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Iti te jnaanamaakhyaatam guhyaad guhyataram mayaa; Vimrishyaitadasheshena yathecchasi tathaa kuru.

Thus has wisdom more secret than secrecy itself been declared unto thee by Me; having reflected over it fully, then act thou as thou wishest.


Lord is concluding his talk about the devotion and how a person can attain salvation in this last chapter of Bhagavad Gita. Lord compares the knowledge that He gave us as the secret of all secrets. He says that the wisdom given by Him is a bigger secret than the secrecy itself. He then has a piece of advice for Arjuna. He tells Arjuna to reflect on this wisdom slowly and carefully and internalize it. Then, he tells Arjuna to act according to his wish. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Reflection on things is something that every human being has to do at critical times. Reflection means thinking about what is being said by others. When we hear some advice from people who matter to us, we normally think about it. But many things are not implemented. It happens because the person who advises doesn’t hold a position bigger than our thought processes. Even if we reflect and implement, we do that only because we want to do that and it is convenient for us. But what we have heard from Lord Krishna is not something that you will hear only once in a yuga and that is something that needs to be taken very very seriously.

Way back in Treyta yuga Lord Rama also gave a sermon to his people of Ayodhya after He became king and talked extensively about the purpose of life and the way the person has to live his life. To conclude Lord Rama also said “The advice I have given to you is neither incorrect nor coercive. Listen to it carefully, contemplate over it, and then do what you wish.” Exactly the same thing is said here by Lord Krishna in the Dwapara yuga to Arjuna. Another point to note is what we choose to do from what is said entirely depends on one’s karma. If you have done good deeds you get to hear everything and you adopt everything you heard. Bad deeds will make you either not to understand the message or to ignore it completely.