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Chapter 16 Daivasura Sampad Vibhaga Yoga Verse 5

Daivee sampadvimokshaaya nibandhaayaasuree mataa;
Maa shuchah sampadam daiveem abhijaato’si paandava.

The divine nature is deemed for liberation and the demoniacal for bondage. Grieve not, O Arjuna, for thou art born with divine properties!


After talking about the demonic qualities like Hypocrisy and self-conceit in an individual, Lord Krishna in this shloka talks about the purpose of the divine and demonic nature. He says that Divine nature in an individual is said to be only for the sake of his liberation from this World. The demonic nature in an individual is for bondage and suffering that a person has to go through in this World. After telling the purpose of both natures to Arjuna, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna not to feel sad. Lord assures Arjuna that he possesses all the divine properties, so he need not worry about the bondage.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

When one gets to hear both the divine and demonic qualities, it is quite natural that the person worries about the kind of qualities that are present in him. When Lord Krishna tells Arjuna about them, naturally, Arjuna gets a dejected feeling. He feels as if he has some of the demonic qualities in him. That is when Lord has to assure him that he possesses divine qualities. But what really made Arjuna to think that he is demonic in nature? Its the Hypocrisy that worries many. The real meaning of what the Lord says is difficult to understand even today. Everybody has their own way of interpreting things and that leads to a very big question as to what exactly Lord was trying to communicate?

To walk the path of spirituality, what one needs to have is the trust on him and Him. Trust on him that he will never waver from the path shown by Him, and He will always show the path to him till he attains Him. This path takes him through the perils of bondage where the person on the way gets bonded to many things like wealth, fame, respect, recognition etc, forgetting the fact that He is waiting for him. The day he realises that the real purpose of him is to attain Him, then he leaves everything and starts to follow the path towards Him. Once that starts he frees himself from all the bondages and starts to see Him very clearly. 

Arjuna is also in this kind of dilemma. When Lord told him the daivic and demonic qualities, he started to recollect all those things that he had done all his life. His marriage to Draupadi, he entering into the room of Yudishtir when the latter was alone with Draupadi, Arjuna punishing himself by going on vanvaas as a penance and in the process getting married to subhadra by capturing her, he playing the game of dice with Kauravas and all related events flash in front of him. Naturally he gets worried. And as a wise person who believes that one can only learn from their mistakes Lord assures Arjuna not to get too worried and says that he was having the qualities that are required for a daivic person to attain salvation.