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Bhagavadgita Chapter 11 Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga Verse 9

Chapter 11 Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga Verse 9

Tatraikastham jagatkritsnam pravibhaktamanekadhaa;
Apashyaddevadevasya shareere paandavastadaa.

There, in the body of the God of gods, Arjuna then saw the whole universe 
resting in the one, with its many groups.


This shloka talks about what Arjuna sees when Lord starts showing him Vishwaroopam. The description is made in such a way that this Vishwaroopam is compared to the person who is the God of all the gods. We have already discussed that this Vishwaroopam is not of Lord Krishna but it is of Maha Vishnu, whose avataara is Lord Krishna. In the body of Maha Vishnu, Arjuna sees the whole universe in its full glory. This Universe is seen in His body and all the parts of this universe are clearly visible in many of the groups that it is made of.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Have you ever felt seeing a person that he/she is the whole world? Meaning, he/she has the knowledge and exposure of the whole world?¬† If you have felt, that’s a true feeling. Many times we have dealt with this this and I am saying this again. Salvation is the journey from being a primitive soul to the most accomplished one. The size of the soul starts from a small entity to become as big as the whole Universe. During the process you see the glimpses of the person’s greatness through his knowledge and understanding of things. The symbolic representation of this is seeing the whole world in him.

Great souls like Lord Krishna are bestowed with greatness right from their childhood. It is not the first time that the Lord is showing His vishwaroopam. During His childhood, when Yashoda’s maids complained that Krishna was eating mud, she runs to Krishna, punishes Him and asks Him to open the mouth. That is when she was able to see the whole cosmos in His mouth. Yashoda is shocked and stunned and just keeps seeing it until Krishna touches her and brings her back to normalcy. The same Vishwaroopam, Lord shows to Arjuna now.

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