what is life

Do you even bother what are my needs?

I’m asking you. Keep your expectations aside for a minute and think about my wishes. Don’t I have enough freedom to do what I want to? This is what young India is thinking inside without speaking out and it continues…

I could’ve been a Shah Rukh, I could’ve been a Sachin or I could’ve been a Modi. But unfortunately, I’m not anyone of those instead I’m now a most hated person on this earth because I’m a terrorist. They say god cannot be everywhere and that is why we have parents and teachers. Such a good saying that, it’s proving out to be just a saying though. The reason I say this is because are the kids of today’s generation getting enough freedom to decide and do what they like? It is the parent who needs to give proper attention and guidance to their kids but in doing that they are stealing the happiness of Children knowingly or unknowingly.

That boy represents the desire of millions of teenagers of India today and yesterday.

Watching the song will blame the boy for what he had done! But has anyone noticed that the boy was drawing pictures when the teacher caught him and while others were disturbing? The teacher didn’t have the time to listen. When he returns home, his dad didn’t have the time to listen. Before removing him from the school the Principal didn’t have the time to listen. They all were busy passing judgments nobody has the time to listen.

Have the parents ever tried to listen to their children, especially teenagers?

Have they ever tried to find out what they want to do in life? If you don’t listen to them, somebody else will. And the teenage boy will go to that somebody who will listen to him. If that somebody is his spoilt friend who smokes and plays a card, he will listen to him. If somebody is a terrorist, he will listen to him.

The result is for us to see. Either you end up going to a remand home or you end up as a shy and fearful boy who is suppressed forever. His talents, skill, and creativity are killed forever. Watch the song one more time. You will see your future there. And you know what is your duty. Listen.

That is the first step towards contemplation. Maybe a change in few can make India where every right-thinking teenager doesn’t take the wrong way!

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