not so very well-behaved person shows complete dedication and massive respect towards the game of Hockey.

It was the 1936 Olympics and it’s the host nation Germany vs India (British India) in the finals of Hockey for Gold Medal. Indian players are representing the British team and are in furious mood as then German leader Adolf Hitler had spoken ill about India and Indians didn’t like. All players show their dissent right from the beginning of the match and they take revenge by thrashing the German Team and take home the Gold Medal. It was not just the medal but it was also the love of the German fans that India had won. But what’s more important for Indian players was all the credit goes to British and the National Anthem played is British. This was the moment where Indian Captain Samrat and the manager Tapan Das (AK) dream something very big and that is to see India win Hockey Gold as a free nation. This is the actual start to the movie and movie shows how Tapan Das the manager of Indian Hockey Team who is a gambler, drunkard and not so very well-behaved person shows complete dedication and massive respect towards the game of Hockey.

Olympics get cancelled in 1940 and 1944 and only in the year 1948 the Olympics return at London and Tapan Das is super excited about this news. Someone who spent 12 years without any meaning had actually found that his big dream is now not far away and he needs to get the team ready. This part of the movie is the awe-inspiring act by Tapan Das who creates a team scouting all around the Country. But partition of 1947 takes away everything, including his captain and four players who decide to go to Pakistan and few Foreigners decide to go back to their homeland. He is left with only a handful Indians. As he was about to give up Samrat re-surfaces and rejuvenates Tapan Das to pursue his dream of building a team.

This story of rebuilding the team and creating remarkable players who go on to defeat the mighty British team in their home land in the 1948 Olympics and to take the revenge of 200 years of rule was a treat to watch. Sure you would feel the Goosebumps multiple times in the Movie.

My takeaways for you from the Movie:

Not taking it further, every movie teaches us something and this movie gives us a simple yet most powerful lesson to learn and that is to be united, believing and committed to the Dream. Yes it’s the Dream that’s much bigger than anything else. You dream and only then you will be able to work towards it and accomplish it. Unfortunately, we have many people who are full of Dreams but no support and that’s where the factor of belief comes. The last time India won a hockey gold was in 1980. That is almost 38 years ago! It’s not that winning is not in the minds of the present players but what lacks in them is the ‘Dream’ that a Winning team needs. There will be obstacles which are there to spoil the Dream and they come in the form of Politics, Ego and Jealousy both in the players and in the Management. If we learn to manage them well, we will see many Golds coming to India, not just the hockey but in all other games as well…. Gold is just a reminder to the 130 Cr Indians of what they can do, if they dream, believe and chase the dream!!!

102-Not Out #AmitabhBachchan #RishiKapoor  

102-Not Out #AmitabhBachchan #RishiKapoor

In today’s Tuesday post, I will in my own style I will be taking you through a very different movie that is made this year.

Lead Characters:
  1. Dattatreya Vakharia – Amitabh Bachchan
  2. Babulal – Rishi Kapoor
  3. Dhiru – Jimit Trivedi

Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of Dattatreya a 102-year-old father of 75-year-old Babulal. Dattatreya wants to send his son Babulal to an old age home because he wants to become the longest living human being on the earth and wants to break the world record of 118 years held by a Chinese man. He feels that his son’s seriousness and over disciplined nature will be of no help. He thus wants his son to leave him alone and let him enjoy life. This is not the story but it’s the story that Dattatreya creates to teach a lesson to his Son. Why that story gets created is what I leave it to ‘Theatres’ to answer. But that reason for which Dattatreya takes a drastic step is only to make his son stronger and keep him away from his son ‘Amol’. Amol is Babulal’s son who works in America and rarely writes letters to Babulal ending it with ‘I hope you Understand Papa’. This is the point on which Directory wanted to stress on.


This Story that is chosen by the director is definitely a unique one. The title of the movie itself has added lot of weight to the movie. Adding more weight is the terrific combination of Amitabh and Rishi Kapoor. Like any other film this film is also riding on the relationships, but in much different way. It’s not any other Love story. This movie moves around the bond between two people who are 102 and 75. It’s a very hard-hitting movie that speaks and deliver messages to those who outrightly disrespect parents. The points raised in the movie aren’t so easily taken. If it was any other actor, may be movie would’ve not had this great run on Box Office. This Movie is minus songs, romance and action sequences and is only based on pure chemistry. The chemistry between Amitabh and Rishi Kapoor is outstanding and everlasting.

