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Bhagavadgita Chapter 11 Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga Verse 33

Chapter 11 Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga Verse 33

Sakheti matwaa prasabham yaduktamHe krishna he yaadava he sakheti;
Ajaanataa mahimaanam tavedamMayaa pramaadaat pranayena vaapi.

Whatever I have presumptuously uttered from love or carelessness, addressing Thee as O Krishna! O Yadava! O Friend! 
regarding Thee merely as a friend, unknowing of this, Thy greatness,


Finally Arjuna comes to point that had constantly kept on worrying him from the time he saw the Vishwaroopam of the Lord. The point was Arjuna was way too careless and casual with a person who he later discovers is none other than the avatara of God. When that thought strikes him, he gets worried and starts fearing that Lord has misunderstood him. So, he tells Lord Krishna that there were many times when he out of carelessness called Lord Krishna as just Krishna or Yadava or friend. This he says has happened unknowingly and without knowing the greatness of the Lord. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

This shloka underscores the importance of wise people in our lives. Arjuna always had Krishna in his life to guide him and never made him realise that He is God. Krishna always behaved as a friend to Arjuna sometimes allowing Arjuna to dominate him in words as well as actions. The point that comes to mind here is, why such things happen? Why do wise people come into our lives and remains with us? The path to salvation is complex and sometimes beyond our comprehension. We do mistakes in life and its the wise who rescue us from doing so.

There are many genuine dilemmas that we face in lives for which we need a “margadarshak” or a shower of the right path. Not everyone gets it, only few lucky people have it. The biggest mistake that everyone of us commit is moving away from the dharma. When you move away from your dharma, not only you, but your entire family has to face and bear the consequences of it. One has to also understand that if he being a part of the family or society or organization doesnt follow his dharma, there are chances that it will directly or indirectly affect other people prompting them also to deviate from that path. Let us take an example here.

Let us take a family where one person has deviated from the path of dharma because of which the family is on the verge of the crisis. Here the head of the family is trying his best to avert the crisis. But unless everyone follows their dharma completely the efforts of even the head of the family cannot yield results. The worse that can happen is seeing the head of the family suffer, one of the sensitive member of the family, to help the family tide over the crisis deviates himself from his dharma. Then will the family come out of the crisis? Is that sacrifice worth giving?

The answer is no. That in no way resolves the crisis or solves the problem of the family. That is where an advisor is essential. Ways of dharma are subtle. If someone deviates the path of dharma, you have to put them on the path of dharma, rather than you yourself deviating from your dharma. You cannot walk their path or try to do multiple people’s job. You have nothing in your hands other than doing what you have chosen to do. If you have the power to take everything on your head and deliver you will become God. Even God, who comes in the avatara of man will not do it. It is because, dharma is one’s own responsibility and no one can do anyone’s dharma. 

If Lord Krishna wanted he could have solved the crisis of Pandavas in a minute and there would have been no need for a war. But the deviation of dharma by different individuals at different points necessitated the war, and Lord Krishna has no role to play but to follow His dharma. That’s what Lord Krishna is doing and advising Arjuna to do. That’s how a margadarshak will help you. That is why one needs  a margadarshak in their lives, one as wise as Lord Krishna.

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