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A Trip to Rishikesh – One which will stay for long time in my list of travels!

A Trip to Rishikesh – One which will stay for long time in my list of travels!

Hello everyone, I am here on this Tuesday to share my experience that I have had over the last weekend in my trip to Rishikesh. Rishikesh is a beautiful place located on the foothills of Himalayas and that’s key here. This place of Rishikesh as most of you know is known for the Spirituality through the means of Yoga and Meditation. There are many centres here which have the power of spirituality within and will make you feel the vibes of spirituality as soon as you enter the centres. In fact, the place ‘Rishikesh’ itself gives you different vibes, which are thoughtful and deep. I might not be able to explain it in the right way but Rishikesh or for that matter any holy place is an experience to live for. It is for sure a place to visit and get the vibes that are much needed for the individual growth.

Let me now tell my observations from the trip:

I would want talk about the approach of two sets of people who travel or tour to Rishikesh. One is we Indians and the others are the foreigners. Rishikesh the place which is located besides the Ganga has two things to derive, one is to mediate at the banks and acquire the power and the other is to raft in the river to feel the enjoyment. Nothing is good or bad. Both are required for people at own levels. I have to make this point here and that is I have seen most of the Indians coming to Rishikesh for fun and most of the foreigners coming to this trip for Spiritual learning. It’s purely the individual’s decision on what he wants to do. But I just want to draw a point that, Foreigners aren’t just what we see them as, pioneers in technology, roads, infrastructure which is all physical and tangible. They have also gone far ahead in their inner engineering and spiritual growth. I may be wrong but this is what I have experienced in my two holy places and one spiritual place visits of Pondicherry, Varanasi and Rishikesh in last one year.

That’s about the trip, my experience wasn’t a fantastic one to be honest but it was good and everything doesn’t happen as you wish. So, this was again a trip that has increased my knowledge, especially on how things are in the states like Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. I have had valuable insights on People, Lifestyle, Roads and much more. I have attached the pictures of the places that I have visited with this post. You can read and know about the place.

To end it, every trip is important and this was also an important trip for me in my discovery of India. It’s nice that you get to see places and put them fixed in your mind for life time. A trip that has given me clarity and thus decisions will be made!

Varanasi – A Trip to the shaktipeeth of Vishwanath, the ruler of the Universe!

Varanasi – A Trip to the shaktipeeth of Vishwanath, the ruler of the Universe!

Few things in life are very mysterious and one has to witness them to know them in true sense. This trip has been an immensely satisfying trip for all good reasons. Though it was more of a pilgrimage, I had learnt things in a way that books don’t teach us. Especially when one takes a boat ride in Ganga, the river that stood as a witness to the rising and falling civilizations for centuries. The ride introduced me to the various ‘Ghats’ and their special reasons of existence. The Ghats that left a mark in my mind were “dasashwamedh ghat”, the Vijayanagaram ghat, the Marnikarnika ghat and the Harischandra ghat. Few Ghats talked about the impending death that is a part of everyone’s life whereas few had their own history surrounding them. Watching Life and Death so closely at same place is specialty of this place.

Not just a pilgrimage it also had a spiritual color to it. Varanasi is place for the people who believe in the Moksha of first type and that is Meditation by giving up all the things. Have seen Saadhus just sitting in the isolated places silently and praying. Trip didn’t end here as I also had chance to visit the place of Sarnath, the holiest place for Buddhists after Bodh gaya. If Buddha got enlightenment in Bodh gaya, He delivered his first discourse at Sarnath. I visited Buddh Stupa the place where the Buddhism originated to bring back peace and establish peace in the world. Varanasi had a different fragrance to it with lot of foreigners visiting and one cannot differentiate them as they are also deeply into Hinduism and spirituality.

Seeing is believing, as they say and I have seen something that is very different from what I have heard from the people before going to Varanasi. The Ghats were much cleaner and secure than what I heard from people. Shows how much work is going into it. Like this I have learnt few more lessons which I will be able to share to you all whenever the right time comes. Until then have a look at few clicks of my trip including the Ganga Aarti, Buddha Stupa, Japanese and Chinese Temples at Sarnath!

A Short Trip to Madurai!

My 50th Tuesday Post.

It has been a 50-week long Journey, Journey talking on various topics and learning so many things in due course. This will be my celebration post. IN this post today, I am going to share some beautiful memories which I experienced during my recent trip to Madurai/Kodaikanal. Not in words but the pictures, because as they say, A pictures speaks more than 1000 words! Dated #26thDec2017

  1. Kaveri/Cauvery is the life line of Tamilnadu and often referred to as southern Ganga. Captured in its full glory during the monsoon period through the Bus’s Window.
  2. A view showing the Importance of Cauvery/Kaveri river to the People of Tamil Nadu. Agriculture is the India’s biggest Lifeline.
  3. Karur – The city in Tamil Nadu which gave us the Karur Vysya Bank. Clicked early in the morning.
  4. Vadipatti – Picture displaying the beauty of nature. Captured in its wide spectrum.
  5. Kodaikanal – Top of the Hill. In the background is the beautiful Kumaragiri, the place where I stayed for one night.
  6. Bright Sunshine in Kodaikanal. Interestingly that was the only Bright Sunrise day in a weeks’ time due to heavy monsoon rains.
  7. The Good-Bye Picture – The Complete view from the top of the Hill. #Kodaikanal

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A Short Trip to Gujarat!

My trip to Ahmedabad

Bhuj wasn’t a trip for a break or having fun filled holiday. It was my continuous act of learning outside my daily activities. A trip which is a part of my own “Discover India” through my eyes and explore India. This short trip is very special for goodness it had in it and the people that I had met during the trip. No, I haven’t met any kind of leader or a famous person, I met two Cab drivers. Both who are different in their approach but are battling out the struggles in their own way. These two are the ones who became part of my journey and the learning started right from the moment I sat in the Car.

All I want to tell about those two is the truthfulness and approach that they have in life. For someone who is from a village in Rajasthan and other one who is from a village in Bhuj and to have such will power is amazing. We know that everyone in this world has some problems. There are three kinds of people: people who give up, people who fight it out and people who are not even bothered and live an ignorant life.

Who is the right person in both? I leave it to you to decide!

This trip also allowed me to hear to problems of people and the reasons for it. That also made me to think on how I can be a part in solving those problems. Let me now talk about the places I visited in my 2 days trip to Gujarat. Below are listed places and each place I will post separately with pictures album wise.

Every minute of the trip was taking me to different thoughts about life, nature and the other man-created events. Everything was again linked to development. Not the roads, banks, hospitals but the development of Human Being.

Day 1 – Bhuj

1st Place: The Great Rann of Kutch
2nd Place: Vijay Vilas Palace
3rd Place: Mandvi Beach

Day 2 – Ahmedabad

1st Place – Sabarmati Ashram
2nd Place – Auto World Vintage Car Museum
3rd Place – Kankaria Lake

Each place had its own significance and relevance. Go to albums for pictures of different places.

Overall, it was an experience that filled my heart on learning and experiencing things. This was an ideal holiday which brought be back a lot richer and wiser!