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Who is Ram!

Who is Ram?

To know who is Ram take out the evil from you, to bring out Ram in you.
Sounds very simple yet very powerful!


Ram is not just a three-letter word it’s much beyond that but still he is just a Human like all of us. Yet he is the most eligible person on this planet not because he is God’s avatar but because of the person, he is by nature.

Ram is stronger than anyone in the world yet he is very patient. Ram is the supreme yet simple, Ram is the remover of evil and restorer of Good. Ram is in every heartbeat of us and he is the one who drives the life of people. Ram is not special he is a normal human being. Ram is the one who makes our every wish come true, Ram is Peace, Harmony, Compassion, Truth & Progress. Ram lives in every household.

When Ram is present everywhere why is so much of ignorance and darkness around?

Life is a battle between Ram vs Ravana. These are the two forces that pull us towards and away from our goals.

Ram and Ravana are not two oppositions fighting to win but they are two feelings and two forces that drive every human being in his life towards his success or failure. Like Ravana has ten heads every good activity to happen needs to pass through 10 evils.
Enlightening one’s inner self is the most difficult task one has to do and it’s never too late for anyone.

Follow your Dharma you’ll find Ram there! Be patient to see through these changes. Life is the journey of transformation from bad to good to better to best. Let the Ram in you bring out the best!

Are you listening to me?

Do you even bother what are my needs? 
I’m asking you. Keep your expectations aside for a minute and think about my wishes. Don’t I have enough freedom to do what I want to? This is what young India is thinking inside without speaking out and it continues…

I could’ve been a Shah Rukh, I could’ve been a Sachin or I could’ve been a Modi. But unfortunately, I’m not any one of those instead I’m now a most hated person on this earth because I’m a terrorist. They say god cannot be everywhere and that is why we have parents and teachers. Such a good saying that, it’s proving out to be just a saying though. The reason I say this is because are the kids of today’s generation getting the enough freedom to decide and do what they like? It is the parent who needs to give proper attention and guidance to their kids but in doing that they are stealing the happiness of Children knowingly or unknowingly.

Watching the song will blame the boy for what he had done! But has anyone noticed that the boy was drawing pictures when the teacher caught him and while others were disturbing? The teacher didn’t have the time to listen. When he returns home, his dad didn’t have the time to listen. Before removing him from the school the Principal didn’t have the time to listen. They all were busy passing judgments nobody has the time to listen.

That boy represents the desire of millions of teenagers of India today and yesterday.

Have the parents ever tried to listen to their children, especially the teenagers? Have they ever tried to find out what they want to do in life? If you don’t listen to them, somebody else will. And the teenage boy will go to that somebody who will listen to him. If that somebody is his spoilt friend who smokes and plays a card, he will listen to him. If that somebody is a terrorist, he will listen to him.

The result is for us to see. Either you end up going to a remand home or you end up as a shy and fearful boy who is suppressed forever. His talents, skill, and creativity are killed forever.
Watch the song one more time. You will see your future there. And you know what is your duty. Listen.

That is the first step towards contemplation. Maybe a change in few can make India where every right-thinking teenager doesn’t take the wrong way!

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Real Freedom vs Actual Freedom

Gandhi ji said that the real freedom is seeing the women walking bravely and peacefully on the roads in midnight.
But on the big new year day with 1500 policemen in action, you get to see more than 30 women molested in public. What’s happening to this country and you get to see this in a city which is known to be the best in the country.

Above this, all Molestation charges were not even filed!

Who said terrorism are the most harmful people when we have so many people who are way harmful than terrorists. Action needs to be taken or we are to see much more Nirbhaya cases.

Men also are sensitive and sensible but there are few men who are sick and stupid, but do you make a count of who is good and who is bad? Is police department not equally responsible for this? Should we actor still keep thinking!? Are the females of this country really Enjoying freedom?                   

To end – Punish those who commit sin and rest will follow!

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Teaching – A profession which is not given the same importance as any other profession in the world

“The Lamp is lit; the wait is finally over and so is the wait for right stick. the decision has been taken and the path for future is ready. The ammunition for meeting the future challenges is loaded”

“A Teacher is Born”

