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Toilet Ek Prem Katha – Review

Toilet Ek Prem katha Review

I watched this movie on Sunday but reviewing it on Tuesday. Two days I took to digest it ( wrong word to use in this context), but it made me to probe deeper and understand the problem that was very nicely portrayed in the movie. Based on the real life story of Anita bai Narre and Shivaram Narre from a small village called Jeetudhana in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh, this story of the film was weaved in Uttar Pradesh between Jaya and Keshav played by Bhumi and Akshay Kumar.

Cinematic liberty demanded a lot of changes in the narration but the basic story was kept intact. Jaya gets married to Keshav, a middle aged manglik after a lot of wooing from his end. That makes the most of the first half very entertaining and light hearted. Things take an ugly turn when Jaya realises that their house doesn’t have a toilet. She demands for a toilet and husband does jugaad. But that doesn’t work and she leaves his house and that’s the interval. The entire second half is on how Keshav with the help of his younger brother Naru moves heaven and earth to construct a “Toilet”.

Very rarely, an issue like toilet which is a small break for anyone is such a big issue. But remember if that small break is not there, we won’t live to see the next day. From centuries when these toilets were not there, people defecate and urinate in open. That was considered to be a common practice. That common practice turned into a culture and then was considered as a part of hygiene. When there were no antibiotics and when communicable diseases used to take away millions of lives, defecation away from the home was considered to be a hygienic thing that kept people away from these diseases. It slowly grew into a cultural thing with religious overtures to it. It got deep rooted from generations into the psyche of people in the rural areas.

Cut to 21st century!

Cut to 21st century, when you have a 2 wheeler, TV, mobile phone at home, but not a toilet! Sounds odd, but its because something which is considered to be unhygienic for generations, you can’t bring it to home overnight! That is the big problem that the film tried to address, using humour as that is the best way to reach and make people to think! These are the days when you have attached western toilets in your homes in urban India, but a common man from a rural India frets at the idea of have a toilet anywhere near his home!


According to NSSO statistics of 2015 nearly 52% of India still goes in “open”. That means, nearly 50 Crore people every morning take “lotaas” and go out. If we compare that with our neighbours just 23% defecate in open in Pakistan and 4% in Bangladesh. Even African countries which are considered backward and poor only 25% of people defecate in open. Swachh bharath has a mission on his its head that by 2nd October 2019, which is the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, India should be free of open defecation.

Final Verdict:

Toilet construction is happening on a brisk pace in last few years with 49.76 lakh toilets built in 2013, 58.54 lakh in 2014, 127.41 lakh in 2015 and 112.01 lakh toilets in 2016. That still leaves nearly 40% of rural areas without toilets. Govt. has allocated 9,000 Crores in 2016-17 year for the construction of the toilets. Another major factor is the sanitation and water supply. Many toilets were constructed but doesn’t have adequate water supply leading to them being abandoned. Nearly 1.39 Crore toilets face this problem of water supply

Toilet ek prem katha is rocking and its well on its way to become the highest ever grosser of Akshay Kumar. It could be the 1st genuine Hindi blockbuster of 2017, the other being Baahubali 2, a telugu film. The film will easily go past 125 Crore and it was made at a budget of 70 Crore. People loved the concept and treatment. They are coming out of theatres laughing and at the same time thinking. Now, this thinking should turn into actions. It is on us to educate the rural masses to develop the habit of using toilets.

We all have our roots in villages. Why not go there and construct a toilet each? Why not educate them and empower them with a evolved thought process which will help them overcome this cultural barrier? Its not like you are donating money to a cause and forgetting about it. Go to your village, educate the people on the usage of toilets and help build a toilet for a household. It’s not just Govt, but all of us have to do our bit to realise the dream of a “open defecation free India” by 2nd October 2019. We just have over 2 years to do it. On this Independence day, lets take this vow of making our India “Clean”. Jai Hind!!!!!

Blues Rockin in Whites!

Comfortable Victory for Team India and it’s yet another series victory for Team India with a match still to go. It is never achieved feat by Team India in Whites as they win the 8th consecutive series under the most promising captain Virat Kohli.

source site Will Virat Kohli become the most successful Indian Captain?

Let us look back at the 8 series victories.