Learnings from the Movie:

Every movie teaches us something and what we only lack is the approach. Approach becomes important because that is what feeds the message to out brain.

It is amazing to see that parents love their kids and kids love their parents. But only for certain period of time. This movie talks about how a kid’s love decreases and the parents love increases over the time.  We get blinded in the Love that we don’t listen to anyone’s words and we become emotionally attached to that person. May it be father and Son or Mother and Son. Relationships are emotional but they shouldn’t be so much that you get blinded in them. Through this movie director asks us to open eyes and look at the world.  If your Son is so busy that he doesn’t have time for your needs then you need to stay strong and as well teach him/her lesson rather than “beg things” from him.

October Movie Review – Varun Dhawan

Life in its colors of October….foggy, misty and filled with melancholy. That sums up October for you. All is well when the film opens. Its a story of Dan played by Varun and Shiuli played by new comer Banita Sandhu. You might have found the name shiuli strange, but its a flower’s name. Shiuli is a flower that blossoms only in October, when winters are about to set it. Its a flower belonging to Jasmine family, that has an amazing aroma and which blossoms at the desk and falls off by dawn.

Dan is a brat and Shiuli responsible, they have no connection whatsoever until something strange and unexpected happens. What happens throws both their lives completely out of gear and as the story unfolds you will feel as if you are watching some real life characters around you. October is not for those who want to go out and enjoy a sunday afternoon movie. It is for those who wants to contemplate life and understand its truest colors through the eyes of Shoojit Sircar who gave us Vicky Donor and Piku. Both the movies had a comic touch in circumstances which are comical, but October has a comic touch to Dan’s character in a melancholy.
Love is not about running around trees and holding hands. Its not about taking selfies are gifting things, its all about just about being there. The entire movie runs on the dialogue “where is dan” that Shiuli asks and Dan taking it as the expression of love from her side. Circumstances build up in such a way that during the entire movie he tries to find out why she asked the question and by the time he gets the answer, life shows an altogether different color. Love and life play hide and seek with you while you are watching the movie, and when you discover that love is moving towards its destination, life reveals its own plans. What does a human do when life has things that he doesn’t want to take? Dan faces this question in each and every scene and the final answer he gives is, he embraces life! When you embrace life, you wont complain what it gives you.
Performances wise Varun Dhawan is superlative and delivers his role to perfection. Banita Sandhu delivers her portions extremely well. All the other characters fit in perfectly and under less than 2 hours without any songs to disturb you, this movie is an absolute delight to watch. At the end of the movie you would shed a tear or two for the protagonists. You would surely want to be left alone after the movie to look at life and the uncertainties associated with it. I would rate it 4 on 5 for the sincerity surrounding it. Go watch if you want to see “Life” in action!

A mammoth 16,347.5 crores bid for IPL Media Rights by Star Sports! Will they Earn it Back?

In today’s Tuesday post am going to talk about how STAR after spending 16,347.5 Crores to buy the TV rights for IPL is going to make profit.
How are they going to earn that money back?

We Indians are Cricket Crazy and the Craziness has gone to another Level in last 10 years courtesy IPL. IPL has brought so many changes to the game, introduced new players, made careers, had its own share of controversies and much more. Not just the careers to aspiring cricketers but also many other jobs in branding, promotions, sales, advertising event management etc. There is so much money in the game, so much that the latest broadcasting rights cost of 16,347.5 crores bid by Star Sports which is roughly 2.55 billon dollars is more than at least 10 countries GDP put together. Brand IPL has become part of every Indian’s lifestyle. People are mad about this sport and wait eagerly for Summer. So much money is involved!

Money Money Money!

If you look into the Money part, the total IPL Broadcasting charges are 16,347.5 for 5 years and for each year it comes to 3,276 crores. With 60 matches happening every season the cost per match is coming to 54.6 crores. That means each day Star Sports has to earn above 54.6 crores to make profits. On a day when there are two matches scheduled Star has to earn more than 100 crores. Earning more than 100 crores in the weekend and 55 crores on weekdays is nothing short of a Bahubali task.

