About Blog!

What is Blog about?

I am Sriram, a management professional and a professor of Finance in a business school at Hyderabad. Apart from Finance am interested in various aspects that affect our day to day life, whether it’s sports or politics or climate or occult or fitness. This website is the window to my thoughts. This window will give you my thoughts and insights from me and this I feel is my responsibility. My responsibility because I want to serve the society that gave me this much, by giving back whatever little I can!

Sriram Speaks is a website that gives you insights about Philosophy, Politics & Economics, Finance, Astrology and Sports & Entertainment. You can read them, interact and ask questions and participate in discussions. I encourage free and frank discussion without getting abusive and biased. Come, read and ask your questions and get a perspective that enriches you to take various decisions in life!

Why this Blog?

There was a time when you tune into the radio and you get everything you wanted. You open your newspaper you get the panoramic view of the World. News and Opinions those days were equal and all encompassing! Cut to today’s scenario. You have newspapers, the internet, radio, satellite TV, smart phone everything! But still, we are somewhere in short of information. News today is chosen, prioritized and given. The priority is popularity, not the content. In-depth information and 360-degree perspective are missing! Same is with opinions. Opinions are colored and layered in agenda driven and ideologue driven world.

Sriram speaks is a platform where I speak to inform. Inform you of things that you should know. Thinking’s that make you an informed and better individual in life. I opine, opine on different aspects that impact your life. My opinions shape your thoughts, facilitate faster and right kind of decision making. Our decisions impact our lives and this is the platform where I will help you with every decision you make about various aspects of life. It could be about life, about career or about your finances. Sriram speaks will be at your service. Service that comes FREE OF COST, because every advice is invaluable and can’t be equated with money!

This Blog for Whom?

It is for Everyone!!! You have a simple but thought to provoke question as to why Reliance Jio sponsors and features all IPL teams except Kings XI Punjab? You wanted to invest in stock markets but you always had a fear of losing money! You are lonely and let down and trying hard to come out of it but looking for that mental strength and wisdom to sail through! Or you just have a fundamental question as to how monsoon affects our lives so much and doesn’t have a satisfactory answer! Or you are wondering why BJP and Congress fight so much outside but they are the ones who brought Aadhar cards or GST where Congress initiated it and BJP successfully completed it.

Just log in to Sriram speaks and read articles, information, opinions and facts about different aspects of life and you will get your answers! I believe that informing and empowering an individual is a better way of solving an issue than advising! But still if you feel like, my mobile number is always there or you can even meet me in person!

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