  1. India vs Srilanka series at Srilanka August 2015: India wins 3 match series 2-1.
  2. India vs South Africa in India 2015: India wins 4 match series 3-0
  3. India vs West Indies in West Indies 2016: India wins the 4-match series 2-0
  4. India vs New Zealand in India 2016: India wins the 3-match series 3-0
  5. India vs England in India 2016: India wins the 5-match series 4-0
  6. India vs Bangladesh in India 2017: India wins one off test 1-0
  7. India vs Australia in India 2017: India wins 4 test series 2-1
  8. India vs Srilanka in Srilanka 2017: India wins 3 test series 2-0

India played 26 tests in last 24 months and have won 19 of them, lost 2 and have drawn 5 tests. That is a win record of 73% the highest ever from the time we started playing cricket in 20 or more tests. Is this the best test team in the World? This 8-series win is just one short of the record held by Australian team with 9 series wins. India has played every other test playing nation en route this record streak, except the Arch Rivals Pakistan. India has defeated teams which were in their top form and reached to the top of the table standing now as the champion team. Maybe only Pakistan can stop team India or May be not!

So, what are chances for India to equal or break that record with 10 series wins?

If you see the 8 series wins 3 of them came outside India while 5 came at home. It’s a well-known fact that Indians are tigers at home. Plus, out of the 3 wins abroad, 2 came against Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka and another against West Indies. Both are weak teams and India should not have a problem beating them.

So, what are the next series lined up for India?

India will play a full series with South Africa in South Africa from December 2017 to February 2018 that involves 4 tests. This will be the real test for Indian team and Virat Kohli. A win here means India will create history because after that India will host Sri Lanka in 3 test series and that would be a cake walk. So, the toughest and biggest challenge will be in South Africa and that will put to rest the debate whether Indian team is really the No. 1 test team in the World today!!

Nifty’s road to 10,000

Road to 10,000

Nifty is the topic for today!

Nifty for all those who don’t know is the Index which is the representative of top 50 companies traded on National Stock Exchange of India. Nifty50 today closed at 9786.05 which is the all-time high close. This year has so far been amazing for Indian stock markets and it has seen increase of 19.55% since January 1st to till date. Everyone is rooting for the next big thing and that is Nifty reaching 10,000. It’s just matter of time and we will see the five-digit figure very soon.

History is to be created very early but before it arrives let us understand the history behind this historic moment. This article I will talk about the stocks that have moved Nifty all this while and when it has happened. I have divided the Nifty rally which started in November into three phases.

Phase 1 – go here Nifty (15th November to 30th January)

order Depakote 15th Nov 30th Jan % Growth
7926 8646 8.33


Phase – I (Top gainers)   Phase – I (Top losers)
Sl. No Stock 15th Nov 30th Jan Growth   Sl. No Stock 15th Nov 30th Jan Growth
1 IOC 285 377 24.40 1 ICICI bank 245 246 0.41
2 Vedanta 209 260 19.62 2 Coal India 313 314 0.32
3 Maruti Suzuki 4846 5894 17.78 3 Axis bank 479 471 -1.70
4 Yes bank 1157 1389 16.70 4 Kotak Mahindra 789 775 -1.81
5 Tata Steel 393 462 14.94 5 Bank of Baroda 174 167 -4.19
6 NTPC 150 175 14.29 6 Aurobindo pharma 733 695 -5.47
7 Tata Motors 457 532 14.10 7 State bank of India 278 263 -5.70
8 Tata Power 69 80 13.75 8 Sun Pharma 682 644 -5.90
9 Eicher 20281 23234 12.71 9 Dr. Reddys 3310 3017 -9.71
10 Hindalco 167 191 12.57 10 Bharti Infratel 364 328 -10.98
  • Stocks like Indian Oil, Vedanta and Maruti are the top stocks which have zoomed market up in very quick time.
  • This first phase was for only 2 and half months with uptrend of 8.33% and out of 50 stocks it is the 28 stocks which have seen more than 8.33% returns whereas only 8 stocks have given negative returns.
  • Pick of the first phase will be IOC, Vedanta and TATA Sons who have made major contribution and then of course the Auto mobile companies like Maruti, Tata Motors and Eicher.