“And the Nation will be competent and successful when the teacher is successful in fulfilling his responsibility” – Chanakya
Teaching – A profession which is not given the same importance as any other profession in the world. People think teaching is not a lucrative profession it does not give you the money and fame that one hopes for. What people feel is & what it actually is very different and the reality is beyond one’s expectations.
Let me tell you who exactly a teacher is from the knowledge that I’ve gathered since my childhood till now. A teacher is the one who takes up the responsibility of shaping up future of student in every possible manner and decides the path of a student, I repeat it’s the teacher who decides the path of the student. As Chanakya says – “Teacher is the one who struggles, falls, fails & takes every pain but never gives up”. Never in Teacher’s life, he/she should give up. The teacher is the one who builds the nation and his success is nation’s success and for achieving that success one can even go to the stage of using the weapon until it falls in the dharma of a teacher. Now talking about the reality teaching is a profession not made for losers but it is seen that way. We have numerous examples of great teachers(guru) from ancient periods. Starting from Vishwamithra, Parashuram, Chanakya in the ancient days to Ramakrishna, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Rabindranath Tagore in the modern era. Taking it to world Socrates, Plato in the ancient era and Maxwell, JM Keynes, John Nash in the modern era.
Talking about present era teachers, we have great people like Raghuram Rajan, Bhagwati, Manmohan Singh, Amartya Sen & APJ Abdul Kalam. Who were all teachers by profession in their early stages and went on to reach the heights and in the process created so many professionals of today who in their own way are shaping the future of this Country!
Patriotism is not a feeling. It’s not just standing up for the national anthem, nor to celebrate Team India’s victory. Patriotism is a responsibility to one’s nation and that is fulfilled when you make a real and tangible difference to people. I chose that path, that path of motivating, creating and molding individuals, touching their lives and making that difference. That difference which creates disciplined individuals who would mold the future of India.
Yes, my future begins here and begins with the first step taken towards building my nation!

I am a TEACHER!!!

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Indian Cricket Team

India -A place where cricket is treated as a religion, thanks to famous World Cup victory by Kapil Dev and team in the year 1983. This team was called as complete Indian team as the team had players from different parts of India, unlike previous teams where most of the players were from Mumbai. So, 1983 not just made one day cricket famous but has also made India a recognized cricketing nation.

Everything was perfect, but then came aspect of ‘bheda’ = ‘dividing’ in the team and that resulted in rifts. Groupism took the center stage, the Indian team was divided into 2 groups to be precise one led by Kapil & other by Gavaskar. This didn’t lead to anywhere for team India and it resulted in unnecessary damage to team India and players individually. When you represent the country, you represent set of people, not an individual which was highly followed in that era. People were more interested in individual milestones. Slowly time moved and we had great players like Sachin Tendulkar coming and tried to change the things but he alone was not able to make any change and he stepped down as a captain to be a normal player. Then started the new era in Indian cricket called the Dada era.

Sourav Ganguly a person who just not became successful captain he brought the change, the change which was most needed. He brought in players like Yuvraj, Harbhajan, Kaif, Dhoni etc he motivated young talents and built the confidence in the minds of team players. He was successful in winning NatWest series chasing down mammoth 326. He went on to become most successful Indian captain. Yes, we did lose Wc final in 2003 because it was still a team in making.

But his time is getting over what does he do!?

That’s when he groomed and created a new captain MS Dhoni. The era in which India won the World Cup after 28 years is Dhoni Era. Dhoni was just not a captain he was a mentor who supported young talent and kept on taking risks which were worth. Remember Joginder Sharma’s final over 2007 T20 Wc victory. He then went on to bring in players like Raina, Ashwin, Jadeja, Kohli and much more. Now we all know he is the most successful captain winning almost everything that’s there to be won. He was selfless and always put the team ahead in success but took all blame for failures. He failed in 2016 WC. Right when everybody was rooting him for Wc 2019 he had different plans.

He felt the time has come for him to step down & he silently moved on and before any rift could occur he instilled confidence in ViratKohli, he motivated him and groomed him for captaincy. Kohli now is more matured & does things much better than what he did earlier and he has put his emotions to a limit.

Dada & Dhoni were absolutely same expect with their style of handling yet their vision was bull’s eye. Now that the “Bheda” factor is no more seen in Indian team it’s Virat Show and he will be able to take India to new heights.

Understand that the last Sunday Victory was not just a few days’ work its continuous hard work and self-belief that the team is carrying in each of them. This confidence, motivation, self-belief and hard work are no ways going waste.

To end this Wishing ViratKohli very good luck for his new role. And you all just believe in self-belief! Success is waiting for you.

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Dangal – Aamir Khan

Let me start off by saying this, Dangal is one such movie which is more hype than what it is real. I’ve heard people talking about emotional connect that this movie brings and also seen people making it a point that this is a better movie than Salman’s Sultan. But is it so?

The movie starts off in same old Bollywood style with a short intro of Mahavir Singh Phogat played by Aamir Khan. A movie which talks about the unfulfilled journey of a wrestler and how he becomes successful by end of the story to reach his ultimate dream. The first half is a bit of a drag focusing too much on the journey of two sisters into wrestling. The best part of the first half was the pain that girls suffered and determination that Father shows in keeping girls focused on wrestling.

