Chapter 8 Brahma Yoga Verse 12
Ananyachetaah satatam yo maam smarati nityashah;
Tasyaaham sulabhah paartha nityayuktasya yoginah.
I am easily attainable by that ever-steadfast Yogi who constantly and daily remembers Me,
not thinking of anything else with a single or one-pointed mind, O Partha(Arjuna)!
We have seen that Brahma yoga talks about the things that one should do to attain moksha. The previous three slokas talked clearly about attaining Lord by chanting “om”. Here, Lord Krishna continues to talk about more and more people who attain the Lord through various other means. He says that Lord can be easily attained by a person who is a Yogi and who remembers him everyday and with sincerity. Not only that, the person has to think about the Lord with a single pointed mind without having any other deviation of thoughts.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
What is the difference between the chanting “om” and constantly remembering his everyday and every moment? This is the difference that we need to understand here. A steadfast Yogi is someone who does his dharma with an unwavering mind. So, if his dharma is to do his duty then can he attain moksha? The answer is yes. Doing our duty and remembering God is almost the same. Every work we do if we see godliness in it, we do that work with more sincerity and honesty and that gives a good result not only to the doer but also to the beneficiary. This is how it differs from a sanyasi who renounces everything and goes into deep meditation chanting “om”. Now let’s look at an example of how a person constantly remembers God
Suppose you are a business man who is constantly travelling and doing his business. Can He attain God? According to Lord Krishna the answer is Yes. The business that he is doing not only makes him rich but also touches the lives of many people. If he does his business keeping only creating the wealth for himself, God will never come into his mind. But if he does his business to earn money as well as to help people who are connected to his business, this noble thought will bring him closer to God and that’s how he understands the importance of God, constantly remembers Him.
Its not as easy as it is said here. The business he does should not be for his benefit but it should be for the benefit of people around him. He should always think and thank God that God has given him enough wealth to start a business and help many people. He should at every moment think of God only and takes decisions not for the benefit of himself but for the benefit of the people around him. How many businessmen in today’s world are like that? So, this method is very very difficult and almost impossible. Only one in a million can achieve salvation through this.