Phase 2 – Nifty (30th January to 16th May)

30th Jan

16th May

% Growth





Phase – II (Top gainers)   Phase – II (Top losers)
Sl. No Stock 30th Jan 16th May Growth   Sl. No Stock 30th Jan 16th May Growth
1 India bulls Housing Finance 766 1053 27.26 1 Cipla 582 565 -3.01
2 Reliance 1044 1356 23.01 2 Tech Mahindra 471 443 -6.32
3 Kotak Mahindra 775 959 19.19 3 ONGC 201 185 -8.65
4 Ultra tech cement 3693 4485 17.66 4 Vedanta 260 238 -9.24
5 HDFC Bank 1284 1559 17.64 5 NTPC 175 159 -10.06
6 L&T 1442 1740 17.13 6 Dr. Reddys 3017 2724 -10.76
7 IOC 377 446 15.47 7 Lupin 1449 1292 -12.15
8 Maruti Suzuki 5894 6953 15.23 8 Aurobindo pharma 695 614 -13.19
9 Adani ports & SEZ 302 356 15.17 9 Coal India 314 275 -14.18
10 Asian paints 970 1142 15.06 10 Tata Motors 532 437 -21.74
  • Phase 2 was a longer phase then the phase 1 which lasted for about 4 months.
  • Stocks that did good lost the charm and lost the gains that were made in Phase 1.
  • New stocks like India Bulls, Reliance, Kotak which were part of top 30 made it to top 3.
  • Tata motors which was 7th fell to bottom which was compensated by HDFC bank which was 37th in list and moved up to 5th in the list.
  • Like this every stock that lost its value was compensated by other stock from different industry.
  • Of the 50 stocks 24 stocks gave returns above market returns of 9.10%.

Phase 3 – Nifty (16th May to 7th July)

16th May

7th July

% Growth





Phase – III (Top gainers)   Phase – III (Top losers)
Sl. No Stock 16th May 7th July Growth   Sl. No Stock 16th May 7th July Growth
1 Tata Steel 456 553 17.54 1 BPCL 733 663 -10.56
2 ITC 283 334 15.27 2 Bajaj Auto 2999 2708 -10.75
3 Eicher 24514 27852 11.98 3 Ultra tech cement 4485 4019 -11.59
4 Aurobindo pharma 614 697 11.91 4 IOC 446 386 -15.54
5 HUL 983 1097 10.39 5 GAIL 414 358 -15.64
6 Reliance 1356 1491 9.05 6 Lupin 1292 1117 -15.67
7 Vedanta 238 257 7.39 7 ONGC 185 159 -16.35
8 Bharti Infratel 376 404 6.93 8 Tech Mahindra 443 380 -16.58
9 HDFC bank 1559 1667 6.48 9 Sun Pharma 652 549 -18.76
10 Indus Ind bank 1436 1526 5.90 10 Bank of Baroda 193 160 -20.63
  • Phase 3 which is the current phase and which is still running is the one phase which is stuck from long time.
  • Phase 3 is stagnant and has seen only 1.27% growth in 50 days which is aggregable as market was trading at all-time high.
  • That means Nifty added 111 points in 50 days at an average of 2 points per day
  • Interesting is the see-saw game played by stocks as the stocks that underperformed started to perform well in third phase.
  • Tata steel, Aurobindo and Vedanta are the best examples which have seen long way after seeing lows in second phase.


After Spending more than 50 days not moving anywhere Nifty suddenly shot up like a rocket and covered 170 points in just 3 trading days that is almost double of what it had seen in 50 days.  Now this momentum should take nifty past 10000 even to a mark of 10500 in the next few weeks. The top ten stocks of third phase should trigger this move and there are some stocks like Maruti, HDFC Bank and IndusInd Bank which will act as trump cards.

So be prepared for five-digit nifty sooner than expected.

Happy Investing…. Stay Invested!

Calculation of Diesel & Petrol Rates in India

How to calculate your Petrol and Diesel prices?

In 80s and early 90s, Petrol and Diesel prices were determined once every year just like budget is presented once a year. Cut to 2012 we had Petrol and Diesel prices were aligned with international crude prices and were altered once in 15 days. The average crude oil price of 15 days before was taken as bench mark to determine the prices for next 15 days. That created a lag of upto 30 days and that created lot of ups and downs as Crude was very volatile. This prompted the policy makers to come up with daily alteration of prices where taking the price of the previous day the price of the current day is determined. That brought down the lag period from 30 days to just 1 day.

So how does it work?

I am going to talk about how to calculate the petrol and diesel prices on daily basis? If you have an understanding of this, you will always know why you are paying a particular price for your fuel. There are two things you need to constantly track on daily basis to determine the prices. One is Brent Crude prices and second RBI determined US dollar value. Once you know these two values its very easy to determine the prices of petrol and diesel.