Second half elevates the movie to next level. The movie here gets into the more motivational mode and tries to explain how one needs to be cautious about the success and victory that they achieve. there comes a moment when Geeta gets distracted from her goals and goes on to lose in all the important matches until her sister Babita comes to her rescue and yes it’s Aamir Khan was as always fantastic in bringing her daughter back to normal and makes her so powerful in all ways possible to make her win the medals.

Now about the performances no wonder the best actor for this movie is Mr. Aamir khan and the girls have done a great job, great casting but what was missing was the story. Yes, Mahavir Singh Phogat wife role was also very well played by SakshiTanwar. Though the movie was looking good next scenes were predictable and it was like the same movie with the sad+emotional end! The climax was also not something new and I feel it lacked that creative end.

Comparing this movie with Sultan isn’t a right choice as the story behind the movies are both different and can’t be comparable. But yes this was a completely serious movie with not much of entertainment but all filled with lots of message oriented dialogues.

Takeaways from the movie – Everyone has a coach, mentor & guru in life but it is important that whoever it is you are the one responsible for all your actions and having a right coach is more important than having 10-15 coaches. Another aspect is coming out of successive failures isn’t easy and to deal with the need to face it.

Problems in the movie are too much of dragging and so much of Geeta’s life story and nothing of Babita’s life story was shown which makes it a bad touch to the movie and of course Less entertainment.

My rating for this movie stands out to be at 3/5. Reasons for this rating will be absolutely sublime acting of three important characters that is Mahavir Singh Phogat, Geeta, and Babita.

Lastly, if one has watched this movie Sultan and wants to compare it with Dangal it’s not the right choice because Dangal is not made for records but it is one such movie which will tell you how to be a successful person. A movie which is more suitable and closer to athletes and sports persons.

More importantly for me personally this is a good movie worth watch but keep your expectations low and yes, you’ll be able to experience a great movie.
For me, this is the better movie between Sultan and Dangal.

To end this India has changed a lot from what was a movie called Matrubhumi- A nation without women to a movie called Dangal which talks about two brave women fighting it out to win matches and make the nation proud against all odds.

Fourth Factor Affecting Monsoon

As promised earlier, I will talk today to you all about the fourth factor that affects the Indian Monsoon.
Before that the three factors that we looked at were
2. Mascarene High
3. IOD – Indian Ocean Dipole

Unlike the other three factors, this fourth factor isn’t a new thing to most of us but it is something that is common in Summer. That is ‘Heat’.

Heating up of India Peninsula is the fourth factor which affects the Monsoon. For Indian Peninsula to heat up, the temperatures in May should be higher than that of April. This helps in creating of low pressure that pulls the winds into Indian Peninsula.

Just Look at the Average Temperatures of April and May along with Rainfall Percentages for each of the years in the attached picture.

Looking at the statistics for 16 years for the average temperatures in Hyderabad City, you can observe whenever the May temperature was higher than April we had a Normal monsoon. Refer to the years 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 2011 2013. All these years had Normal, above normal or near normal monsoon ranging from 98% to 108%.

The cooler May is associated with El Nino which results in unseasonal rainfall in all the Monsoon deficit years except 2009 & 2015 where El Nino Dominated.

Summer peaks in the month of May and a hot summer is very much required for good monsoon. 2017 April was a very hot month with 40.7 average but the first two days of may started off on a cooler note at 39 and 38.

So let’s hope for a hot may without much rain so that we can have a rainy monsoon from June to September. My next update on the fifth factor affecting the monsoon and the predictions for 2017 monsoon will come in the last week of May.

Monsoon in India


Monsoon can simply be understood as Rainy season which starts off in June and stays until October. In textbook terms, the monsoon is actually a seasonal shift in wind direction and pressure distribution that causes a change in precipitation. Monsoon in India is a very crucial factor as we Indians rely much on Agriculture and its Allied activities. Monsoon is the second season that India experiences in a year which falls for 4 months starting in June. Going deeper Monsoon is rainy season carried by high winds from Indian ocean mainly over South Asian countries and North East African countries.

How Important is Monsoon for India?

Monsoon is very important for India as India is the Agro-based economy. We have seen bad monsoons for consecutive 2 years 2014 & 2015 which has impacted the Agriculture output. Whereas a normal monsoon last year at 97% has proven to be fantastic for Agriculture output. Better Monsoon will lead to good agriculture production which means good income for farmers. Higher income for Farmers will then lead to higher demand and higher consumption.

Year wise Monsoon Percentage Rainfall

2010- 102% (Normal)
2011- 102% (Normal)
2012- 93% (Okay)
2013- 106% (Good)
2014- 88%(Bad)
2015- 86%(Bad)
2016- 97% (Normal)
2017- 96%(Expected)

What are factors that affect the Monsoon?

