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Chapter 14 Guna Triya  Vibhaga Yoga Verse 12

Lobhah pravrittir aarambhah karmanaam ashamah sprihaa;
Rajasyetaani jaayante vivriddhe bharatarshabha.

Greed, activity, the undertaking of actions, restlessness, longing—
these arise when Rajas is predominant, O Arjuna!


This is the second part of the three part shloka that now talks about when the Rajasik nature in an individual will be predominant. The Rajas or the Rajasik guna in an individual is predominant when he is overtaken by greed. Greed is the first step for an individual to get into Rajasik nature. Then he slowly draws himself into activities that are linked to ambition and growth and that creates restlessness and longing in him. Restlessness and longing are the results of his eagerness to achieve success in the tasks that he undertakes. When all these things arise in a person that is when he is engulfed by Rajasic nature, says Lord krishna.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

When you are anxious and restless, just pause for a minute and ask yourself, why are you restless? 99.9% of the time the answer will always be connected to an activity. We get restless when things don’t go according to our plan. We always have a wish list and expect that all that should be fulfilled. In fact, we measure success with the number of tasks that we achieve the given deadline. Chasing a deadline is the primary cause of restlessness. But is doing all this bad? Are we not here to do our duty or dharma? Are those duties not bound by time and the desired result? Is expecting a result from doing those things is undesirable? 

The answers to all the questions are one and simple. Do your work, don’t get attached to it. If we follow this simple principle, we are neither greedy or restless or there will be longing or you will be attached to actions. Think that every work is the gift of God and every task is done in His name. If we approach things with that perspective then all these negative feeling will never touch or affect us. We just have to leave everything to God because He alone knows when to give what. Deadlines are set by God, not by individuals. But there are some defined deadlines as God can never set a deadline directly. Those will be communicated to you through people and events. You should just understand them and act accordingly.