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Chapter 15 Purushottama Yoga Verse 7

Mamaivaamsho jeevaloke jeevabhootah sanaatanah;
Manah shashthaaneendriyaani prakritisthaani karshati.

An eternal portion of Myself having become a living soul in the world of life, 
draws to itself the five senses with the mind for the sixth, abiding in Nature.

After talking about the Supreme abode of Him and how one goes there, Lord Krishna in this shloka is talking about the composition of the soul. Lord says that the souls in this whole universe which is also called as material world, are the eternal fragmental parts of the Lord. That means every soul in this universe is created from the fragments of the Lord. Though every soul has the fragments of God, but the nature embedded in each of them is bound by the material energy. The souls that are bound like this are struggling with the five senses that link it to different things and the mind which Lord says is the sixth sense are the primary composition of the soul.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

I have the element of God in me, so does you. But what separates you from me is the material energy carried out by the senses. The nature of material energy of my soul is different from that of yours though the eternal element is same. There are five sense organs and they all need things that can satisfy the body. We are all part of this material energy and that brings us to the question, how does this material energy feel like? It is an energy that engulfs our soul and overshadows its existence. The material energy always attaches more importance to the body than to the soul. For example, if your body wants to relax by going on a holiday to the beachside, then all the senses work in unison in ensuring that this wish of yours is fulfilled.

If by any chance the wish of the body is not fulfilled, then material energy forces the mind to make plans to ensure that the body gets what it wants. Like of a person doesnt get time to go on a holiday due to work pressure, then mind works extra time to ensure that a plan is made by which the person gets the time away from his job to go and enjoy the holiday. It goes to the extent of quitting the job also, if needed. That is the power of material energy and its pull. That is the reason why saints and wise people have always emphasised on getting the bodily needs fulfilled if a person is on the path of moksha. Because when bodily needs are not fulfilled the senses and the material energy associated with it will never allow the soul to explore the eternal energy of God present in it.