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Chapter 11 Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga Verse 38

Sri Bhagavaan Uvaacha:

Mayaa prasannena tavaarjunedamRoopam  param darshitamaatmayogaat;
Tejomayam vishwamanantamaadyamYanme twadanyena na drishtapoorvam.

The Blessed Lord said:

O Arjuna, this Cosmic Form has graciously been shown to thee by Me by My own Yogic power;
full of splendour, primeval, and infinite, this Cosmic Form of Mine has never been seen before by anyone other than thyself.


After listening to Arjuna about the Vishwaroopam and its different aspects finally Lord Krishna starts to speak. He tells Arjuna that the Lord has been gracious enough to show the cosmic form of the Lord. This cosmic form also includes the yogic power of the Lord. This cosmic form is full of splendor or “Tejas” as it is referred to. It is also all pervading, combing all directions and its infinite in its form. Lord Krishna also says that this “Vishwaroopam” was never seen before by anyone else other than Arjuna himself. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

What is the yogic power or yoga maya power of the God? This is the energy that a person gets by integrating the subconscious mind of the Lord with the other senses of the body. Here Lord has created a whole universe through this yoga maya power. Why is it then called maya or illusion? It is because it exists but doesnt exist. It means that the whole universe that Lord has shown in His Vishwaroopam is real as well as illusionary.

Let us understand how.
Eyes are one of the sense organs through which we see things. We can see as far as our vision goes. But what if you see things that are beyond your vision on a television screen or on a mobile phone? You know it is real but you also know that what you are seeing is illusionary. That means you can only see it, you cant feel it or live it. Same applies to Lord’s Yoga maya. The Vishwaroopam shown exists in reality but what Arjuna has seen is the illusionary part of it. It is only possible through the technique called Yoga maya.
In yoga maya, you can, with the power of integration of senses with subconscious mind can create an universe which is parallel to what you are seeing. Sometimes we do that with words and alphabets. Suppose you are reading a novel which is very interesting and gripping. Without your knowledge your mind will create an image of that and it starts moving infront of you. This is just temporary and lasts for few moments. But if you turn into a yogi you can see the image of the universe that is more permanent and ever-lasting. That is what is the meaning of Yogic power.