How does it happen?

To determine the prices correctly following things need to be taken into consideration.
1. Brent Crude closing prices and the RBI determined US dollar value.
2. Cost calculations for Oil marketing companies. These include Operational costs and transportation and freight costs.
3. Excise duty charged by Central Government
4. Commission charged by the Petrol pump owners
5. State government taxes plus the pollution cess levied.
Once you have an understanding of these you can keep adding them to get the final value.

Determining Petrol Prices

This is done in the following steps:

Step 1:

Take the previous day’s Brent crude price and the previous day’s RBI determined US dollar value. Suppose lets do it for today ie 20th June 2017 Petrol price. The 19th June closing value of Brent Crude was 46.91 dollars. The RBI determined US dollar was 64.3788 rupees. Now multiply 46.91 with 64.3788 to get the value of 1 barrel crude oil in Indian rupees. The answer is 3,020.00 rupees. One barrel is equal to 159 litres. So the value of Raw crude oil per litre is 3,020.00 divided by 159 which is 18.99 rupees. So the actual crude oil per litre costs us just 18.99 rupees.

Step 2:

Now we need to add the expenses that Oil marketing companies like IOC, HPCL, BPCL incur. Operational costs including the refinery costs works out to be 5.65 rupees. This will remain constant at least for 6 months. So if we add this the total goes to 24.64 rupees. For this the transportation cost of 2.68 needs to be added. As the transportation costs are revised every year it remains constant for a year. Now the total is 27.32. So after the 2nd step the Petrol price is 27 rupees 32 paise.

Step 3:

This is the excise duty charged by Central Govt. This is also determined annually and for this year for Petrol it is 21.48 rupees. That is almost 80% of the cost upto step 2. So understand that Govt. charges 80% tax on refined petrol. That takes the price to 48.80 rupees.

Step 4:

It is the commission charged by the Petrol pump owners. It differs from state to state and in Telangana the petrol pump owners charge 7% commission on the price. So 7% of 48.80 rupees is 3.42 rupees which when added to the price of 48.80 takes the total to 52.22 rupees.

Step 5:

This is the last step where state govt taxes and pollution cess are added. Telangana govt. charges 31% tax on petrol and 25 paise is the cess on Pollution. So 31% of 52.22 rupees is 16.18 rupees which when added takes the total to 68.40 rupees. Adding 25 paise pollution cess the final Petrol price is 68.65 rupees.
So the Petrol Price in Hyderabad City on 20th June is 68.65 rupees which is applicable till 6am on 21st June. At 6am they calculate the price again by taking the closing price of Brent Crude on 20th and RBI determined Dollar value on 20th. That’s how the petrol prices are determined.

Determining Diesel Prices

Step 1 and Step 2 for determining the diesel prices is same as Petrol. So the price of Diesel remains the same as petrol at 27.32 rupees.

Step 3:

The excise duty charged by Central Govt for Diesel is 17.33 rupees which works to around 65% of the price of the Diesel. Adding this the price of Diesel goes to 44.65 rupees.

Step 4:

If we add 7% commission charged by Telangana fuel stations to 44.65 rupees it works to 3.12 rupees that takes the total to 47.77 rupees.

Step 5:

This includes the state govt tax and pollution cess. Pollution cess remains at 25 paise but tax on Diesel levied by Telangana govt is 22.25% and that works out to 10.63 rupees. Add that to 47.77 rupees total goes to 58.40 and adding 25 paise cess the price of diesel is 58.65 rupees. So, this is the price of Diesel on 20th June. The value is re determined in the same way like petrol on daily basis.
From the above information it is clearly evident that actual cost of petrol is just 27.32 paise but we purchase it at 68.85 which turns out to be 41 rupees and this 41 rupees is the Tax. Same way Diesel costs 27.32 paise where as we purchase at 58.65 which means a tax of 31 rupees.
NOTE that Petrol and Diesel are not under GST and so the implementation of GST from July 1st will have no impact on the calculation

Teacher and Teaching

Teacher – Guru

Those days when there was no technology yet people survived, people progressed, technology developed and knowledge spread. But how? It’s the teacher who was responsible for it that day. Today we have all the technology to get access to any information that you wish to, but those days when not even books were available it’s the teacher who was everything.

