Hyderabad – Pondicherry

Distance, Closeness, Integrity, Bond, Differences, Culture, Knowledge building, Mindsets, People, Self-Belief.

When a long weekend is on your side you would never want to miss the chance of holidaying. But I had different plans for a Holiday and it was on Short trip to Pondicherry, Auroville – Mother’s Abode. The trip was filled with lots of positivity and learning with lot of energy and I do not want to lose the opportunity to share those experiences. It was a short trip but those vibes will last long. Peaceful atmosphere, Spiritual Power and Positivity are the ingredients served by the air of Auroville – Pondicherry. I feel fortunate enough to visit Auroville at the right time of my life.

How magical is this world?

Air travel of 1 hr 30 mins is what it takes to transform yourself from the Rajasic energies in place like Hyderabad to the serene Satvik world of Auroville. We humans are so much into our day to day activities that many of us are not bothered about self-development which is a vital aspect of human existence. Putting it simpler it is very important for individual to discover inner self and that’s when you are going to achieve your goals. Growing within leads to a newer you. Coincidentally these are the things that Aurobindo tells in his writings and I could get the message only when I stepped into mother’s abode.

“All he tells is inner discovery is not the end but a beginning of new chapter in one’s life”.

I still wonder after coming back the amount of differences that can be seen in the life styles Hyderabad and Auroville is immense. Differences are visible in the way of culture, style of living and approach towards life. Knowledge is the only thing which one can get for free in a world nothing comes free. Knowledge is free because it is omni present and one has to just fetch his arms to embrace it. Everything else comes with tag or monetary value.

Auroville has taught me that like God is omniscient, Knowledge is also omni present. But problem lies in ourselves.  Like we see God in Idols, we also see that Knowledge in Books. Like we offer something to God for fulfilling our wishes, we feel that passing examinations is the benchmark for knowledge. But we fail to understand that things that happen to us in day-day life teach us many lessons of life. But we ignore those events thus ignoring the knowledge coming from them.

My belief in seeing things holistically has gained much more strength after this trip.

Let the big picture come to you also, try to absorb knowledge that is all around you. This is the mantra for true success in life!!