BJP scripts history by winning four states and retaining power with the full majority!

BJP scripts history by winning four states and retaining power with the full majority!

Winning an election in India is no simple feat. Apart from the money spent by the leaders which are mostly unofficial, the arithmetic and the chemistry with the voters is key. We had witnessed history being made by the saffron party on 10th March. 5 days ago, on the counting day for the five state elections, BJP came out as a winner in four states. BJP did face a big defeat in Punjab but that was all on expected lines…

Uttar Pradesh – A win that has broken 37-year-old jinx!

Never in the last 37 years, has any party come back to power after ruling for 5 years. 2022 is the outlier that has seen BJP under the leadership of Yogi Aditayanath has come to power. It was SP’s election to lose. But the planning and the connection which is very important for winning was missing with Akhilesh. The ‘MY’ combination couldn’t help the Samajwadi Party. Congress got completely wiped out. With this win, Yogi Adityanath has created a special place in the leadership of BJP. 2022 is done. Who knows what’s in the store for 2027?

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Uttarakhand – Similar story to that of Uttar Pradesh!

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Uttarakhand did see BJP coming back to power. In a way, BJP was much keener to win the Devbhoomi. The party changed three chief ministers in the 5-year term and was in trouble. Sensing this, PM Modi got himself into the action for the Uttarakhand polls. He took all the responsibilities and it was his goodwill that won the elections for BJP. Interestingly both BJP and Congress CM candidates lost in the election. More than the anger on BJP’s non-performance, people believed in PM Modi and voted BJP to power.

Goa – the state which was a complete surprise for many!

Everyone knows what happened in the last assembly elections in Goa. BJP was the second largest party with 13 seats. The majority mark was 21 seats, Congress won 17 and still, BJP formed the government with the help of local parties. Manohar Parikar’s legacy was in danger but thanks to PM Modi’s campaigning, BJP came to power. This time the party won 20 seats and needed just one seat support. The outgoing CM Pramod Sawant who held the office for the last 3 years also played a significant role.

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Punjab – the tide of change meant AAP was the choice!

Punjab is one state where the BJP would want to make inroads by the next assembly elections. For a long time, the Punjab people had to decide between Shirmoni Akali Dal and Congress. Congress as usual dug its own grave after an unnecessary duel with Captain Amrinder. The main leadership had to believe in the words of Sidhu and he lost the elections. Not BJP, not Congress but a party from Delhi, AAP shocked everyone by winning 75% seats.

Kejriwal to announce AAP CM candidate for Punjab Assembly Election at 12  today

Manipur – the state that remained unnoticed just like the other seven sisters!

Indian mainstream media and the politicians to an extent had always ignored the northeastern states. Neither the leaders nor any top bureaucrats were interested in them. Hemanta Biswa Sharma, a former Congress leader had high dreams for northeastern states. But his dreams weren’t the vision of his former leader Rahul Gandhi, instead, Rahul Gandhi insulted him. Sharma’s immediate decision was to resign and join BJP. His first target was Mission Assam which he achieved and now he is delivering on Mission Northeast. Manipur for the first time voted BJP to power with a full majority. None other than Himata Biswa Sharma takes the entire credits for this…

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What next in the never stopping elections in India?

The next stop for all the parties concerning elections is in November-December. Two important states, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat will be going for fresh assembly elections. With the way, things have gone till now, not Congress but Aam Aadmi Party will try to counter BJP at every step. Congress is the party to lose in both the states. Slowly the elections in state assemblies are turning out to be two cornered contests or one-sided winners. Will Congress remain as opposition, win two crucial elections or give way to the Aam Aadmi party will be something to look at. Whereas BJP will field all its horses to retain the state of Gujarat, the home of PM Narendra Modi. Let us see how things unfold in the coming days…


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