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Bhagavadgita Chapter 18 Moksha Sannyas Yoga Verse 12

Chapter 18 Moksha Sannyas Yoga Verse 12
Anishtamishtam mishram cha trividham karmanah phalam;
Bhavatyatyaaginaam pretya na tu sannyaasinaam kwachit.
The threefold fruit of action—evil, good and mixed—
accrues after death to the non-abandoners, but never to the abandoners.

After talking about the man of renunciation, Lord Krishna in this shloka is talking about the three fold fruit of action. This is a follow up to the previous chapters where we understood the fruits that different actions of ours bear. In this context Lord talks about three fold fruit of actions accrued for the three types of actions which are evil, good and mixed. Accrued means receive or get something over a period of time. Lord says that only people who are non-abandoners will get the fruits of all the actions that they commit, whether it is good, bad or evil. Abandoners, are exempted from this and they dont go through all this.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

This shloka tells you what happens to you after death if you are an abandoner and a non-abandoner. A non-abandoner who after his death also experiences the similar things that he experienced when he was alive. The nature of a non-abandoner is to get attached to his works and go through the emotions of pleasure and pain according to a situation. Here I would like to narrate a personal experience. Today I was travelling in a car with a colleague of mine, half of my age. All through the journey he was silent and was thinking something. I asked him what was he thinking about and was he bothered about something. Within a fraction he replied that he is not bothered about anything and even if it does, he wont worry and think about it at all. 

The reply made me to contemplate about myself, who even today, gets worried about many things. Abandoning is a state of mind, that comes to an individual based on his spirituality. I might be more knowledgeable than him, but at that moment, I felt that he is more evolved than me. Non-abandoning brings attachment and attachment brings worries. Even if you do good deeds, getting attached to them, makes you to get attached even after death and that blinds your progress towards God. God is the only person whom you have to get attached to, and every other form of attachment brings you this world again and again, forcing you to do many tasks to get liberated. Non-attachment liberates you from all this and the fruits of all your actions, good bad or mixed will never touch you. 

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