Chapter 8 Brahma Yoga Verse 11
Omityekaaksharam brahma vyaaharan maamanusmaran;
Yah prayaati tyajan deham sa yaati paramaam gatim.
Uttering the monosyllable Om—the Brahman—remembering Me always,
he who departs thus, leaving the body, attains to the supreme goal.
This is the third and concluding part of the sloka that explains the process of attaining moksha or salvation. After talking about the quests of different people and how they should develop concentration, in the first two parts Lord Krishna goes on to explain moksha in the concluding part. The message given is very simple and straight forward here but the path to it explained previously is bit tough to achieve. The Supreme Lord says that after getting the concentration if the person continues to utter the symbol “om” keeping God in their mind while departing from this world and leave the body, such a kind of person will definitely attain the Supreme goal of moksha.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
If you watch any of the old mythological and devotional movies, you would have always seen rishis and sages uttering the word om, with their eyes closed. This is what we call as ‘Tapasya” and that is done for salvation. The path to salvation is not as simple as it is shown in those movies. The person should first develop “viragya” or “sense of renunciation” in his heart in such a strong manner that he doesn’t think about anything else other than the Abode of God and the beauty of achieving it. It is also a step by step process that he needs to go through.
First he needs to bring his heart and mind together and control his senses so that the feeling of renunciation that he got, stays in his mind for ever. Next, he needs to meditate on it, by concentrating on his breath. Concentrating on one’s breathing creates a rhythm which is in sync with the feeling that a person has. Then he has to utter “om” which is the monosyllable that has the whole universe embedded in it. Every word and every sentence that we utter has the monosyllable of om somewhere in it. You can feel it if you concentrate deeply on it.
Uttering the monosyllable “Om” has to be done perfectly. The breathe that carries “om” should start at the nabhi or the stomach region and should proceed up into the heart of the person and from there it should travel to the throat and finally reach his lips. That is the right way of uttering it and it should be done very slowly and rhythmically. Once the person gets into uttering “om” he forgets everything around and slowly the mind concentrates only on God, and with thought of God in mind if the person leaves the body, then the soul of the person will attain the Supreme goal of Moksha.