Will Star Sports earn this much or have they got themselves into trouble by over bidding?

Firstly the 16,347.5 crores are not just for Indian Sub-Continent but it’s a global contract that Star Sports had bagged. They include TV, Digital, Internet in all the countries. The major source of income though is the ad revenue that the broadcaster generates. Ad revenues are calculated on the basis of pulse rates.

Pulse is a 10 sec time slot for an advertisement. Star Sports is charging around 8.5-9 lakhs per 10 seconds. That means a Reliance Jio ad that comes for 30 seconds costs roughly 25.5 lakh per insertion. Which means a minute ad will give Star Sports 51 lakhs and if we calculate this way we get to see minimum of 40 mins of ads Star will earn 20 crores. Last year the ad revenue was recorded as 1300 crore and this time it is expected to be 1600-1700 crore. STAR has roped in 11 sponsors for IPL apart from many other advertisers for airing the advertisements. Spinsors pay more money and are committed to advertise a certain number of times compulsorily.

11 sponsoring companies that have signed the deal for IPL
  1. VIVO- Title and on ground
  2. Kent
  3. Parle
  4. Elica Kitchens
  5. Dream 11
  6. Polycab Wires
  7. Vodafone
  8. Airtel
  9. Reliance Jio
  10. Coca Cola
  11. Future Consumer

Last year IPL was shown only on 4 channels but this year it has gone up to 10 channels in India. IPL this year will be available in 6 languages that includes English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Kannada. With these 10 channels and 6 languages STAR is aiming to have a 350 billion minutes of broadcast time this year and a total reach of 70 Crore. Yes, 70 Crore people will be targeted this year through Digital and TV platforms compared to 55 Crores in 2017 and 36 Crore in 2016! This is a rapid jump in number and that is why the advertisements as well as the cost of advertisements is more this year compared to any other year.

Following are the 10 channels where IPL matches are shown live.
  1. Star sports 1 (English)
  2. Star sports 1 HD (English)
  3. Star Sports Select 1 (English)
  4. Star Sports Select 1 HD (English)
  5. Maa Movies (Telugu)
  6. Star Sports 1 Hindi (Hindi)
  7. Star Sports 1 Hindi HD (Hindi)
  8. Star Sports 1 Tamil (Tamil)
  9. Suvarna Plus (Kannada)
  10. Jalsha Movies (Bengali)
The other part of revenue generation for STAR is from the Digital Medium!

The official digital media of Star Sports is Hotstar. Hot Star last year had total viewership of to 500millon and is projected to reach 700 million this year for all the matches. This is another big source of revenue as people subscribe for the live streaming which is at 299 rupees presently. Apart from subscriptions, ad revenues are also generated on digital media which runs into crores. Even if we take minimum addition of 25 lakh subscribers the amount goes to 747 crores. Now you know how the money that is pumped in by Star Sports is huge and the break even looks tall, it is actually not. It’s a Gold mine and that is why as many as 24 companies bid for IPL rights.

Here are the other few statistics from IPL 2017 that will interest you!
  • No of people who searched for IPL are 6 crores – IPL 2017
  • 1cr 84 lakh 44 thousand Facebook comments

Engagement factor – Number of times people searched

  1. Mumbai Indians – 1 cr 84lakh
  2. RCB – 1 crore
  3. SRH – 69 lakhs
  4. DD – 41 Lakhs

Highest number of social media groups

  1. RCB 5 lakh 10 thousand
  2. SRH 4 lakh 32 thousand
  3. MI 2 lakh 98 thousand
Most valued players
  1. Virat Kohli
  2. MSD
  3. Yuvi
  4. Ashwin
  5. Rohit Sharma

With so much riding on IPL, let’s see if STAR will be able to collected 54.6 Crore per match and break even or fall short of the target. All the matches are generating lot of excitement and let’s hope that this season breaks all the records and sets stage for a bigger and better IPL season next year!

For now, sit back and enjoy the matches and don’t forget to watch the advertisements in between because they are the ones which are running this IPL!!!

PadMan Movie Review – India’s Super Man does the unthinkable!

Not just a Man; He is a Super Man from India and he is the Pad Man!

