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Bhagavadgita Chapter 18 Moksha Sannyas Yoga Verse 74

Sanjaya Uvaacha: Ityaham vaasudevasya paarthasya cha mahaatmanah;Samvaadam imam ashrausham adbhutam romaharshanam.

Sanjaya said: Thus have I heard this wonderful dialogue between Krishna and the high-souled Arjuna, which causes the hair to stand


As Lord Krishna was narrating Gita to Arjuna, there was another thing happening parallely which we hardly noticed.  Sanjaya, the charioteer of King Dhritharashtra was narrating the entire Gita to the blind king. Sanjaya is blessed with the divine eye because of which he was able to see whatever is happening in the battle field sitting in Hastinapur palace. He now tells to King Dhritharashtra that the wonderful conversation between the Lord and an evolved soul like Arjuna comes to an end and the contents of the dialogue has caused the hair to stand for Sanjaya.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Who doesn’t feel ecstatic when come across a dialogue like what we witnessed between Lord Krishna and Arjuna. What Sanjaya refers to here is something called as devotional ecstasy which is a feeling of utmost bhakti or devotion towards God. There are times when we also go through this divine ecstasy, especially when we hear patriotic or religious verses that touch our hearts and our hairs stand up. There are in total eight symptoms of devotional ecstasy that are identified and they appear in an individual when he gets ecstatic. 
First symptom is a person becomes motionless and gets frozen. Second is sweating which happens when body gets heated up due to the feeling. Third is the hair standing, especially on the hands, fourth is chocking of the voice, where the person gets a lump in his throat and voice doesnt come out. Fifth is trembling of voice, where a person is unable to speak clearly. Sixth is the appearance of paleness on the face where his entire face becomes very pale and the last is shedding of tears. A person can experience one or more forms of this divine ecstasy. 

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