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Chapter 11 Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga Verse 2


Evametadyathaattha twamaatmaanam parameshwara;

Drashtumicchaami te roopamaishwaram purushottama.


Now, O Supreme Lord, as Thou hast thus described Thyself,

O Supreme Person, I wish to see Thy Divine Form!


This shloka follows up the previous shloka where Arjuna had surrendered himself to the divine glories of Lord Krishna. In this shloka also Arjuna continues the same tone and tells that Lord Krishna, step by step had narrated about the greatness of Himself in entirety. Arjuna also prays with divinity to Lord Krishna and calls him the Supreme Lord and a Supreme person. He then goes on to request Lord Krishna to show him the Divine form of the Lord, which we also call as “Vishwaroopam”.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

There is an important point that one needs to understand here and that is about the divine form of Lord. What exactly is the divine form? Will only a God like Lord Krishna should have it? But if Lord Krishna is a God then why is He appearing in human form to Arjuna? Is Lord Krishna a God or a human? One needs to understand that Lord Krishna is an Avatara of Lord Vishnu. Krishna is in the human form. Man is a creation of God and thus God can come in the form of a human and that happens once in a yuga. In treyta yuga God came in the form of Rama and in the Dwapara Yuga He came in the form of Krishna.

Even at the end of Kali Yug also God will come in a human form to liberate people and show them the right path. It will again be in the human form, which is considered to be highest and the most evolved form in all the species. Everyone is waiting for the God to come again at the end of Kaliyug which is just few years away to show us the path. Arjuna here wants to see the real form of the Lord who is behind this human form that He has taken. So, Arjuna requests Lord Krishna to show him the Lord’s divine form, which is what every bhakt would ask his master. Let’s see what Lord Krishna says.