A guru who was a teacher was guiding, motivating, delivering, inculcating and more importantly transforming individuals. Many mythological stories have also shown the importance of the teacher in building individuals into Kings.

Now, I shall share my experience and thoughts on teaching and teacher. Like everyone I was also a very fun loving and a naughty student wanting to bunk school because I never wanted to attend math’s classes. But very soon I changed my opinion because of that math’s teacher who guided me slowly into the subject and developed interest in me for mathematics which is not there in many students today.

What next!

I then moved to next level that is 11th and 12th class where I saw two different teachers. One teacher who was more bothered about completing syllabus and gave me practically nothing and the other teacher who was motivating me to do wonders in life.

Then in the crucial stage of my life that is my graduation I’ve not seen a teacher who can be called as a teacher. Maybe I chose the wrong college but I was waiting for someone who can and come and teach but that remained as a wait.

Then came Post Graduation the final stage of learning and the wait and search continued.

I’ve seen people who are teachers in this place. I’ve understood that teacher is not the one who teaches but is the one who removes self-doubt. Teacher is the power that puts you in the path to achieve what you aspire for. He doesn’t inspire you but he expects you to excel and succeed in every step.

Success is the way of growth. Growth which is not monetary alone but which is earning respect, knowledge and wisdom. We admire few, we get inspired by few by reading what they’ve written or by what they’ve spoken. But the real teacher is not the one who just writes or speaks but motivates, enhances and importantly transforms you teacher himself.

I myself is a teacher now and I am ready to be that teacher who can transform not just individuals but transform India into New India.


Monsoon Update as on 11th June

As on 11th June morning 8.30am monsoon covered parts of coastal Maharashtra. Now the northern limit of the monsoon passes through Kohlapur and Ratnagiri in Maharashtra but there after its very weak. In Karnataka it covered  60% of the area and its confined to only southern Karnataka and parts of north eastern Karnataka. It covers the entire Kerala and Tamilnadu and in Andhra it covers only Anantapur, Kadapa, Chittoor and Nellore districts. Conditions look favourable for the onset of monsoon in Mumbai by tomorrow. In  Mumbai its supposed to reach by 9th June and already its 2 days late.
Monsoon is also expected to hit Telangana by tomorrow. Already its 4 days late in Hyderabad but a plenty of pre monsoon showers are keeping the city cool and rain fall total in excess.

Following is the amount of rain received from June 1st to 10th June in different places in Telangana.


1st June to 10th June
Place Actual Rainfall Normal Rainfall
Adilabad 141mm 37mm
Hakimpet 120mm 35mm
Hyderabad 110mm 22mm
Khammam 75mm 28mm
Mahboobnagar 32mm 34mm
Medak 5mm 32mm
Nalgonda 75mm 32mm
Nizamabad 51mm 28mm
Ramagundam 28mm 23mm
Warangal 6mm 28mm
From the data it is clearly visible that except Warangal and Medak every other place has received excess rainfall. This is because of the plenty of pre monsoon showers. Latest trends show that Monsoon has reached Kurnool and is at the border of Kurnool. Expecting the Monsoon to reach Hyderabad tomorrow midnight!
The next 10 days update on rain will be on 21st June with the details of the next 10 days rainfall.

UK Election 2017 – Result and Review

UK election result and the musical chairs of power and Brexit

When the UK election results started trickling in early morning, I had a roller coaster ride watching them. Labour party started with a lead. Exit polls before that predicted a hung parliament with conservatives emerging as the single largest party. As the polls closed by mid morning the picture is clear. As predicted in exit polls the Conservatives emerged as single largest party in a hung parliament. UK has 650 seats and 326 is the majority figure. Conservatives ended 8 short of it at 318 followed by Labour party with 261. Scottish nationalist party came 3rd with 35 seats. Liberal democrats came 4th with 12 seats and DUP a friendly party of conservatives came 5th with 10 seats. Others have got 13. So conservatives will hold power with the support of 10 seats from DUP the total goes upto 328 which is just 2 seats more than the required majority. Its wafer thin.

Why did Theresa May order polls when she still had 3 years time?

