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Chapter 11 Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga Verse 29

Arjuna Uvaacha:
Sthaane hrisheekesha tava prakeertyaaJagat prahrishyatyanurajyate cha;
Rakshaamsi bheetaani disho dravantiSarve namasyanti cha siddhasanghaah.

Arjuna said:
O Master of the senses, it is but apt that the universe rejoices in giving you praise and is enamoured by You;
demons fly in fear to all quarters and the hosts of the perfected ones bow to Thee!


Arjuna starts to speak again after the Lord reminds him the duties to be performed. He starts by praising Krishna calling Him the master of senses. He says that the entire universe feels very happy and rejoices in giving praises to the Lord who has showered all His love on this universe and its beings. He then goes on to say that all the demons and the other negative beings fly in the fear to every direction seeing the Lord while all the souls that are perfected by God, bow to Him with respect and devotion. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

A change is clearly observed in Arjuna in the way he is talking now. This change has come after Lord tells Arjuna that all the enemies who stood against him have been killed by the Lord Himself thought-wise and he now needs to kill them physically. After this He doesnt get scared of the Vishwaroopam of the Lord and start seeing good things in it. Once the fear evaporates we see things differently and that’s what Arjuna is experiencing now. In a way Lord has given him an assurance that he can kill all the enemies and the Lord is behind him.

Whenever we are doing things that are on the side of dharma we silently get that assurance that God is on our side. Yes, you might face problems while executing your task but ultimately, at crucial times when you need the divine intervention, Lord will always extend His support in one or the other way through one or the other person. Another important message coming out of this shloka is how good prevails over evil. The deadliest demons of our mind also can be driven out when the thought of God comes into our minds. Let’s take an example to understand.

You are doing a very tough job that needs lot of courage, balanced thinking and fearless attitude. There will be situations, where hundred times your mind gets self doubts about your ability to do the task, whether that task is really important or whether it is really required to be done facing all the odds. These are nothing but demons in the form of thoughts, affecting our mind and deviating us from the act. When you invoke the name of the Almighty, who is the controller and ruler of all senses, these demons will automatically go off, giving you back the courage and strength to do the task. This is what even Arjuna is experiencing now.