Ya imam paramam guhyam madbhakteshvabhidhaasyati; Bhaktim mayi paraam kritwaa maamevaishyatyasamshayah.

He who with supreme devotion to Me will teach this supreme secret to My devotees, shall doubtless come to Me.


Lord in this shloka is talking about the kind of people who will come to Him. This is a short shloka but has a depth of meaning in it. This shloka talks about the people who share the knowledge that was imparted by the Lord to Arjuna. Lord Krishna did not keep any restriction on the transmission of the knowledge that is imparted to Arjuna. He says that if any of the devotees of Lord Krishna with a sense of Supreme devotion teaches all this that Lord said right now to the other devotees who were of lesser spirituality then they also will come to Him, says Lord Krishna. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

The only thing that grows when its shared is knowledge. And when its the knowledge of Gita, then the rewards are immeasurable. Many people read Gita, very few understand it. Even those who understand, a very few of them actually would talk about it to others. To understand Gita what is needed is devotion and with that devotion if anyone shares this knowledge that person becomes closest to God. The question that still lingers is, how can we share a secret? God protects His secrets and that should never be compared to other secrets that we know. Thus its only God who will decide whom that knowledge should go and the person can happily go and share the knowledge to the person. Its God who decides who should get what.