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Chapter 11 Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga Verse 6

Sanjaya Uvaacha:
Evamuktwaa tato raajan mahaayogeshwaro harih;
Darshayaamaasa paarthaaya paramam roopamaishwaram.

Sanjaya said:
Having thus spoken, O king, the great Lord of Yoga, Hari,
showed to Arjuna His supreme form as the Lord!


One has to always remember that this entire war scene at Kurukshetra is being watched by another person, who has a gift of seeing things that are at a distance. King Dhritarashtra is blind, so cannot go to the battle field nor see what is happening there. Hence, Sanjaya is narrating the entire episode of what is happening in the battle field to Dhritarashtra in the Palace itself. He starts to narrate to King that, Lord Krishna has now started to show His Supreme Cosmic form to Arjuna and the process has just began. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

We all in our lives would have seen people who can foresee things and tell them well in advance or see things as they are happening and narrate them being at a distance. This phenomenon is known as intuitive knowledge, which can only come when the mind and body or the sub-conscious and the conscious thinking as we refer to, are in perfect sync with each other. Sanjaya is one such person during the Dwapara yuga times who was bestowed with such knowledge. This comes up as a result of a lot of spiritual practice and when the sattvik guna in a person increases to almost the peak. 

Sanjaya is the son of a charioteer Gavalgana. He is also the disciple of Veda Vyasa and had recieved a lot of divine knowledge from the sage. Today’s world equivalent is seeing things on Television Live. Sanjaya doesn’t need a live TV for seeing such things. All those who might be smiling at this and thinking that its a fictitious story just recollect the fact that we are talking about Dwapara yuga where the levels of human spiritual development is way ahead of Kaliyuga times. If we look at it in comparative terms, in descending Kaliyuga we had no power to see anything beyond our vision and it is slowly in the ascending kaliyuga time we are starting to see the spiritual development in beings. 

Scientific advancements and spirituality go hand in hand and spirituality is different from religion. If one understands this simple difference everything else is easier to comprehend. The skill that people like Sanjaya had in Dwapara yuga disappeared in descending Kaliyuga and slowly started to re-appear in technological form in ascending Kaliyuga. As the spirituality in an individual increases, and as we go into Ascending Dwapara yuga, things that are much superior and advanced than what we saw in previous Dwapara yuga might appear. This is a topic that needs more explanation and will be dealt with in the coming shlokas.