Comfortable Victory for Team India and it’s yet another series victory for Team India with a match still to go. It is never achieved feat by Team India in Whites as they win the 8th consecutive series under the most promising captain Virat Kohli.

Will Virat Kohli become the most successful Indian Captain?

Let us look back at the 8 series victories.

  1. India vs Srilanka series at Srilanka August 2015: India wins 3 match series 2-1.
  2. India vs South Africa in India 2015: India wins 4 match series 3-0
  3. India vs West Indies in West Indies 2016: India wins the 4-match series 2-0
  4. India vs New Zealand in India 2016: India wins the 3-match series 3-0
  5. India vs England in India 2016: India wins the 5-match series 4-0
  6. India vs Bangladesh in India 2017: India wins one off test 1-0
  7. India vs Australia in India 2017: India wins 4 test series 2-1
  8. India vs Srilanka in Srilanka 2017: India wins 3 test series 2-0

India played 26 tests in last 24 months and have won 19 of them, lost 2 and have drawn 5 tests. That is a win record of 73% the highest ever from the time we started playing cricket in 20 or more tests. Is this the best test team in the World? This 8-series win is just one short of the record held by Australian team with 9 series wins. India has played every other test playing nation en route this record streak, except the Arch Rivals Pakistan. India has defeated teams which were in their top form and reached to the top of the table standing now as the champion team. Maybe only Pakistan can stop team India or May be not!

So, what are chances for India to equal or break that record with 10 series wins?

If you see the 8 series wins 3 of them came outside India while 5 came at home. It’s a well-known fact that Indians are tigers at home. Plus, out of the 3 wins abroad, 2 came against Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka and another against West Indies. Both are weak teams and India should not have a problem beating them.

So, what are the next series lined up for India?

India will play a full series with South Africa in South Africa from December 2017 to February 2018 that involves 4 tests. This will be the real test for Indian team and Virat Kohli. A win here means India will create history because after that India will host Sri Lanka in 3 test series and that would be a cake walk. So, the toughest and biggest challenge will be in South Africa and that will put to rest the debate whether Indian team is really the No. 1 test team in the World today!!