Adhyeshyate cha ya imam dharmyam samvaadamaavayoh;Jnaanayajnena tenaaham ishtah syaamiti me matih.

And he who will study this sacred dialogue of ours, by him I shall have been worshiped by the sacrifice of wisdom; such is My conviction.


Lord in this shloka is talking about the people who worship Him with the sacrifice of wisdom. He says that the dialogue between Him and Arjuna about the entire Gita is sacred. Lord says that those who studies this sacred dialogue between us and follows it, such a person will worship the Lord with all his intellect through the sacrifice of wisdom. That means those people gain adequate amount of wisdom. Finally Lord Krishna very clearly reiterates that it is His strong point of view.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Bhagavad Gita is there from thousands of years, but how many people have actually read it? The percentage will surely be less than 5. A vast number of people are ignorant about what Gita says, because they only know about the name Gita, they dont know its contents nor the meaning of them. There is a big difference between knowing about a book and reading it, reading a book and understanding it. To read a book it requires interest and that interest only can come if there is an intent. Knowledge and wisdom creates that intent. Once that intent is there, the person reads the book and slowly he stands to understand it. 

A vast number of people are ignorant about the contents of Gita or its message it is because they dont have the knowledge to understand the content. Once you become knowledgeable enough, you will start getting attracted to Gita and start reading it first and then understanding it. Once he understands the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna, he will start to worship the Lord through the sacrifice of his wisdom. This does not happen with just one reading of Gita. It can only happen when he contemplates on what he reads and start to go deeper into it. Such person will surely worship Him and He has no doubt about it, says Lord Krishna.