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A picture speaks a thousand words… Changing is not Evolution!

A picture speaks a thousand words… here it speaks about the ‘change, character and catastrophic future of our culture’

“What does this picture mean to you”?

The picture as you see is the cover photo of one of the most popular magazines in the country. For a few of us, something doesn’t seem good. For some of us, everything looks nonsensical. Whereas for a few, everything seems to be brilliant. That’s because it’s just not another picture, but it is conveying a strong message. A society is an aggregate of multiple thoughts. I may not be in a position to endorse those multiple thoughts, but I stand by what I believe in. So here are my thoughts and they may coincide with a few others.

Before that, I would want to explain the two sides of this photo.

First, let’s understand those who feel this is a courageous move and will praise this picture. It is a man and not a woman. He is seen wearing the dress that is usually worn by a female. Why would he do that? Because according to him and the magazine, there is no gender-specific clothing. The picture is also bringing out the point where a female is questioned for wearing western clothes.

With an intent to stop such behaviour, the man here is seen dressed in woman’s clothes. Not just the dress even the facial grooming is that of ladies. The bottom-line picture conveys is the need for equality between genders. Thus, a person who believes in equality, which sounds morally right will feel good seeing this photo and sharing it with his or her friends. This coincides with the thoughts or beliefs of a free person who falls into the left-wing ideology.

The other view is very negative. It sounds negative because the opinion of these people is not liked by the majority. According to them, there is no need for a man to dress up like a woman. Such action is derogatory and brings more harm than good to society. Now it is not just against a Man wearing Woman’s clothing, it is vice versa too. The belief system here is closer to restricted and authoritative.

According to them, equality for anything is more suicidal than the development of human beings. This belief system expects differentiation between genders or for that matter everything. Those who feel they fall under this thought process; are right-wing ideologists and that number is very less. That’s because society has long turned fallen into freedom…

Does equality mean exchanging clothes between two different genders?

No! Not at all. We are currently in the stage where we have half accepted it. We see women wearing clothes which are made for Men. Slowly the trend is moving towards full acceptance where the Men are starting to wear Women’s clothes. This is the kind of thought process that we are developing in the kids of this generation.

The moment you expect the opposite gender to dress up the traditional and the Indian way, you are hit by an argument. ‘When you can wear jeans, Why Can’t I?’ ‘You wear kurtas, pyjamas, dhotis etc, I will also stick to Indian attire’. No, it does not have to do with the clothing at all. What is cloth? Just a thread weaving into various forms to cover our body. So, are we fighting on those threads? Once again, No. The issue is much bigger here. I am not against women empowerment, women upliftment or their rights. But to say that women empowerment is wearing wears Jeans, skirts, etc is looking at women empowerment in a myopic way.

The society which enjoyed the highest levels of respect has completely gone down in the modern days. There are multiple reasons for this change. The most important one of all is the availability of the information. There is an abundance of information available in the system. The entire credit for it is to be given to the internet. The kind of attitude the younger generation carries is remarkably dissatisfying. If a person who’s aged says this then one can say I am too old. But being someone who’s in my late 20s, I feel equality and freedom is not in dressing alone.

The times have changed and so have the parents.

Parents today are least bothered about their children. Understand joining your kids in the best of the college and giving all the possible facilities doesn’t make the individual perfect. What shapes the career and personality of the Kid is the way parents treat them.

For a long time, we have been brainwashed to believe that the best way to deal with kids is by giving them freedom. Parents feel they doing everything that a kid wants. Authority gives you the responsibility. Instead of fulfilling one’s responsibilities, the parents are pushed into distractions and aren’t able to concentrate on kids.

But they fail to understand the consequences of their actions. Due to their failure and falling from liberalistic views, the kid’s career and life will be spoilt. Added to that is the blame that parents have to take in the end. The level of respect for elders has completely gone down. This is surely not in the case of everyone, but the majority. If there’s anything that can change all this is the need to use your authority and take responsibility.

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