Bhagavadgita - A Guide to Life

Bhagavadgita Chapter 18 Moksha Sannyas Yoga Verse 76

Raajan samsmritya samsmritya samvaadam imam adbhutam;Keshavaarjunayoh punyam hrishyaami cha muhurmuhuh.

O King, remembering this wonderful and holy dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna, I rejoice again and again!


This shloka also has Sanjaya telling about the Gita and its listening experience to Dhritharashtra. Its the curiosity of Dhritharashtra that prompted Sanjaya to say this. He tells Dhritharashtra that he is continuously remembering and recollecting all the things that Lord was telling Arjuna. He compares the dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjuna as a holy dialogue and wonderful to hear. Not only that, Sanjaya also tells the King that he was rejoicing the things that were said to Arjuna again and again.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Last shloka I have discussed about Sanjaya and his personality. Being the disciple of Ved Vyas he can understand appreciate many things that most of the people like him cannot. Sanjaya here understands the importance of the spiritual discourse given by Lord Krishna and being a sattwik person he appreciates the spirituality of this discourse. He was also emphasizing this to Dhrithrashtra because King’s level of spirituality is lesser than that of Sanjaya plus he always wants to educate Dhritharashtra enabling him to become more spiritual. 

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