I would want not to attach any adjectives to this movie and describe it because it means I am restricting this movie to that one particular excellent, marvelous etc. word. Instead I would say this is a PadMan Movie. But this way you might not understand. So, let me take you to the India’s Superhero Arunachalam Muruganantham’s true story which has changed the lives of many Women in the country and certainly outside the country as well. Movies like this should not be seen from Box Office point of view or awards point of view. It’s a problem, it’s a beautiful story and most importantly it’s a message that’s getting delivered through this movie!

Menstrual Hygiene

Menstrual Hygiene has been a big taboo in our country and isn’t getting the required treatment. People in the family believe that it is the Girl’s problem and never put their head into it. Rightly so, because if you try to get into it you are surely welcoming big trouble. Exactly the same thing Laxmi (Akshay) in this movie faces. He faces insult and pain while his motive was only to make the life easy for the Women members of his house. He struggles hard in this process and does everything possible to make sanitary pads at lower cost but, he does succeed in finally but in doing so he loses his family’s support.  There is a pinch of comedy in this movie which makes you feel the comedy side of Akshay. Concerned on the menstrual hygiene this movie may not go well with the rural India.

Toilet Ek Prem Katha was not a very different story but was well accepted because of the comedy angle present in it. PadMan though is little serious movie trying to deliver the message and need for menstrual hygiene. Issue being very sensitive its going to be really tough for the movie to make it to box office records, only time will tell.

About the Story

First half of the movie is well pictured around the rural parts of Madhya Pradesh and gives the village feel. It shows rural India’s mindset to menstrual hygiene which is something that’s never spoken. Wait, I would not be wrong if I say that many of the lower middle class and middle class Urban India also sees menstrual hygiene as a big taboo. This is a movie packed with boldness and needed to be very serious. The pace of the movie suddenly picks up with the entry of Sonam Kapoor as Pari. The pace doubles from the time he moves out of the town in search of Making Low Cost Sanitary pads. A kid helping him with google study feeds him with required information and he starts off his mission. His innovation ‘Sanitary Machine’ creates history and catches eyes of many big organizations making him famous person.

Biggest hit of this movie is though the 9-minute-long monologue(speech) that keeps you awestruck. He speaks on his journey and the troubles he had to jump off to win the battle. He then makes some points regarding the Menstrual Hygiene and its effect on the Women. A speech more filled with pain, passion and achievement. I wont say much because, you should listen to them directly than read it here.

My View:

Movie is a big revolution that has been undertaken by all of the cast. Akshay Kumar, Radhika Apte, Sonam Kapoor, R Balki and Twinkle Khanna. Everyone is to be praised for their outlasting performances as actors. As individuals they need to be taken as example. In our daily lives there are people who don’t just care for the women’s problems but pass comments too. It is not because its girl’s problem that girls don’t come forward but it’s because boys don’t understand it. When a Girl/Women complains of problems you need to be sensitive enough to understand and act. Rather we derive judgement and pass on comments. I urge people to not just watch this movie but take is personally and feel the pain of the women. Or this movie will also become just another movie like just another weekend!

India’s U19 World Cup triumph 2018!

India’s U19 World Cup triumph!

India and Cricket are inseparable and so are the U19 World Cup Victories and Indian Cricket Team. Indian team today defeated the Australians to capture the 4th title which makes India the most successful team in the history, playing 6 finals overall. This team has showed the world the true champion spirit and have won every match on the road to championship. I would want to specifically talk about few points in this celebratory write up of India’s Victory.


Firstly, in whole of Tournament India U19 team never looked in pressure, did not face any tough situations or were criticized by any expert on their play. They had smooth game plan and executed them fantastically to reach the top of the world and that too as an undefeated team.

Second, Master class stroke play, high quality fielding and clever bowling is must for any team to win. India had all of them in the bank and that’s the reason we have seen tremendous fast bowling, quick fielding and fearless batting. Indian team in this tournament has rarely seen any misfields or any missed chances. What matters most though is the discipline that a player has towards his game and that makes him a valuable player. For example, we have Unmukt Chand (2014) the captain of Winning Indian team in 2014 tournament held in Australia. Plus none of the team members of the 2012 World Cup winning team are playing for Indian team today, even after 6 years.

