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Brahmabhootah prasannaatmaa na shochati na kaangkshati; Samah sarveshu bhooteshu madbhaktim labhate paraam.

Becoming Brahman, serene in the Self, he neither grieves nor desires; the same to all beings, he attains supreme devotion unto Me.


This is the shloka that describes the transcendental state of Brahman that a person enters after attaining perfection. Not to say that he has become Brahman, becoming Brahman here is attaining the state of mind which is similar to the state of Brahman. It also is a journey that a person has to undertake. A person who enters this state of mind is completely pure, neither feels bad for something or desires for anything. His state of mind is such, that he sees all beings equal without differentiating them. Such kind of person alone can attain supreme devotion onto the God, says Lord Krishna.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Every yuga has people who attain this transcendental stage of Brahman from where they fix their devotion to God. One example that we are taking today is from Treyta yuga and the person is King Janak. King Janak is the ruler of the Kingdom of Janaka and the father of Goddess Sita. Janak is a person who attained perfection and had fixed his mind on the formless Brahman. That means he never worshipped God in any form but used to feel him as the formless. He left all his desires and he never differentiated people or had any enmity towards anyone, though he is a king. One day it so happened that Sage Vishwamitra came to King Janaka along with Lord Rama and Lakshman. Volume 3 of Bhagavatham very nicely describes the feeling that Janaka goes through when he sees Lord Rama for the first time. 

Bhagavatham Volume 3, chapter 15 and Verse 26 says “At the sight of Lord Rama, Maharaj Janak became automatically detached from the bliss of the formless Brahman and gets deeply attached to the human form of Sri Maha Vishnu, as Lord Rama”. All this happened in a matter of milliseconds. This is the beauty of Bhakti where a Jnani like Janak who doesn’t believe in any form of God but worships God as formless comes in contact with the God in the form of Lord Rama, forgot everything and from that moment got attached to Him completely. This is the only path through which a person has to come to Bhakti and Bhakti is the only way of seating one’s soul in the abode of Brahman.