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Chapter 15 Purushottama Yoga Verse 4

Tatah padam tat parimaargitavyamYasmin gataa na nivartanti bhooyah; Tameva chaadyam purusham prapadye Yatah pravrittih prasritaa puraanee.

Then that goal should be sought after, wither having gone none returns again. Seek refuge in that Primeval Purusha whence streamed forth the ancient activity or energy.


This shloka is the continuation of the previous shloka that talked about the importance of cutting this inverted peepul tree of the cycle of birth and death with an axe of non-attachment. In this shloka, Lord Krishna says that the only goal that a person should seek is to axe the peepul tree. Once the roots of the tree are cut from the branches then the peepul tree automatically starts to wither and the soul of the individual escapes from the tree and will never return again. Once that is done, then Lord advises the individual to seek refuge in Primaeval Purusha or Purushottama who has evolved Himself from the ancient activity that happened at the beginning of the time.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

The major need for cutting this peepul tree is for the soul that is resting inside. The soul is waiting for the body to realise its goal but the tree which is attached to the senses is busy in fulfilling its needs. The bigger the tree grows, the happier the senses feel. But it forgets the fact that the bigger the tree grows, the more difficult it becomes for the body to escape from the tree and the more difficult it becomes for anyone to cut the tree. So, in a way, there is a lesson hidden for us. The lesson is, we need to come out quickly from the urges of the body, not allowing the tree to grow bigger. When this is not the place to stay, then why spend time there?

But who will give the signal for the body to stop seeking sensual pleasures? It is the onus of the soul to prompt the body to get out of this cycle. This can only be done by a person who is sattvik in nature. A person when he moves from Tamasic to Rajasik to Sattvik guna, he should immediately realise the importance of moving out of this “Samsara Sagara” or the cycle of birth and death. He should not develop attachments nor should take up worldly responsibilities. He should quickly understand that the abode of the Almighty is the rightful place for this soul and thus should seek refuge in the “Purushottama” who is the energy that created the whole of this Universe