Indian Monsoon is analyzed looking at five major factors. Today we shall discuss first three factors and they are:
1. ENSO – El Nino Southern Oscillator is a condition that affects the monsoon. Normally the Cold winds from South America travel to Australia which enjoys summer. These winds will give rise to rain as Australian land is filled with heat. The rains start in Australia in the month of April due to these hot & cold winds intersection and then move to countries like Indonesia & Malaysia by May and reach India in June. But, if these cold winds are stopped midway and turn into warm winds that are when the Monsoon gets delayed or spoiled. This factor is called as El Nino.

2. Mascarene High – It is like a fuel to the monsoon. It’s basically a booster where the High pressure gets built in Madagascar to speed up the monsoon winds and fasten Monsoon winds movement towards India. Interestingly Mascarene High is already formed which means the fuel is ready and waiting for winds from South America.

3. Indian Ocean Dipole – It is the temperature gradient difference between the western and eastern side of the Indian ocean. Here you would want the High temperature in Western Indian ocean when compared to the Eastern part of Indian Ocean. The Western side is the South African border countries like Somalia, Kenya & Tanzania, Eastern side of Indian ocean is taken by Australia. So, When the Temperature is lower in eastern side the winds get pushed to move to high-temperature places like Somalia and Kenya.

Favorable vs. Unfavorable:

1. ENSO: As seen in the first figure the winds are not moving towards Australia but they are coming back that indicates conditions of El Nino which is getting active. This could affect the moment of the monsoon winds towards Indonesia and India.

2. Mascarene High: The second figure shows the formation of Mascarene High near Madagascar that pushes up the winds. Mascarene high forms at 1028hPa pressure. So at 1030hPa the pressure is already formed. Thus, this is one big positive for Indian monsoon.

3. Indian Ocean Dipole is presently neutral with 28 degree temperature both near the African and Australian coast.This is considered as neutral.

Overall, we have one negative factor of El Nino, one positive factor as Mascarene High and one neutral factor as IOD. Which gives a 50% chance of a successful monsoon.

Today afternoon Indian Meteorological Department came out with first 96% rainfall for India.

I will talk about the other two factors contributing & the further progress of the Indian Monsoon in 1st week of May. Until then stay tuned and let’s hope for things moving in a positive direction for Indian Monsoon.

Prevent yourself from getting a heat stroke?

April is here and it’s summer time. We live in a city that’s a concrete jungle with temperature and radiation rising with every passing year. I had a different topic for my Tuesday post but last minute I changed my mind when I looked at the way temperatures have been rising. Let me tell you some statistics and talk few precautions that one should take.

  1. Do you know that last year April month was hotter than May? Yes, April was the hottest month with the average temperature of41.5 degrees compared to May which had 39.5 as the average temperature. The highest temperature of 43.3 degrees was recorded on 13th April last year which was the highest April temperature in last 40 plus years. It was also the highest temperature for last summer. May month had a highest of only 42 degrees.
  2. 2 years out of 5 years, April had an average temperature of 41. The average temperature for April is 38 degrees only. In 2013 it was 41.3 and in 2016 it was 41.5 making it the hottest ever April. Temperatures have been rising in the last 15 years continuously. Last 5 years averaged 39 degrees compared to 38 degrees in 2007-2011 and 37.5 degrees the 5 years before that. Hyderabad is slowly becoming a concrete jungle.
  3. This year April is having an average of 39.8 degrees for 11 days with the highest of 40.8 degrees. The feel like the temperature is 2 to 3 degrees higher than actual high draining all the fluids from your body. Adding to that is the dust and pollution. Humidity is also one of the lowest ever averaging around 36. Such low humidity means dry air that further absorbs all the vital fluids.

How to prevent yourself from getting a heat stroke?

  1. Drink plenty of fluids. Maintain adequate glucose and salt content in your body by taking fruit juices and non-aerated drinks plenty of times in a day.
    2. Wear lighter shades of clothes and avoid going out in the sun especially on two wheelers.
    3. Avoid too much exercising or gymming as it can have an adverse impact on the balance of your body fluids.
    4. Avoid direct exposure to the sun after spending long hours in Air conditioned rooms. Sudden change in the temperature will be harmful.

How to identify symptoms of heat stroke?
1. You feel too thirsty and too weak. Muscle cramps are also common.
2. Dizziness and mild fever with nauseating sensation
3. Lack of sweating followed by cold chilling feeling.

Many bodies are not adaptable to summers and it takes time. Give it time and go slow. Keep yourself protected and wait for the monsoons, which is just 2 months away now! And monsoon is my favorite season!