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Tameva sharanam gaccha sarvabhaavena bhaarata; Tatprasaadaatparaam shaantim sthaanam praapsyasi shaashwatam.

Fly unto Him for refuge with all thy being, O Arjuna! By His Grace thou shalt obtain supreme peace and the eternal abode.


We are now approaching the end of this epic called Bhagavad Gita. Just 16 more shlokas are left and now in this shloka Lord tells how a person can take refuge in Him. Lord says that one should completely trust the Almighty and should just move towards Him with his entire being. Entire being means having no self-doubt or any other feeling of doubt. The Lord says that by the grace of the Almighty, the person gets the supreme peace and eternal abode. Supreme peace is the everlasting peace that one experiences when they enter the abode of Brahman and this is also called as the eternal abode.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

When we are talking about surrender to the Almighty there are different ways in which a person can take refuge in the Almighty. The first is a refuge in accordance with the desire of God, where a person surrenders like how a servant surrenders to his master and does all the work. The second refuge is when a person surrenders to God out of fear that God will do something wrong if he doesn’t surrender. Fear is opposite to love and this kind of surrender only brings misery to the person. The third type of surrender is with a feeling that God is the protector and he is going to take care of you at all times. There are millions of animals in this world to whom food is available and God has taken care, likewise, he will also take care of me.

The next type of surrender is with the sense of gratitude towards the Lord. Everything we enjoy today is bestowed to us by God. God gave us ideas and those ideas gave us money and comfort. Thus a person who realizes this always has a sense of gratitude towards God and surrenders to Him. The last type of surrender is the surrender by giving up pride in someone. Pride comes with success and this success is because of God and if a person realizes that then he surrenders to God willingly and there won’t be any sense of pride in him. These are the different ways in which a person can surrender to God and if a person does that, he will obtain eternal peace in the abode of God.