Indian voters continue their attempt to select their leader as the Elections 2019 moves into the 6th Phase which is the penultimate phase before the Elections conclude. Like the last phase (5th), even this phase is crucial for BJP with the number of seats in their hold in 2014 equals to 45 which is 75% of total seats. For me, it’s not the battle between BJP vs INC but it is much beyond that where BJP has to retain the seats or do better. If things go down in this phase it’ll really hit their chances of Victory.

If we look into the details of the 6th phase, the 7 states which went for polls are as follows:

  1. Bihar – 8 seats
  2. Haryana – 10 seats
  3. Madhya Pradesh – 8 seats
  4. Uttar Pradesh – 14 seats
  5. West Bengal – 8 seats
  6. Jharkhand – 4 seats
  7. Delhi – 7 seats

From the news of elections covered by different news channels and the interviews conducted by many of them are giving mixed opinions. Of cours,e because even the channels wouldn’t want to take any kind of chance before the real results. But there were some really interesting shows carried out by news agencies which are worth watching and give very good interpretations.

Sonia Gandhi exercising her franchise, also seem

Let’s look at the elections round-up state wise:

  1. Bihar – Looks very comfortable victory for BJP. Of the 8 seats, BJP will want to take all of them into their hold. Voter turnout also gives us positive news for BJP with Voting turnout going up to 59.39%.
  2. Haryana – One state in this phase, which could be a little headache but again things can change. The voting turnout was almost the same as 2014. 71.49% in 2014 compared to 70.50% this year. 10 seats from this state, BJP might well win 5-7 seats.
  3. Madhya Pradesh – The state with a lot of controversies. 8 seats went for polling from this state, but then the entire country will be looking for one seat and that is Bhopal. There has been record voting for this seat at 65.65% compared to 57.75% in 2014. The same way entire state has seen voter turnout at 65.41% against 57.85% in 2014. High voter turnout will be helpful for BJP.
  4. Uttar Pradesh – 14 seats went for polling from this big state of UP. BJP has been successful to touch on the right topics to keep the voters mind intact on BJP. Some big seats have gone for polling from this state. Mulayam Singh Yadav has given his seat to son Akhilesh Yadav. Big fight will be between Akhilesh Yadav from SP and Dinesh Lal Yadav a big Bhojpuri star contesting from BJP. Let’s wait till 23rd May to know who’s winning the big seat.
  5. West Bengal – Controversies are at one plane and the violence is at one plane in West Bengal. 8 seats went for polling in this state. Interestingly the voter turnout stood at 84.52% compared to 84.96%. There are different voices coming from the state of WB. The arrest of Priyanka Sharma BJP worker is the latest development form West Bengal.
  6. Jharkhand – 4 seats went for polls and this is the only state where BJP might have a tough time.  BJP will be facing tough battle here as the leader of the state and CM Raghubar Das has not had right things done for the state which could affect BJP badly. Wining 2 will be big thing.
  7. Delhi – Entire Delhi went for polling this phase. All the 7 crucial seats went for polling. I am not looking for anything else apart from the big fight between BJP’s Gautham Gambhir and Atishi Marlena from AAP. Other seats will anyways come be BJP’s strong holds.

So with 59 seats also done for polling and the 6th phase concluding we are left with just one more phase and that’s going to happen on 19th of May. Next Sunday it is the 7th phase and the Exit Polls. Entire Nation awaits the Last phase.