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Bhagavadgita Chapter 18 Moksha Sanyyas Yoga Verse 7

Chapter 18 Moksha Sanyyas Yoga Verse 7
Niyatasya tu sannyaasah karmano nopapadyate;
Mohaattasya parityaagas taamasah parikeertitah.
Verily, the renunciation of obligatory action is improper;
the abandonment of the same from delusion is declared to be Tamasic.

Now Lord Krishna is talking about the three kinds of renunciations and the effects that it produce. This shloka talks about the first type. Here Lord says that renunciation of any duty or action which is obligatory in nature is considered to be improper. Obligatory actions are those which are connected to the dharma of an individual and are to be performed without fail. If a person abandons these actions it happens mainly due to delusion caused by the confusions from within. A person who abandons the obligatory actions due to delusions is declared to be an ignorant person similar to the one with a Tamasic nature.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

What are obligatory actions? They are not your responsibilities towards your parents or children or spouse or towards society. Obligatory actions of an individual at this stage are the discipline of mind and senses and tolerance of pain and hardships. These things come in every activity that we undertake. Have you ever left a task midway? If you have then, you are indisciplined. Discipline of mind teaches us to choose activities after a careful contemplation and once you have chosen, come what may, you should never abandon them. Mind draws a person towards a task and senses deviates him from that. 

A disciplined mind and senses keeps the mind to the task and prevents the senses from interfering into that task. But when mind becomes indisciplined, you cant stick to that task and slowly you start losing interest towards in that task. When senses loses discipline, then even if your mind is disciplined also, the senses deviate you and you lose concentration and do injustice to the task. This explains clearly, why many people lose focus and abandon their tasks midway. When you start something then you should not stop it till it is completely done or till you get a spiritual message to abandon that task. Every other message is a false thing that is aimed at deviating you.
Next we need to look tolerance of pain and hardships. When you are doing a task, you will face obstacles from everywhere, and your own family members might mock at what you are doing and that might cause pain to you. You also might have to face lot of hardships in doing the task and you need to withstand that and remain steady without deluding from the task. When you choose a task, you chose it because you are destined to it. Whether that task gives you pain or hardship you should never abandon it. Abandoning comes only when you waver and that wavering mind is because of ignorance that is there in your mind, which is Tamasic in nature, says Lord Krishna. 

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