Chapter 13 Kshetra-Kshetrajna Vibhaga Yoga Verse 16

ahirantashcha bhootaanaam acharam charameva cha;Sookshmatwaat tadavijneyam doorastham chaantike cha tat.

Without and within all beings, the unmoving and also the moving; because of His subtlety, unknowable; and near and far away is That.


In this shloka, Lord Krishna is talking a bit more about the existence of the Almighty in the field around us, he starts the shloka by saying that Lord exists outside and within all beings. This means that God exists inside as well as the outside of all beings and then Lord also says that He exists in all the beings that are either movable or immovable. The second part of the shloka focuses on the nature of the God. Lord Krishna says that He is very subtle so by that very nature He tends to become incomprehensible. This nature of incomprehensibility gives us the feeling of unknown. Finally Lord Krishna says that God is very near to you and yet He appears to be very far away.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Understanding this shloka took me some time and made me to go and search, and this is what I have found. “tad ejati tan naijati, taddure tadvantike, tad antar asya sarvasya tadusarvasyasya bahyatah”. It means the Supreme Brahman does not walk yet He walks. He is far but also near. He is inside everything, He is also outside everything. This verse is taken from Upanishads and this also talks about similar thing that Lord is telling Arjuna. He is in a way challenging us to understand His true nature. But why is it required? What does God expect to change in us?

A very subtle point about our outlook towards things is what we need to understand here. When something undesirable goes inside our body, it is not allowed to stay inside and we sneeze or vomit or through bowel movements eject that out of our body. When something undesirable falls on us, we take bath or wash that area and cleanse it. But this doesn’t happen as promptly or as vigorously as it happened inside the body. When something undesirable falls in the place where we live, we dont show that much care as we do if it falls on our body. We just take some time but clean it at the time of our convenience. But do we bother about the undesirable that is there outside our house? In fact all the dirt inside we ourselves throw it out. 

From our childhood days we learnt cleanliness is Godliness. Where things are clean, God exists there. But what is undesirable here? Is it also not something created by God? Yes it is, but an unclean thing is no longer life bearing and it has to be discarded, just like you discard a rotten apple or a dead body because without life it becomes unclean and undesirable. God exists everywhere and just keeping your body clean is not enough. Next time you spit on the road, think about it. spit is something that needs to be discarded and road is a place where you walk. How can you allow your discard to be touched by someone else who also has the same Godliness as yours existing?

Am not giving a lecture on moral science here but if you really believe God exists in everything inside as well as outside, it is very important for us to respect that Godliness. People urinating on walls, people littering the places where we walk and sit, people spitting on the walls and staircases we touch should all think and think deep that cleanliness is not “Swachh Bharat” kind of a movement that is seen from a political point of view, but it is a virtue that has to be understood from the fact that God exists everywhere and the discard of us should not touch Him. If you see God in every being, you will surely take care of the discard from touching him in whom there is a Him.