Bharat tests the ‘mantras’ taught by Vishwamitra and lands himself in new loka…

Bharat is lucky to be studying under the great guru Vishwamitra. Even though there is a blood relation between Vishwamitra and Bharat, Vishwamitra treats him no special. Guru Vishwamitra is at his best during his teaching period for Bharat. Someone who was behind the title ‘Brahmarishi’ kept all his energies on one person and that is Bharat.

Vishwamitra’s belief system was strong and it was guided towards attaining mastery in whatever is studied. Whether it is Medicine, Astrology, Warfare or Relationship. All that Vishwamitra wanted was integration and mastery in every aspect. Guru Vishwamitra deeply believed in the concept of nature. He says ‘Only when a person attains mastery over the five elements of nature, he is a learned man and has completed his learning.’

Let’s look at the subjects that Vishwamitra single-handedly taught to Bharat:
  1. Astrology
  2. Warfare
  3. Concept of Time
  4. Geography
  5. Medicine
  6. Politics
  7. Emotional Intelligence
  8. Physical fitness
  9. Concepts in Science and more…

To teach all the above-listed domains and more, it took around 11 years for Vishwamitra. Throughout the journey, Vishwamitra was focusing only on improving & upskilling Bharat. But because Vishwamitra is in Hastinapur, he also gets closer to his daughter Shakuntala. He plays an important role in the Dushyant’s Kingdom. All this is watched by Menaka from the Indra Loka and she decides to pay a visit. Vishwamitra has long ago left his anger on Menaka. He talks to Menaka on her arrival and he keeps it formal. Shakuntala is a bit shy and uncomfortable in the beginning but slowly she opens up. Everything is going picture perfect. Bharat is enjoying his learning days and Vishwamitra is enjoying the challenge of teaching Bharat.

That one mantra changed the life of Bharat, a new dimension gets added…

Vishwamitra was a wonderful Kshatriya King himself. He even held the title of Chakravarthy for a certain period. Using all his experience and skills, Vishwamitra teaches the usage of different weapons to Bharat. Bharat is now into specialization studies. Vishwamitra teaches Bharat the mantras connected to 5 elements of nature like the Agni Mantra, Vayu Mantra, Varun Gayatri Mantra and more.

One day, towards his final days of education, Bharat goes to the forest. He is around 18 years of age at that time. After hunting, he makes his way to the river Ganga. It is during the rainy season and there is heavy flooding in the river. Knowing that the river is acting in full force, Bharat takes a chance of bathing in the water. He takes off his anga vastram and goes into the river Ganga. That’s when he remembers the mantra taught by Guru Vishwamitra. Bharat gets curious to see if the mantra works or not. He sees a whirlpool and deliberately goes near that to test the mantra. The whirlpool pulls him inside and is pushing him to the base. Bharat then decides to recite the mantra but it doesn’t help him and the whirlpool swallows Bharat and he gets unconscious.

The Matsya Kingdom…

After a few hours, Bharat regains consciousness and for a moment he thinks he is dead and he is in Swarga Loka. But to his surprise he is alive and he is on a bed in a Big room. As he tries to understand the things, the door opens and a beautiful lady walks into the room. As soon as she walks in, Bharat is mesmerised and looks her eye to eye. He then starts looking down and he is stunned. The legs of the lady were like a Fishtail.

Without wasting any time, he asks her who are you? She answers ‘I am the daughter of Maharaj Sursen and you are in the Matsya Kingdom. We are called the ‘Mer people’. Bharat continues to ask her question after question to enquire about the place and habitat. To which she answers ‘We are far advanced than the people on the land. We never fight with others, we have a leader and we follow him. We don’t come out of the water because we never connect with the people on Land and the necessities. Also, no human can come inside because the Humans haven’t reached such advanced technology.’ Bharat then says, ‘Okay fine… but if that’s the case, how did I stay alive?’

Corryvreckan Maelstrom | Fact |

Kanya replies ‘Bharat, you are alive only because of the mantra’.

‘The mantra that you were reciting during drowning helped our guards to pick your vibes and bring you here.’ Bharat now asks about the Kingdom. Kanya says ‘ Bharat, My father name is Sursena and I am Jhanvi. There are no fights underwater like the fights on the land. In this kingdom, there is only one King and that is my father Sursena.’

‘You need to thank Guru Vishwamitra for the mantra which saved you’. Bharat then asks her name and she replies that her name is Jhanvi.

Jhanvi gives a bit more insights about the Kingdom. She says ‘Not everyone will be able to come this deep inside the river. You are among the rare people to have achieved this feat. You cannot see anything around you, but there is an invincible bubble’. Jhanvi then says what all are available in the Matsya Kingdom and tells him the importance of technology on their planet.

Guru Vishwamitra, King Dushyant and Shakuntala are all waiting for Bharat to come home. Bharat comes back home after successful use of the mantra. But parents, Dushyant and Shakuntla are angered by Bharat’s actions…

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