Parliamentary elections happen once every 5 years in UK but the party in power has the liberty to dissolve the house whenever it feels so. In many instances in the past when things were favourable ruling party called for elections in 4 years but never after just 2 years. What is the reason? Conservatives are centre-right in their political ideology. As a right leaning centrist party Conservatives opposed the continuance of UK in European Union. Party called for a referendum and people voted for Brexit were 52% and against 48%. So Brexit went through and it was a victory for the conservatives. But not all Tories were supporting Brexit. Prime minister of the day David Cameroon was against Brexit. So after Brexit happened, he took up the moral responsibility and resigned. He was replaced by Theresa May, who always supported Brexit. But the process was not that easy. Step by step she faced lot of difficulties and doubts on the brexit. So, she decided to plunge in and dissolve the parliament and went for fresh polls. When she dissolved the parliament Tories had 330 seats and she expected that the brexit wave will take her beyond 350. Such a overwhelming majority will make it easier for her to push through brexit.

But what went wrong?

Citizens of UK are a divided lot. For years together UK and EU are stuck and the growth is suffering. They are in a dilemma. There is a section of UK citizens who feel that being with EU would help UK. Most of them live in cities and are youngsters below 40 years. But there is a large section of British population that believes that the growth of UK is when Britain will look inward and develop its economy rather than depend on the collective power of EU. That percentage is more as the average age of UK is 43 years and many of them have seen the prosperity of UK in their early days. Added to them are the citizens living in interiors who were traditional Tory voters. Theresa May calculated all these and expected 350. But terrorist attacks in the last few days and the fear of isolation at the time of crisis has pushed many working class Britons to vote for Labour party. Labour party follows democratic socialism that appeals to many urban Britons. So last minute scales tilted and many voters in Urban UK switched over to Labour party. Result is Labour increased their tally by 30 plus seats and stood at 261. But this might not be enough. Conservatives have enough in them to form the next govt with the support of friendly parties like DUP.

What will happen to Brexit and Theresa May?

Theresa May has considerably weakened as she couldn’t increase the tally of Tories. She staked a claim to form the govt again but faces opposition from within. UK is not like India where leader is supreme. In UK every MP has equal power and the one who can command the majority of the MPs can become the Prime Minister. The defeat of Tories has weakened May and might face challenge from many. That would put Brexit in the back seat. Even if she becomes PM she will not have the free hand to push through things as she would have hoped for. What this result has done is it made UK even more divided and indecisive. This is not what it needs. It needs a strong and powerful leader who can take decisions and create jobs and provide financial stability to its citizens. But as of now, this scenario looks pretty bleak. Lets hope for the best, and see what this weekend unfolds!!

Investments for 2017

11th January 2017 – Day I gave 17 stock ideas that would give 17% returns in a period of one year. That was for one year but in just 5 months almost all stocks reached its target and the average returns stand at 35% which is double of what I gave. Am sure you would be enjoying the profits.

Out of the given 17 stocks, 15 stocks have already reached their targets of 17% and have surpassed to stand at 50% returns as well.

Top five stocks that have given highest returns from the 17

  1. India Bulls Real Estate – 105%
  2. JM Financial – 79.29%
  3. India cements – 60.77%
  4. Godrej Properties – 60%
  5. RBL Bank – 50.50%

The average portfolio returns stand right now at 35.28%!!!

For all those who have missed the chance to make money in the market, never worry. Market is in great position and currently Nifty is trading at all time high of 9670 and expected to reach 10000 very soon.

I am now going to give you all the next 17 stocks that will give you minimum of 17% for a period of year. You already have the 35.28% in the kitty from the last investments. This 17% target is given with the deadline as June 2018.  But most probable time for all these stocks to reach its targets are in the later part of the year that is by December end.

List of 17 stocks are

Sl. NO Company Price Target
1 Ashok Leyland 92.85 108.00
2 Indiabulls Real-estate 166.4 180.00
3 NTPC 162.6 185.00
4 GMR Infra 16.9 19.00
5 REC 189.95 225.00
6 IRB Infra 231.8 270.00
7 IFCI 25.6 30.00
8 Adani Power 27.2 33.00
9 SBI 287.05 330.00
10 ITC 319.2 350.00
11 Marico 321.9 360.00
12 TV 18 Broadcast 35.85 41.00
13 Tata Steel 491.95 575.00
14 Titan 471.75 587.00
15 TVS Motors 540 600.00
16 Gitanjali gems 67.1 77.00
17 Pidilite 791.55 886.00


So you can end this year with total returns of close to 50% which no Bank can give!

Happy Investing People 🙂

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