India team this time has produced some skillful players and those who can be a superb addition to the India’s Future. Prithvi Shaw is already compared to the Great Tendulkar, Shubman Gill, Manjot Kalra, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Ishan, Anukul, Shiva, Mavi and many more. Almost all the 11 players have been extremely disciplined and showed class on the given day. I certainly don’t doubt the capability of the players and the discipline that they possess and will see most of them play for the senior team.

Nothing has changed in the players dedication levels of different winning teams but the deciding factor is the Coach. Coach is the one who doesn’t just look at the short-term goal of winning the trophy but also looks at long term results. That’s the major difference between the different coaches in this World Cup. What Rahul Dravid has done to the team is something that no coach in this era would’ve done. He has not only given them the required skill but also the patience and moral boost. His ideals would be imprinted in the minds of the players. We must not forget they are U19 and a bunch of teenagers. It is very hard to manage the boys of that age and he has done it successfully and turned them from Boys to Men. Not taking away the efforts the players have put, it’s always a Coach that builds the team and that is why the big man behind this victory after 6 six years is Rahul Dravid.

I don’t think I can stop speaking about the greatness of the wall of India – Dravid. Very soon these players will represent the respective state teams and few of them will play in IPL. All that they must do is not to lose the respect towards game and that’s the only thing that which will decide their fate. For the time being, everyone including the players and the whole country are basking in the glory of this great win!!!

Padmaavat Movie Review

Padmaavat – Padmavati!

Movie Rating 4.5/5

Perfection, Colossal, Outstanding, Stupendous, Extensive, Attention, Sensible, Rich, Glamorous and lastly Lively.

These are the words that describe the performance of the cast for this humongous movie which will take Indian cinema to newer heights. After Bahubali in the last year another magnum opus has created magic in the minds of people. Not sure about the box office collections but this is a masterful movie without any doubt.

Let me also tell you that this film is not a perfect depiction of history, but the canvas through the eyes of a legend called Sanjay Leela Bansali, who took similar cinematic liberties in his previous from Devdas to Bajirao Mastani.

Talking about the controversy first:

Barring the 5 modifications that have happened not sure what they were, Movie is a representation of rich Rajput culture and their valor. There is absolutely nothing that demeans the Rajput Women’s freedom, culture or respect. It’s the story that will make the land of Rajputs proud. Those who are against the movie for me are the ones who are either less on cash to watch the movie in theatres or doesn’t want the Women to be shown with high esteem.

Otherwise there is no reason why this movie should be banned.

About the cast:

1. Ranveer as Alauddin Khilji is the best of all the three actors arguably because he is the most known character to the people before the movie. Movie shows how Alauddin used to eliminate the history where he is written in bad books. Energy just flows in the body of Ranveer and once again his stunning dance moves, war scenes and dialogue delivery stole the thunder. I might not be wrong if I say that he would be most hated person even though it is just a movie and he played his character.

2. Deepika Padukone as Rani Padmavati of Singhal or Sri Lanka was at her best. Her performance cannot be compared to any other performance of hers or any other actors in recent past. Unbelievable acting and such good chemistry with Shahid Kapoor. Her role was speaking big about the Rajput women culture.

3. Raja Rawal Ratan Singh – The lesser known character of all three to normal public before movie. But in the even with that low attention Shahid Kapoor reached the heights of other two and created a name for himself. In movies to make most of nothing isn’t easy and Shahid did it superbly.

About the talk in the public:

1. Movie is dragging: It cannot be called as dragging or boring movie is because it is a historic movie which must be shown in detail. There should be clear understanding of the events. All I can say is you cannot have a Test Match played for 2 days and in the same way this movie cannot be a movie like any other fast-moving movie.

2. Movie glorifies the Jauhar unwantedly: You are watching a movie of 13th century and that’s how the practices were followed those time. It is not a forceful action, but a willful action committed by Rajput Women.

I would say this is the best movie of 2018 till now, but I doubt you will see any better movie in the coming days. I would urge all the people to respect the Rajput Culture right way which is what the Sanjay Leela Bhansali has done. Do not listen to Gundas and Senas who are only indulging in protest for their benefits. Watch the movie and you will be thrilled.


Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Review – Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif.

Long 5 years wait for the next part of Ek Tha Tiger is over and it came out as Tiger Zinda hai!

