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2022 – A repeat of ‘Astrological Transitions’ of the planets that last happened in the 1900s.

A repeat of ‘Astrological Transitions’ of the planets that last happened in the 1900s.

The transition of a planet from one house to another isn’t a normal thing. There are a total of twelve houses as per astrology in the Lagna chart of an individual. 12 houses have a significant role in predicting the future of the life of humans. A movement in the planet’s position from one house to another impacts both negatively and positively. This is why it’s important to track the movement of the planets and learn what that movement will lead to.

Nine planets are as follows:
  1. Sun
  2. Moon
  3. Mercury
  4. Mars
  5. Venus
  6. Jupiter
  7. Saturn
  8. Rahu
  9. Ketu

Nature and Characteristics of the Navagraha Planets | Divinity World

Every planet has different characteristics. All these planets also have a different time frame for moving from one house to another.

Firstly let’s look at the time taken by each planet to move into a different house.
  1. Moon takes 2.5 days
  2. Sun takes 30 days
  3. Mercury takes 14 days to 40 days
  4. Venus takes 40 days
  5. Mars takes 60 days
  6. Jupiter takes 360 days
  7. Saturn takes 900 days
  8. Rahu takes 540 days
  9. Ketu takes 540 days

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From the above information, we can conclude that Moon is the fastest moving planet and will change all the twelve houses in a month. Sun changes its house every month, taking twelve months for twelve houses. Mercury is a very incoherent planet and takes between 14 days to 40 days. Venus takes 40 days and Mars 60 days. Logically there are chances that these five planets’ movement from one house to another can fall in one month. Though it doesn’t happen always, the possibility is there.

Whereas the other four planets take a minimum of 1 year. This is where it’s highly unlikely that all the four coincide and change houses in a single month. Once again, theoretically, it’s possible. Which happened somewhere in the 1900s. After more than 100+ years, the event seems to be repeating. Nothing to be shocked about, because many events which happened 100 years ago have happened in the last few years. Thus it’s a very special event which the people will witness in next one month.

To be precise though, it’s not exactly one month. It’s shorter than that. That’s because the first planet to change its house is Moon and the last planet to change its house will be Saturn on 29th April. A detailed transition of planets is as follows:

  • On the 7th of April Mars moved to Aquarius
  • On the 8th of April Mercury moved to Aries
  • On the 12th of April Rahu moved to Aries
  • On the 12th of April Ketu moved to Libra
  • On the 13th of April Jupiter will move to Pisces
  • On the 14th of April Sun will move to Aries
  • On the 25th of April Mercury will move to Taurus
  • On the 27th of April Venus will move to Pisces
  • On the 29th of April Saturn will move to Aquarius
What can happen due to these transitions?


As you can see there’s a rapid movement of planets from one house to another. Just like that, there will be rapid changes in the life of an individual. There will be sudden happiness and sudden sadness. But overall things will change for good. These rapid movements will continue till the 29th. Once the last planet changes its house, things will move in phases. There will start and stop the events in one’s life.

The first phase is from April to July: During this phase, things will move positively. Irrespective of the zodiac sign of an individual things will be good. Even the war scenario might change towards positivity. The crisis in the countries like Sri Lanka and Pakistan will see a pause and move towards a brighter side.  The second phase is from August to December: This phase is very different from the first one. Things can’t be ruled in favour of anyone. The events will be defined as per the various events including karma and the other aspects of one’s life. Whereas the lost stability will be back into the lives of people. To conclude, 9 planets are changing their house. Changing house will bring luck, happiness, agony and various other emotions. It all also depends on the karma of the individual and the country.

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