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Chapter 16 Daivasura Sampad Vibhaga Yoga Verse 4
Dambho darpo’bhimaanashcha krodhah paarushyameva cha;
Ajnaanam chaabhijaatasya paartha sampadamaasureem.
Hypocrisy, arrogance, self-conceit, harshness and also anger and ignorance, 
belong to one who is born in a demoniacal state, O Arjuna!


After talking about the qualities of a person with daivic or divine qualities, Lord Krishna in this shloka is talking about the qualities that makes a person demonic. He mentions Hypocrisy first amongst them. A person who is a Hypocrite shows himself as something which is he is not. The second quality Lord mentions is arrogance and self-conceit. A person who is self-conceit over estimates his abilities and talks too high of himself. The other qualities that Lord mentions are harshness, anger and ignorance. A person who is harsh and has no control on his anger can never be daivic because harshness and anger are the results of ignorance in him. Any person possessing many or all of these qualities are said to be in demoniacal state, says Lord Krishna.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

When your ego and ignorance become too big than yourself you start talking too much about yourself. This is where a person becomes a hypocrite and self-conceited. A hypocrite is someone who knows what is right but cannot practice it. It is because his senses are unable to control his urges. Take an example of a person who judges others on high moral standards in public life. A person who himself doesnt believe and practice it how can he talk about the same for others? Hypocrisy exists everywhere in this world. Every second person whom you meet is a hypocrite. That is where we need to see the measure of hypocrisy in a person. Moving from demonic to daivic is all about getting rid of hypocrisy in you step by step.

There was a time when I myself was a hypocrite in many things. I used to say, but not do many things myself. Then came a point of self introspection. Is it really essential to say so much in what you don’t do in real? Then I realized that am saying it because my soul wants to say it and believes in it. Now I need to control my senses so that I do what I say.  One by one I started to put into practice all that I would say or believe.  Though many times my mind questioned them, I just controlled my mind saying, when my soul believes in something my mind needs to follow it. I would not say that every bit of hypocrisy is gone, but I would say substantial part of it is being eliminated and am in the process of eliminating it completely. 

Another very important thing that a person has to overcome in his life is self-conceit. We attach so much importance to ourselves and what we believe in. We never give chance to others to say what they wanted to say. But there is a catch here. Self-conceit is a characteristic of a hypocrite and once he starts eliminating the hypocrisy in himself, then self-conceit will disappear. Self-conceit also arises from ignorance and maya. This leads to a wise person being branded as self-conceit. Because we see the world through our eyes, sometimes a wise person trying to give good advice also can be mistaken to a self-conceited person. Everybody should be confident about himself and should exhibit that confidence in front of others. 

A wise person can never see someone making a mistake. So, he imposes his thoughts on the other person. The other person always sees it as interference into his thoughts. This is where self-conceit comes. It is not about imposing your thoughts on others, but it is all about your inability to take the thoughts of a wise man. If you acknowledge someone as wise, he remains so throughout. If you have a problem in accepting his words, its only because of excessive ego in you which is making your beliefs grow bigger than your intellect. That’s the secret of controlling self-conceit. Never allow yourself to grow bigger than your intellect. Always be humble, be silent, be tolerant and be kind. These are the virtues that will help in defeating the self-conceit in you.