Bollywood has finally seen a big hit this year after thumping victory for Bahubali 2. It is the Muscular Khan who was able to take home a big hit after failed attempt in ‘Tubelight’. It seemed like fans were extremely eager and hungry for one good movie and that was made possible only through RAW and ISI integration. Another reason being the heavy star-studded cast Salman Khan himself, Katrina Kaif, and Paresh Rawal.


Coming to the Story – Evacuation of Nurses kidnapped by the ISIS. This incident happened in the year 2014 which was completely controlled by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in successfully bringing back the 45 Indian nurses stuck in the ISIS hands. This event was weaved with so much drama and action to create a 161-minute spectacle. Movie shows 40 nurses kidnapped of which 25 are Indians and 15 are Pakistanis.

Movie has got everything romance, comedy, love, action and a bit of illogical exaggeration. There are few instances which are not possible to the context. Like India and Pakistan working together on same operation. Yes, over dramatization happens in every movie and we can forgive YRF for taking these cinematic liberties. Apart from that to me the Movie is Must Watch not because of India and Pakistan working together but because there is lot of energy invested which will make you go wow at every scene, especially Salman jumping from one rescue act to another.

Tiger Zinda Hai has surely ‘Swag se Kardiya Sabki Swaagat’!

Economics: Released in 4700 screens with a budget of 150 Crore not including Salman Khan’s fee, the film collected 154 Crore in just 4 days and recovered costs. The film is a huge hit in single screens as well as multiplexes. As it stands this is likely to cross 350 Crore. It may probably be the 1st original Hindi film to cross 400 Crore. Looks like 2017 has ended with a bang for Bollywood!!

India vs South Africa – No time to prepare?

India vs South Africa

This post is the result of the comments made by Virat Kohli on the tight schedule that Indian team is going through. He complained that there are just 2 days available to practice for South Africa series. When we thought all was good, Virat Kohli Team’s captain speaks his unhappiness about scheduling back to back series and no time gap for Bigger Series. BCCI and ICC should’ve done something about this but now it’s too late. With the new Test league coming up let’s hope that that will reduce this unplanned scheduling and give us a prepared and well contested Test Series. That Said, I am very hopeful that India will be able to give their best performance ever in the history India South Africa series.

Will India’s Dream run Continue?

Indian Team is on a roll and things look comfortable to beat the Lankans yet again and complete the Ninth Successive Test Series Win and will continue their dream run of making it 10th Test Series win when they lock horns against South Africa in the New Year. 2018 will kick off with what should be most thrilling and challenging Series in long time for India.  It’s not going to be easy for India to win the series against mighty Africans that too in their Home Turf. To make things harder the series is scheduled not more than 10 days after Sri Lanka series. We are playing Sri Lanka twice in six months once away and now home.

What if the series was limited to only Test Series and have a one month break for the South African Tour.  Sri Lanka series ends on December 24th leaving just 10 days for first test and 4 days before India pack their bags to Dark continent.

Let’s look at the past performance of India in South Africa! 

  • 1992/93  Winner-South Africa        1-0 (4)
  • 1996/97  Winner-South Africa        2-0 (3)
  • 2001/02  Winner-South Africa        1-0 (2)
  • 2006/07  Winner-South Africa        2-1 (3)
  • 2010/11  drawn                               1-1 (3)
  • 2013/14  Winner-South Africa        1-0 (2)

From the history we can see that India could never win a series against South Africans in their backyard. The closest they came was in the year 2010/11 which is best performance managing a draw series. Lights of Sachin, Dravid, VVS Laxman and Zaheer Khan played their part in the Drawn series.

With the thirst of winning first ever series still running high India needs to pick the best squad. Those who are good enough to play in the flat pitches. Bowlers who can hit the deck hard to pick wickets. We have been seeing a good amount of preparation by Pujara and Ashwin by playing English county. But most of the players have either played domestic cricket of International cricket in various formats.

Now all that can happen is resting some key players for the ODI and T20 matches against Lankans and play India A kind of team with them. Separate training camp should be there at least for two weeks from 10th December to 24th December. Every member who is playing in South Africa can be a part of the coaching camp. Then the team can rest for a week before leaving to South Africa after new year!